Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tutorial Install latest Clockworkmod Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you have a samsung galaxy note 2 and love modding on your android system surely you must have installed cwm recovery, Then surely you will be looking for tutorial that i listed on the following guides on this article such as install clockworkmod recovery on galaxy note 2 and also procedure to get root or supser user acce. I found all this guides in forum xda developers where in the section that dedicated to the new Galaxy 2 Note, there really is a lot of material to read and maybe the best practices for modding your Note 2. in this guide we will using latest cwm version it is called CWM Recovery great android
install cwm6 on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

ROOT process and installing ClockWorkMod Recovery

After you have Root acces on your phone you can install applications that require special permissions to run and also to change certain parameters and system files. The ClockWorkMod Recovery, on the other hand, allows you to install custom rom and other modified files on your device.

Install CWM V6 On Galaxy Note 2


  • Odin PC
  • Triangle Away
  • CF Root (version 6.0.15 of October 14, 2012)
  • To download the file above paste this url to browser pass:

First Step: ODIN PC =
  1. launch ODIN PC and, under PDA, insert the file CWM6.TAR.
  2. don't change the configuration on odin(don't tick anything), but leave Odin as it appears at startup
  3. restart the notes in download mode (volume down + home + power) and give consent to the prosecution by pressing vol. on. Connect your Notes to your PC with the usb cable
  4. start on Odin PC with START button, after the installation process finish you have finished install cwm v6 on galacy note 2
  5. Then to root galaxy note 2, you just need do the same step as i mentioned before on step 1, but you choose the CF root file
  6. Click Start, after finish you will successfully have clockworkmod recovery and root on your phone

SECOND Step – TRIANGLE AWAY to reset counter
Install Triangle Away and reset the counter
When you restart your Note 2, you will have all permissions of root, the recovery changed to modding and counter binary beeome zero. To know more about binary counter you can read on reset binary counter on galaxy note 2

After all complete you should perform a wipe cache from cwm in case to make sure everything is work fine, and to avoid error.

If you have already proceeded to the root of your phone and you have an older version of CWM Recovery, you can update the CWM itself simply by installing the zip file from recovery. If the appear exclamation mark on your phone you can use Triangle Away again to reset it.

Below we will show you video tutorial install cwm and root process made by Veindroid Team

Saturday, 14 September 2013

How To Unlock HTC One X Bootloader From Official Site

HTC manufacturers provides its customers an official method to unlock the bootloader for one of their smartphone flagship model it is the HTC One X, however you have to remember that will void the warranty of the device, then you must pay attention to the steps below.Look great android

But before we start i will give display and touchscreen review for HTC One X :
The hardware of this HTC smartphone is the absolute maximum that you could want from an Android phone. Quad core processor 1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB memory (unfortunately not expandable), NFC, 8 megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and all sensors that could be used. The microUSB port, through a possible adapter, can be used also as HDMI out thanks to the adapter MHL. Ok after you read that review i sure you will know if you can do many things and modding customization such as install custom rom on your htc one x. But you need to unlock the htc bootloader before you can do install custom rom. So now lets start the tutorial

tutorial unlock bootloader htc one x

Requirements To start Unlock Bootloader Process

  • Fastboot
  • HTC Sync installed
  • You must have a acount HTC Dev and you must be logged in, go to htc official
  • Backup of the phone (which will be formatted). See how to perform nandroid backup
  • Battery state at least 70%
  • To download the file above paste this url password:

How To Unlock HTC One X Bootloader
Here's what you need to do

  1. Go on HTC Unlock Bootloader page and then on right side you can see supported device, then choose All Other Supported Models and click on Begin Unlock Bootloader, click on Yes to the warning message.
  2. Turn off the HTX One X and restart bootloader mode by pressing and holding Volume down + Power, choose Fastboot.
  3. Now connect the smartphone to your PC via the USB cable.
  4. Extract the file that you have download before( in a folder, then on the folder where you place the file that you have extracted then while press shift + right click and choose open command prompt here, after appear command prompt type : fastboot oem get_identifier_token.
  5. Between the tags you will be shown your ID Token, copy it and paste it into your web page to unlock the bootloader, so you will receive an email with a Unlock.code.bin file from Flash.
  6. Copy the fastboot folder files, do the same as step 4 and type'fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    to Flash the file and confirm with Yes on your smartphone.
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Here, you're done, now your htc one x will be unlocked and formatted and you will be free to install any Custom ROM.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Easy Tutorial Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Today, we offer you a short but intuitive Guide, which will allow you to enable root, namely the admin on the recent economical tablet home Amazon, we are talking about the Kindle Fire HD 8.9.
Before proceeding, we want you to the premise that we android root guide assume no responsibility for damage, perform the following at your own risk. To do this you need to download a tool, and some drivers.Look great android
tutorial root Kindle Fire HD 89

Requirements To root Kindle Fire HD 8.9

downloadable Kinlde Fire Driver
Download Binary Root Tool from Q U paste this url to browser

If you have another kindle version read on : how to root kindle fire hd 7

Root Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Process
ok now lets start the root process to your kindle fire
  1. First, you need to extract the tool previously downloaded to a directory of your choice
  2. Enable usb debugging on your kindle settings menu > security, ADB
  3. Connect the tablet to the PC and wait until the drivers are installed automatically, so if it weren't simply indicate the location where the downloaded driver
  4. Run as administrator the RunMe
  5. As soon as you open a DOS window, type 2 and then 1
  6. Wait until the end of the process and restart the device

Congratulations, if you followed the tutorial exactly the same as i have mentioned above and haven't encountered any kind of problem, you should have root permissions on your kindle fire.

Now the question arises. But what is the root? Why enable it? The answer is really quite simple, enable root permissions, will let on your device you can install and run any application such as Link2Sd which allows you to move the app on an external card. Having administrator privileges, it will be like to be a developer, have access to everything! Highly recommended as a procedure, because after a certain time space in your internal memory will be fulled with installed application!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 and other improvements planned for 2013

After the first rumors about the future of smartphone tip of South House, the Galaxy S4, the latest rumors said that Samsung would already be at work on three new devices to market in 2013. Among these, the Samsung Galaxy S4, codenamed Project J, a version more competitive in economic terms of Samsung Galaxy Note2 , finally, and a tablet that is supposed to represent the direct rival of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T. Look great android

samsung galaxy s4 display

Samsung Plans in 2013

On previously post we have discussed about rumor of galaxy s4 launch at end of february 2013. The South Korean company, now leader of the smartphone market, would choose Project J as a codename for use internally to call the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is expected to be formally announced in the coming month of April 2013, again anticipating the release of rival. The new rumors, though, don't add more information about the hardware of the new Android smartphone but, as reported previously, this device should be characterized by a display Super AMOLED Full HD from 5 inches with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, offering a display of high-quality content, should be equipped with a processor Quad Core 5450 Exynos from 2 GHz with Cortex-A15 and a camera with 13 megapixelsensor. The display size, then, would switch to 5.0 inches, versus the current 4.8 inches of Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung New Android Device

Among the novelties planned for 2013, a device not yet confirmed is a Variant of Galaxy Note 2 that Samsung should introduce only in European territory. Apparently, the South Korean company to save costs and be able to propose a cheaper device, will employ for this version a less powerful hardware than that used for the current Galaxy Note 2, already available in stores, and could remove the feature S-Pen and the entire suite of applications for this pen, which made famous the phablet Samsung with animated by Android. Samsung could then deal with the Galaxy Note 2 that he has already done with the Galaxy S3, indeed such smartphones already exist in the Galaxy S3 Mini, sold at lowest price in order to attract a greater number of users.

Finally, the novelties offered by Samsung, would expect thearrival in 2013 of a tablet which would compete directly with Transformer of Asus products. Apparently Samsung has noticed the success of the series of tablet branded Asus found on the market and would like to follow suit by launching a product designed to increase the sales of rival devices and other Android tablet. The rumor want tablet from Samsung would be able to be transformed from tablet to netbook in a few steps and, according to rumors reported so far, the technique should include a 13.3-inch display with optional keyboard dock.


In short, the intentions of Samsung plans for the 2013 promise important innovations on their new android smartphone and tablet, and the South Korean company wants to impose itself in every area of size, from that of smartphones, tablet and netbook, via the middle ground of phablet.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How To Root Xperia S With 63 And 67 Firmware

You have bought the Sony Xperia S and want perform root on it? No problem, here is the tutorial that will help you do the process. Today we will give you guide to root Sony Xperia S with easy method and automatic. This procedure works with 63 and 67 Firmware version, which are practically the firmware installed on all terminals currently available on the market.Look great android

But before we start i will give some review for sony xperia S
Sony Xperia S does not belong to the category of the new quad core, but prefers to stay on the "classic" with a powerful dual core Snapdragon 1.5 GHz. ben has then 1 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory not expandable, HDMI out, NFC and above all an excellent 12-megapixel camera that records video at 1080p.
how to root xperia s

Ok, now back to the tutorial, To start the root process on Sony Xperia S you must have unlock bootloader firts. But this procedure to unlock the bootloader will void the warranty of your smartphone. don't worry to get back the warranty you just need to flash the original firmware. I will share the tutorial next time

Unlock Xperia S Bootloader

Having said that, we proceed and we will release the Xperia's bootloader:

Tutorial Root Sony Xperia S With 63 and 67 Firmware Version 

At this point, before root xperis s, download one of the two packages, depending on the version of your firmware (check telephone settings menu):
  • Package Firmware Xperia's Rooting 63
  • Package Firmware Xperia's Rooting 67
  • To download go to this url

Ok to start follow below tutorial
  1. Then switch off the phone and connect it to the PC with the USB cable.
  2. Press and hold the Volume UP button + power on and turn on your phone.
  3. In doing so the phone will boot in FastBoot mode.
  4. Now from PC open the command prompt on your computer and type the following commands (depending on the kernel downloaded previously):
    fastboot flash system system_xps_prerooted_63fw.img
    fastboot flash system system_xps_prerooted_67fw.img
  5. After completion of procedure the phone will reboot automatically and if everything went right on your smartphone will have gained root privileges.
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At this point you will get root acces on Xperia s quickly and easily. Thanks to XDA for help. see you in another android smartphone guide