Friday, 22 February 2013

Easy Tutorial Unlock Bootloader ON Xperia X8 / Sony W8

For you that have Xperia X8 or Sony W8 must be very curios and want to try ice cream sandwich on their phone. ice cream sandwich is very popular on android smartphones although the latest android version jelly bean have been released. but only some devices that received officially update for now. so ics is still become the best on most of android phones. and if you interest to update Xperia X8 to ice cream sandwich you must unlock the bootloader and flash custom kernel( see how to flash custom kernel for xperia x8) first. So at this time i Will share how to unlock Xperia 8 Bootlader and Sony w8

  • Before you start to unlock you must check your production code first. its located on the rear side, open the battery cover, pull the battery then you can see the code behind it.
  • Then if you find code
    below 11w26 : CONGRATULATIONS you can unlock it
    between 11w26 - 11w37: be carefull your opportunity 50/50
    above 11w38: your Xperia / Sony W 8 will be brick
  • Do with Your Own Risk

  • make sure yor Xperia X8 have returned to the original state the same as when you just bought it
  • You must Have root acces
  • Download Unlocked Bootloader ToolDownload the all needed file go here. Then extract and place it on place that easy to remember
  • make sure that your phone in USB debugging mode
  • turn off your antivirus

How to Unlock Bootloder on Xperia X8 / Sony W8

  1. Open the folder that you have extracted before "Unlocked Bootloader" then click open in S1Tool.exe
  2. Click on do job
  3. Turn off your phone press back button, hold until power off and connect to the computer via usb
  4. During this process ... your s1tool will shows like the picture belowunlock bootloader xperia x8
  5. Then Look on then second line from last line, if says'' SEMC SIMLOCK CERTIFICATE'', then you can continue the process
  6. But If says the tools not recognized your phone, Then you are not allowed Continued the process
  7. Disconnect your device from the usb cable and turn on your phone
  8. Connect again your device to computer
  9. Look in the folder "Unlocked Bootloader" and find the "msm7227_semc.cmd". open the file. then msm7227_semc.cmd(if "XXXX SEMC SIMLOCK CERTIFICATE" was not found then run "msm7227_Setool2.cmd") will show like picture below
    how to unlock bootloader xperia x8
  10. If on the last line appear ''successfully wrote 0003ff00 Press any key to continue. . .'', Congratulations you successfully unlock bootleader, then unplug your USB cable
  11. Then do again step 1 until step 4, now checj on line that says like this'' 9/9/2011
    21:45:46 09/09/2011 21:45:46 RUNNING
    S1_EROM VER "r8A029"''
    If r letter that appear is small it means that you successfull unlock xperia x8 bootlader
    unlock xperia x8 bootloader

Ok now let me see if you have successfully unlock your bootloader or need any further assistant on comment area below. you can make