Friday, 22 February 2013

How To Root Xperia Phone Without Voiding Warranty

Do you don't want to loss your xperia phone warranty when you root your phone? follow this post about tutorial root xperia phone without void Warranty to do so. Sony protect will take your phone warranty when you are do something that they don't want you to do. such as unlock the phone bootloader. unlock bootloader is a thing that sony don't want you to do.look great
Below is the smartphone that fit with this tutorial :
  • Arc S
  • Neo
  • Neo V
  • Play [R800i/R800x]
  • X10 (GB firmware)
  • Arc
  • Ray
  • Mini
  • Active
  • Live Walkman
  • Mini S51SE
  • Mini Pro
  • Pro

you can do almost anything to your android smartphone with a PC. we all know android is an open source mobile operating system. it can be customized with many method. Android smarphone in the default doesn't allow that. because you need to root your xperia phone first to get full acces to the OS, so you can maximize your phone potential. But In most of Android smartphones, you need to unlock the bootloader to get root acces. But Sony Xperia phones can to be rooted without unlock the bootloader. So the warranty is still valid

Below i will explain the step how to root xperia phone on firmware version 4.0.2.A.0.61 or 62 and up(if your firmware version is 4.0.2.A.0.58. or below skip this, you not need to downgrade). This root process need to downloadgrade your phone first. this is the tutorial:

backup your data first because this will format your phone. but not SD card
you can restore Xperia via seus if want to install stock firmware
Do with your own risk

The Requirements to root your Xperia mobile:

  • USB data cable
  • PC Companion
  • Flashtool
  • Doomlord’s Easy Rooting Toolkit
  • Download Xperia Firmware (This is not a full list). to find more list of Firmware, look on under Downloads area.
  • To download the tools paste this url to your browser

Downgrading your Firmware:

Download the fiwmare that i have mentioned above and choose that fit with your phone. If you can’t find the exact firmware in ftf format, use Global firmware.
Let’s start the tutorial.

In the downgrade firmware process you need to instal the adb driver first for your phone. Go to Settings>Applications>Development and enable USB debugging.

Then Connect your xperia phone to PC or laptop and wait for the ADB driver to install. Then look at the Device Manager on your computer and look for something like Sony Ericsson ##### ADB Interface Driver. If the driver not properly installed, then right-click the improperly installed device and you must install through Windows Update. after doing that your ADB driver should be installed properly now.
see the picture below :
adb install driver

  1. install Flashtool.
  2. (skip this step number 2 if you have the adb driver installed) Install the necessary drivers for your device. can be found under C:\Flashtool\drivers.
  3. Then Place the firmware that you have downloader in C:\Flashtool\firmwares.
  4. Connect your xperia to computer and open Flashtool. Allow it detect your phone.root xperia phone wthout void warranty
  5. Select on the flash symbol and select Flashmode then click OK.
  6. after In next window, select the firmware and click OK.downgrade-xperia-phone
  7. Then Flashtool will prompts you to switch off your phone, press and hold the service button (this method is differs from phone to phone. For Mini Pro, use Volume down) while connecting your phone to PC. after your phone connected Flashtool will automatically start flashing.

start root xperia

Now you have successfull downgrade your firmware.

Root Xperia phone:

After download DooMLoRD’s Easy Rooting Toolkit zip file exteact it to somewhere. ( The folder contains a folder and runme.bat.)

1. Click runme.bat. make sure that you do what the window asks you to do.

2. Then Press any key on your keyboard
DooMLoRDs Easy Rooting Toolkit

after finish, your phone will already have root acces and rebooted. This method will also automatically install Super User. To check the root status of your phone you can use and check by installing Root Check Basic from the market.

Finish. Now you have successfully root Xperia phone. Enjoy the full potential of your Android phone.