Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Easy Tutorial Root Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

Today I will explain, trying to be as simple as possible, how to get Root permissions, on a device that has made the history of smartphones in the last 2-3 years, which is the well-known Samsung Galaxy S I9000. First, note that this procedure is simple enough for those who have already customize anything in Android, but should not have difficulty even for beginners, because the steps are relatively simple.Look great android

how to root galaxy s i9000

Let us explain in the terms what we will do : flash a modified kernel that will allow us to have the Root on galaxy s i9000 that and the ClockWorkMod Recovery.
the kernel is called CF-Root Kernel (by Chainfire Xda), which will allow us to then have the previlege for install a custom ROM.


  • Remember that you have to download Kies, to allow the PC to recognize your device, otherwise you won't be to start the root process
    Download KIES
  • Download Odin
    this program will allow us to install the kernel in two minutes
  • Once you have downloaded the program now choose the kernel for your Android version:
    Gingerbread 2.3.3 kernel CF-Root Download
    Gingerbread 2.3.4 CF-Root kernel Download
    Gingerbread 2.3.5 CF-Root kernel Download
    Gingerbread 2.3.6 CF-Root kernel Download
  • To download the kernel above go to this url http://tny.cz/85f85da1 pass : tutorialfor-android.blogspot.com
for those who have problems with your own kernel, try to download the kernel 2.3.5 that apparently has no problems, but this only after trying with your kernel version.

How To Root Samsung galaxy S I9000
Once you have downloaded both Odin that the kernel we are ready to start root process.

First we need to decompress our download, one for kernel version of our device, as mentioned on, after which we will have a file like this:

cf root kernel for galaxy s i9000

Let's move on to the second stage or open Odin and configure it as shown in the figure below, so you can't go wrong, but remember to leave active Auto Reboot and f. Reset Time and insert in the PDA the kernel you have unpacked first (example: CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVO-v3.2-CWM3RFS.tar)
tutorial root galaxy s i9000

Now switch your phone in Download Mode, first turn off your phone then hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons together until the screen turn on. We will start a special mode where you will see a black Android in a yellow warning signal, as shown in the scrennshot below :
dowload mode on samsung galaxy s

Now after entering into Download Mode you can connect your Galaxy S to the PC, so it will recognize to Odin and finally with the flash of the kernel.

To make sure that the odin is proplerly connected to your phone just simply pay attention to the first field where we will find the term ID: COM. If already recognized it will turn to yellow

Now just press Start to start the process, after a few minutes the machine will reboot automatically.
Remember don't disconnect your phone while the process is still in progresss or your phone will be BRICK

Once restarted you may disconnect your Galaxy S from the PC and check if there are applications that let you understand that everything is fine:
super user app installed

At this point we can say that you have the ability to use the Root permissions and either enter the ClockWorkMod Recovery to install a custom Rom to your liking.
after do the above process you will be able to : install android jelly bean on galaxy s


finally you have successfully get root acces on Samsung Galaxy S i9000. But remember that we Tutorial for android assume no responsibility with regard to the brick of your device, the guide was tested by me and is working perfectly.