Thursday, 28 February 2013

How To Create Tiny Planet Effect With Photosphere

With the LG nexus 4 Google photosphere camera launched and the ability to distort the pictures you can make effect as if you can create little mini planet.

Under the keyword "Tiny Planets" little mini planet cause a sensation since the launch of the nexus. It is reworked photo sphere recordings. The photosphere feature allows to build 4 full 360-grand views of a site with the LG Neuxs 4. Exactly, in a similar form, you know this all round panorama street view.

In the meantime have itself first communities formed, whose members are each other with new mini planet supply. The results cover the spectrum between funny and impressive fully. The creation of this tiny planets is not rocket science, but quite quickly made.

How to create tiny planet with photosphere

How to create tiny planet effect is easy, it is only need five minutes, until it has the first mini planet on your Smartphone.

Photo sphere function select
To use the photosphere function, you must be selected in the settings of the native camera app from Android 4.2. After starting the app, it hides behind the camera icon that left is placed next to the release button. You enter it, you have the choice between photo, film, Panorama and photo sphere function.
create mini planet with photosphere

Create photosphere record
Now, after calibrating the camera on a fixed point of reference, to make photos in all directions around your location. After the panorama image against a grey background then. Has you covered all the directions, renders the pictures with the software into a single image, and irons exposure differences.

how to use photosphere

Take to the Open Gallery
After shooting, the photo app can be closed. Now, you must open it with the native gallery app. In the camera folder you will find the photosphere recording that is marked with the bulbous panorama icon.
how to create tiny planet

Create mini planet
After opening a tap on the tiny planets icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen to convert the photosphere recording in a mini planet. A tap on the symbol with the three circles on the left side leads to some nice editing features. With their help, you can edit the mini planet, for example, with some filters. Done, have fun!
photosphere tips

Finish. Now you can easily create tiny planet with your photosphere function on your LG Nexus 4. Don't forget to share it with your friends.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Connect With Wireless To Access SD card From Android Phone

Another awesome application for android device has emerged again. Now you can use an application to connect to your sd card to computer from a wireless connection or wifi. AirPlay network, UPnP/DLNA, Bluetooth: The wireless possibilities are endless. Four ideas on how you can use it.

Wireless access to the data of the SD card [root]

The computer to connect to the cell phone not always via USB cable, can be accessed with the app Samba file sharing with the computer via Wi-Fi directly to an SD card.


  • Install Samba file sharing app.
  • under menu > settings username and password set up and select a name under NetBIOS name for the appliance.
  • Save on Windows Explorer which enter address displayed and enter your username/password or just as a network drive.
  • under OSX Apple + K push and connect to server. Type: smb: / / "IP address as when Samba displayed" / media

connect sd card to computer via wireless

Rich media streaming on your home network
Would you play photos or videos from your mobile phone on the TV, you can share this app for a UPnP/DLNA-enabled playback device such as the PlayStation 3 or Apple's airplay.


  • Install the iMediashare Lite app on your phone.
  • App start and wait until it has connected to the network.
  • The multimedia device select the appropriate client and play multimedia data.

With the remote control the Windows Calculator

With apps like remote RDP, you can log in via Remote Desktop on his computer and work with it fully.


  • Computer for remote desktop support set up, including the router settings and the establishment of a service like DynDNS.
  • Install Remote RDP app, which set up corresponding address and then to access the computer.

remote desktop apps for android

Smartphone as a remote control

Many devices now offer control via Web interface or Wi-Fi and also bring a perfect app.

Four examples:

  • Using Foobar2000 controller app to control the music player. The decor is slightly more complex, but who uses Foobar2000, for which the app is a great help. So it is the Player automatically mute when a call comes in, and you can rate the tracks.

android phone as remote control

  • Gmote allows you to control various functions of the computer such as PowerPoint or video player. This must be a "Server" to be installed on the computer, and of course the Gmote app on the phone.
  • The Retune App allows you to remotely control iTunes on your desktop PC with the Android Smartphone. How to it, you can read here.

To download the app directly as apk file you can read on : download apk file from google play

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

HTC Flyer 2 Will Ready To Be Released

There is news of a new HTC Tablet. Our colleagues from today give very interesting information about a possible successor for the HTC Flyer its called HTC Flyer 2. Yes, there is talk of a new tablet computer from the house of HTC, which is to convince us with a unique design, great specifications and a low price.

The rumors that the HTC Flyer 2 release with a 7 inch display come with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels so. In addition, the housing may be only 7.1 mm thick and are made ​​of anodized aluminum - a process we already know from the gray HTC One S .

Under the hood, a 28nm processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 potter. It will not be mentioned if there will be a dual-or quad-core processor. On the front is a 1-megapixel camera on the back and give a 3-megapixel camera. Rounding out the whole package is then. Still with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean It stands to reason that the HTC Flyer 2 with HTC Sense 4.x and a stylus will be equipped. this android


htc flyer 2 release

It is believed that the successor of the HTC Flyer with the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire will compete each other, so I think it settle in a similar price range.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Tutorial Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Xperia X8

Before this post I have post about the steps and requirements that you need to be able to install ICS 4.0 on this blog. And today on this article i will share how to install Ice cream sandwich on Xperia X8. So that you all can know how The ICS will work on your phone, for me it is allmost perfect. This is not pure use ics base firmware but it is use custom rom mini cyanogenmod 9 that created by the developers from cyanogenmod that use android 2.3.x base firmware. more userfriendly
Tutorial install ics on xperia x8

  • To use this rom you need to unlocked the bootloader and flash nAa kernel in order this Flashing process will be done successfully
  • This process is very risky and please be careful and make sure follow all the step that i mentioned below clearly so there will be appear any problem. Make sure you create backup for your phone. you can see the tutorial perform nandroid backup
  • Do With Tour Own Risk

How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich On Xperia X8

  1. You need to unlock the bootloader. See the tutorial unlocked bootloader on xperia x8.
  2. Download MiniCM9-3.0.2 rom and google apps then put the memory card.
  3. After you finished unlock the bootloader you must install kernel-ics NAA-03. This Kernel is need to ensure The Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 rom will work on Xperia X8. see tutorial flash xperia x8 kernel.
    make sure you use the correct kernel for this rom. The appropriate kernel is kernel-ics NAA-03.
    [DOWNLOAD kernel NAA-ics-03]
    To download all the file paste this url to your browser  :
  4. After you have ompleted flash the kernel. Make sure you reboot your phone and then you will see the NAA logo. As well as other features continue to press and hold back button so cwm recovery out.
  5. In recovery select full wipe / wipe data then wipe cache. This is important !
  6. Then select install custom zip > choose zip from sdcard custom > select the file and install rom minicm9
  7. After You have completed install the rom. Then select the file "gapps" zip and install it like you install the rom.
  8. Reboot your phone and now you can enjoy android 4.0.4 on your Xperia X8.

Now you have successfully install Ice Cream Sandwich On Xperia X8. So let me see if you have do this and just ask me if you need any further assistant on comment area.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Samsung GALAXY S3 XXDLI3 Firmware Leaked

And another new firmware leaked released again for galaxy s3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 XXDLI3 firmware version has leaked today. This is for the Samsung Android smartphone, the third Android firmware this week. Since Samsung seems still busy working on the update for the Samsung Galaxy S3. So far, you have probably still find some performance issues with the Project AppDrawer butter.

So far, In this XXDLI3 firmware Samsung has not yet succeeded in AppDrawer the Samsung GALAXY S3 Android 4.1 Update achieve the 60fps. Everything else seems so far to be this perfect that it actually could roll out the official update for the Galaxy S3. However, Samsung wants to learn from the mistakes of the past and a perfect Android 4.1 Update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to deliver.this more easy for future

So if you want to try out the latest Android 4.1 Firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S3, latter you search and find it on But only for people who have experience and knwoledge about flashing firmware. it would be a bad if you brick your Galaxy S3. But for you that want to learn and try it you can find some good and complete tutorial about root and flashing in this blog. Just search in this blog and you will get the tutorial. you can see tutorial flash firmware to galaxy s3. Some feedback from you I would wait to see how you are happy with the firmware?


 android jelly bean XXDLI3 firmware leaked for galaxy s3

So far I was in the assessment of the last two Android 4.1 Firmware(XXDLI2 update and XXDLI3 update) Leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is always wrong when it comes to the final status. So I say now simply, that we can expect even more to Android 4.1 Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks in the coming days.

Now You can download XXDLI3 Firmware fom samfirmware.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Samsung GALAXY S3 XXDLI2 Firmware leaked

Today another new firmware have been leaked again. And today is news about galaxy s3 XXDLI2 firmware. For the current top Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3, the new XXDLI2 Android 4.1 Firmware has been leaked. So it is now almost two days after Galaxy S3 XXDLI1 Android 4.1 Firmware update. I guess we are approaching slowly the final update version. this so cool

Samsung puts a remarkable speed in the development of the official Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 updates on the day. Within the last 2 weeks even less, a handful of Android 4.1 leaks for the Galaxy S3 have surfaced. Was thought still, that Android 4.1 will be rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S3 still during the IFA 2012, But Samsung did not make this appointment.

The guys from SamMobile have already find some positive changes to the Android XXDLI2 4.1 Firmware for the Galaxy S3. This firmware shoveling more RAM and provides a more stable wireless. In addition, the Android run XXDLI2 firmware of Samsung Galaxy S3 extremely fluid. This sounds like everything very well.


galaxy s3 XXDLI2 firmware update

Now we're curious whether the XXDLI2 Android 4.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the final version of the update. But with the number of firmwares for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is likely that other Android version 4.1 will be released before the update then, maybe even next week, could be rolled out permanently. if you want to flash this firmware, first you can download the firmware from than flash it see this tutorial how to flash firmware to galaxy s3 via odin .

HTC One X Android 4.1 Update Leaked

Have been waiting update android jelly bean for HTC ONE X ? actually there is a firmware leaked for this phone. What Samsung can do, HTC can too! Now the first test version of the HTC One X Android 4.1 update has been leaked. Clear was that even HTC is not idle because of the update. But rarely the trial versions of the Taiwanese are leaked. But now emerged HTC One X Android 4.1 Evaluation version shows that there will soon be available from the HTC update. this cal make you more update

The test ROM of the HTC One X Android 4.1 update also includes the new HTC Sense 4.5 same UI. But remember that this ROM is a trial and not to be used for everyday use! That is, who needs use this smartphone, however, refrain from an installation. The firmware is still very unstable.

If you still curious want to try android 4.1 jelly bean on HTC ONE X do to this download link , but many users report that they had problems with the zip file. So first, I advise everyone to stay away from it and to wait, if not in the near future a more stable Android 4.1 Update file finds its way into the net. did anyone have fun with their HTC one X Android 4.1 as it only gives problems?

HTC One X jelly bean update

It will be fascinating. When will it start, the official roll out Android 4.1 update for the HTC Jelly Bean One X? I do not think HTC will be as fast as Samsung, but still reckon with Android 4.1 on the HTC One X in October. Let's see if I'm right.

Tutorial Install Cyanogenmod 10.1 For Nexus 7 With Picture

The first M builds of the CyanogenMod 10.1 available for different devices. Here you can read the gide for install it on nexus 7. These are more stable than the typical nightlies, but not so frequently updated. Who is on the lookout for a good compromise between stability and freshness, you can try this custom rom.

Then on this post, you can get tutorial installation for cm 10 on nexus 7 or a different version of CyanogenMod on your nexus 7, we will explain here. Also not so hard because nexus 7 toolkits will help, and if you stuck somewhere, the Toolkit will help also. The manual is on a set back nexus 7 32 GB WiFi with Android 4.2.1, so as you it also gets, if your now one ordered. look great

Read First
Important: During such manipulations can go always something wrong and the device can be damaged. These are usually fixable. Follow the instructions only if you you are sure that you can answer that. You act at your own risk!

What is required ?

The first thing you should download nexus 7 Toolkit in the XDA Dveloper Forum. Although not necessarily required to install CM 10.1, but it is the best for beginners of the procedure. Next, you need of course the appropriate version of CyanogenMod 10.1 (nexus 7 WiFi).

If your device just want to install programs, also download the Google Apps package. In addition, USB debugging must be enabled on the nexus 7. Is this in the settings → about the Tablet → taps here 7 times on the build number. Then the developer options are enabled and you can turn on USB debugging.


Tutorial Install CM 10.1 On Nexus 7

1. Install Nexus 7 PC drivers

You have installed the nexus 7 Toolkit and started, appearing a query whether updates should be searched for first. The free version of the Toolkit you can skip your this, updates work only if you have donated for the program. Now you need to select your device, in this case, it was number 4 (WiFi only, Android 4.2.1).

Before you continue you should install the nexus 7 drivers. Also if you have them already on the PC, but do not know it makes nothing. Double holds better, so eyes and through. Can occur during installation error messages, which may be safely ignored.
install cyanogenmod 10 on nexus 7

2. Unlock Nexus 7 Bootloader
The next step is the bootloader unlock. This is required for the installation of CyanogenMod. The toolkit does this automatically if you choose menu item 3.

3. Flash CM 10.1 and Google apps on nexus 7
In the next step, we push CM 10.1 and Google apps on the nexus 7. The toolkit does this under menu item 13. Previously, the files must be moved into the appropriate directory (folder put_files_to_push_here). On the question whether one already uses an "insecure boot image", responds to with no.

Having to enter not the complete file name, it is sufficient "cm-10.1 *" to tap. The complete command is displayed and move the file to the device. This may take some time. Repeating the same step, to bring the Google Apps package to the device. In this case it is sufficient "gapps *" type. On the question of whether you want to change the file permissions, no answers you can also with. As the destination folder "/ sdcard /" is specified. From there, the files are then flashed.
nexus 7 toolkit install process

4. Installation
Now it's almost done, CyanogenMod 10.1 has to be installed only. From the main menu of the nexus 7 Toolkit, you can now choose Flash recovery, menu option 6. Then, you have the choice whether you want to use your Clockworkmod or TWRP. Clockworkmod was the choice in this case. The device boots into the fastboot mode and reflashing Clockworkmod. When this process is completed, you can choose the recovery mode directly from the fastboot. Everything worked, you'll see the options now.

First will be cleaned up, so choose your "wipe data/factory reset". After the short procedure, it then goes to the nexys step. Select "install zip from sdcard" and then "choose zip from sdcard". If you now select the folder "0", CyanogenMod, as well as Google Apps files listed. Selects CM 10.1 and confirms this on the next page. Following, you once again performs the same steps for Google apps.

installation cm10 process on nexus 7

From the main menu you select then "reboot system now". You should be greeted by a CyanogenMod logo. The first boat from CyanogenMod takes slightly longer, the start time will be reduced next time. After entering the Google account information and Wi-Fi password, you have CyanogenMod with all its advantages on the nexus 7.

In the settings, you can set when the system should check for the updates. An update is available, it can be installed directly OTA. The intricate steps of the initial installation is therefore completely. After a short first test, falls on that CyanogenMod 10.1 rotates faster than stock Android 4.2.1 and still tidier acts as the stock system by Google. Read some good tips for cm rom go here, cyanogenmod tips and tricks

Who is satisfied by the way but not with CyanogenMod 10.1 and wants to get back on the original system, this may 7 toolkit do also with the nexus. Via 1-click solution, the right image is downloaded and installed.

Easy Tutorial Manual Update Nexus 4 To Android 4.2.2

After all of the other devices of the Nexus, Finally the Nexus 4 receives the Android 4.2.2 update officially via OTA. In this post you can find how to update it manually if you can't find any update notification on your phone. The new improvement to the new version of the operating system you can read on my previous post : New Feature on Android 4.2.2 .

Besides the classic and new improvements in Android 4.2.2, in particular for the Nexus 4 this update removes the LTE network, actaully this smartphone was equipped with radio, so was capable to connect with LTE network. Until Android 4.2.1, though it was possible to enable LTE connectivity by following the simple steps, so Google decided to removes the LTE network with this new update.
manually update nexus 4 to android 4.2.2

To check for new updates, simply go into the Settings of your smartphone, select Phone Info and system updates. In case there be notified any update, you can follow the Guide to force the OTA update. How to Force OTA update on nexus device

If after several attempts you can't find any updates notification and want to update your Nexus 4 to Android 4.2.2, then you can follow the step by step guide in below.

How to manually update Nexus 4 to Android 4.2.2

Android JOP40D 4.2.1

For those who have a Custom Recovery
  • Download the update file : download JOP40d
  • copy the file in the memory of Nexus 4
  • go to recovery
  • Select "install zip from sd card" and then "choose zip from sd card"
  • Choose the file you just copied, and confirm
  • wait until the end of the installation and reboot

Update to android 4.2.2 with Recovery Stock (via ADB)

  1. Download the update file : download android 4.2.2 JOP40d
  2. You must have installed the ADB (download ADB)
  3. copy the update file in ADB
  4. turn off the nexus 4 and start it by pressing and holding the Volume down button
  5. then fastboot menu will appear and on the start button, press and hold the Volume up key until you see the Recovery menu
  6. Now you can leave the Volume up button and press the Power button to enter in Recovery
  7. Now you will see an Android with exclamation point and you must press the Volume keys on + Power
  8. Select "apply update from adb"
  9. connect your nexus to pc with USB cable
  10. Open a command prompt and go to the folder where you placed the update file
  11. type the following command:
    adb Sideloading
  12. at this point you will see a progress bar that will send the update on nexus
  13. now the update process will start
  14. When finished, restart

If you update your Nexus Android 4.2.2 4, be sure to tell us your first impressions. Ok, i hope this tutorial will help you to update your phone. You can leave any question on comment are.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 With Android 4.1.2

Are You want to have root access on Galaxy S3 I9300 with Android 4.1.2 and you don't know how to do it? Don't worry! After read and do this guide you will be able to have root permissions in a very short time.

Now available Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S 3. The version number is I9300XXEMA2. If you want to update to this version read : update galaxy s3 to android 4.1.2 . Tt this moment we still don't know the full changelog although in recent weeks Samsung has posted several videos where indicated the features in this new firmware. All those applications that enhance the experience of using the phone like:

  • Multi-windows: the ability to open two applications simultaneously by dividing the screen into two
  • Play and Popup Popup Browser: opening in over-impression video and internet pages
  • Samsung S-Cloud: for handle on "cloud" online your own files
  • New widgets

root galaxy s3 on android 4.1.2

Prerequisites for the Root of the Galaxy S3:

  • USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S3
  • USB debugging mode enabled
  • Backup your data
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Upper battery at 80%
  • Note: android phone guide not responsible for damage caused to your smartphone. Each procedure is at the risk

Procedures for Root Galaxy S3 I9300 with Android 4.1.2

The first step is to take download Odin v 3.07 and CF-Root package and save it within your personal computer. Now turn off your Galaxy S3 and start it in download mode by pressing the Volume down keys, Home and ignition key. In the screen that appears, confirm it by pressing the power button.

Now open ODIN and connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to the personal computer. Make sure to be recognized correctly and press the PDA in ODIN. Select CF-Auto-Root-mo-moxx-gti9300.tar.md5 and press the Start button.
During the procedure does not disconnect for no reason the Galaxy S3.

At the end of the procedure to root the Galaxy S3 will restart and finally enjoy the root permissions onAndroid 4.1.2.

How To Perform Hard Reset On Samsung Android Phone

In this guide i will explain how to perform hard reset on your samsung smartphone using factory data reset. This method is very simple and easy to perform because it can be made directly to the phone with turned on condition and is a procedure of the android operating system.

What is Hard Reset ?
But before i will give you some explanation. When you want to do a hard reset, do a wipe, format the phone or perform a factory reset it always refers to the same exact thing. Usually the more correct term and used in the world of telephones is to hard reset.
This procedure can return a device to original factory settings, erasing all the system settings, the programs installed by the user and data from various databases such as sms, email, notes, etc.

The reasons that can push to make the factory reset are different: return to an initial situation completely clean, fix some problems related to the stability of the operating system, and many more.
how to perform hard reset on galaxy s
perform hard reset on samsung galaxy s

How To Do Hard Reset On Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Attention. Performing a Hard Reset will clear all your data on your phone (phonebook, sms, applications, etc) and it is also irreversible. To make a backup you will can read our guide tutorial create nandroid backup
  1. Enter to the settings menu.
  2. If you have Gingerbread enter to the Privacy menu, if you use Ice Cream Sandwiches, come in Backup and recovery.
  3. Click on Reset to factory data
  4. If you want to format the internal memory or sdcard enable the special voice, otherwise start the procedure to hard reset by clicking on reset phone.
    If you set a lock pattern or pin for access to the telephone you will be prompted for a confirmation that will serve as an additional security measure.
  5. The phone will restart on its own and then enter in recovery of android and complete the Hard Reset procedure.

Here's a video guide to perform the hard reset using factory data reset.

Download Android Game For Pet

Today i Will Share Android Game For pet. Raising animals in the home is one fun activity for some people. Tired when feeding, bathing and treatment when ill, be paid in full to the satisfaction of seeing if your pet grow healthy, cheerful and funny. Ever thought to play iPad or Android tablet with them? Try the games on the iPad and Android following are designed to play with a cat, dog or reptile that you keep. you can enjoy playing this game


You VS Cats

android game for cat

Seller: Nestle
Last Update: May 4, 2012 (Android), March 28, 2012 (iOS)
File Size: 7.4 MB (Android), 4.2 MB (iOS)
Prerequisites: Android 2.2 and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later
Language: English
Price: Free
Download From Android Market


Fruit Ninja

download android game for pet

Seller: Halfbric
Last Update: August 4, 2011 (Android), December 20, 2011 (iOS)
File size: 18 MB (Android), 18.5 MB (iOS)
Prerequisites: Android 2.1 or later and the iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad with iOS 3.0 or later
Language: English
Price: Free (Android)
Download From Google Play


Ant Smasher

Seller: Best, Cool & Fun Games
Last Update: March 4, 2012
File size 8.1 MB
Prerequisites: Android 2.1 or higher
Language: English
Price: Free
Download Google Play

To download The game paste this url to your browser

Important:  Make sure your android tablet/phone has a screen Gorilla Glass to avoid scratches when your beloved animals play.
Thats for android game for pet. see you in next post

Install Cm 7 With Jelly Bean Style For LG Optimus GT540

Find easy step to install jelly bean theme with cm 7 custom rom for lg optimus GT 540. After seeing updates for Samsung and HTC device which have already got jelly bean custom rom now could not miss targeted attention to the LG and its unparalleled designs. So here's a guide, cyanogenmod 7 stable with jelly bean theme update only for all users who have an LG Optimus GT540. Follow this procedure and finally you will have the latest Android update available, that you've been anxiously awaiting. Here it is the guideLook great android

Requirements To install Cyanogenmod 7

  • LG Optimus GT540 with ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • Cyanogenmod 7 for LG Optimus GT 540 ROM, download cm 7 .
  • Backup all your data in order to avoid unpleasant loss.
  • your lg phone Battery state at least at 80%.

below is the screenshot from the cm7 preview after installed
cm7 with jelly bean for lg optimus gt 540

Install Cm 7 With Jelly Bean Tutorial

  1. Copy the downloaded package, moving it in the SD Card of your device and switch it off.
  2. Start ClockworkMod Recovery mode by pressing and holding down the Home and power button together. Starts the mode.
  3. Create a nandroid Backup your current ROM so you can restore it in case there was any error in the fne( read what is nandroid backup ). To do this choose the Backup and Restore and Backup.
  4. Now select Wipe data/Factory Reset and confirm.
  5. Now select Install ZIP from SD Card and still Choose ZIP from SD Card and look for the ROM file previously copied to the SD Card.
  6. Wait until the installation has completed and repeat the previous step for the Google Apps package.
  7. Select then Go Back and finally Reboot System Now.

We would like to say that if your LG smartphone has this wonderful update is only our merits, but in reality, this material used in this guide is the result of hard work of XDA Developers, Android programmers which have been do work hard to create this rom cm 7 for lg optimus gt 540, the same that are used now, and that you will find in other guides in this section. All free and updated. All for you so stay follow us tutorial upgrade android

Best Alarm Application For Android : Alarm Clock Ultra

Wake up on time, is a common problem faced by many people. If you're a user of android smartphone and also frequently late to wake up, with this alarm application for android will help you to wake up early.

Before I continue this article may occur in your mind, generally each mobile phone including android already has alarm feature. Why should use this application??
Yes, indeed in general alarm feature already embedded in almost all cell phones. From the sophisticated to the old model though, but the alarm clock application for android that I offer is a little different and has lots of advantages, Ok below i will start the review.Look great android
alarm clock application for android

Best Alarm Application to make wake early

This application has the name Ultra Alarm Clock, and in this android application is already stored lots of features. Let's start in terms of display or the interface, alarm clock application for android, this one has a pretty nice interface with a few widgets that are available and easy to ipahani, note the very convenient is viewed with some widgets.
Other features of this alarm is an alarm clock that is unique, for example, an alarm clock to wake the particular choice, countdown timer (timer), and the most unique is the timer for boiling eggs, complete with how to boil an egg. Let's take the one by one some of the main features of this alarm.

Timer to countdown, and the Stopwach

The reasonable feature is Timer to count down and the stopwach which you can use to measure time. Although impressed, the timer features for counting backwards this is the most often i used in this alarm application.

Alarm Which forces you to wake up

Yes, the usual alarms. You are setting the time when it will be turned on, to get out of bed for example and your android phone will be directly read out loud like other alarms, then what is the special?
This Alarm has the features of simple games to shut down or just delay the alarm goes off (snooze). After the alarm rang on the hour you specify, to stop or delay the alarm to the next hour you have to play the game that inevitably will force you to get up, concentrating on solving the game. you can see the preview below:
alarm clock ultra feature

Timer For Boiled eggs

That may sound a little strange, but indeed this Ultra Alarm Clock application provides a timer to count the time of boiling eggs, complete with instructions. You can see the preview below:
timer feature on ultra clock alarm

If you've decided to download, you can go directly to the page of google play by clicking the link below:
Download alarm clock application


For the disadvantage, according me there are 2. The size is large, approximately 17 MB. Is very large for an android alarm app classmates. Other flaws are, these applications cannot be moved to the external memory so that should take some of the internal spaces. This makes tips to move android apps to the SD card and how to use link2sd is not applicable.
Overall, the alarm clock application for android is pretty good according for me, especially since some of its unique interface. the games Feature games for just snooze or to stop make me choose the ultra alarm clock if compared with another application.

Move Android Applications to the SD Card without Root With Simple Way

Are your internal memory on your phone full after install some application? read here to found the tutorial to move application to sd card without root your smartphone. When the Smartphone's internal phone memory is full but on the SD card still plenty of space available, then helps app 2 SD. This practical application lets you move apps to the SD card back in the phone's memory.. So the amount of the internal memory will surely fulled by the applications that we install.Look great android

Move Apps From Internal Memory To Sd Card

App 2 SD users with the ability to move their apps on the SD memory card and thereby reclaim disk space in the phone memory. Android Apps, which are by default saved in the phone's memory can be moved without effort. The prerequisite for this is an Android operating system version 2.2. Also, the app you want to move must also admit the move. So to overcome those problem you can move the android application that can be moved (but usually some of existing method needs root acces, example if you have galaxy note 2 you must root galaxy note 2 first).

Then, how do I move the installed application on internal memory to the SD Card Without Root? the answer is to use an android application called App2SD which can be downloaded for free at play store, you can see the App2SD preview below:
move application to sd card without root

In a nutshell, the function of this application is to move the app that was installed in internal memory to external memory or the SD card, or it could be the opposite of external memory to the internal.

How To Move Apps To SD card With App2sd

complete Guide to use app2sd to move Android applications to the SD Card Without Root are:
Each application is opened then you will see some tab ( in this case you will see 3 tabs on it), each of tabs that appear indicates the position of the application. Divided into three, namely, movable (the list of applications that can be moved to the SD card), on the SD Card (the list of applications that are in the SD card or external memory), and the phone only (a list of the applications that are in the internal memory).
Below is preview screenshots of the application along with the 3 bend
how to use app2sd

The Screenshot above is show the amount of application that installed on your internal memory, on the picture above you can see there are 7 apps are installed, to move it you can simply click on the application that you want to move to SD card, then you will meet with a menu like this:
Move to External Memory

Click move to move it to the SD Card and vice versa if the application you want to move are on internal memory. To get App2SD which is used to move the android applications to the SD card without rooting, you can go straight to the official google page play by clicking the link below:
Download App2SD from google play
Read also : you also can raise your internal memory with this : how to use link2sd from android tips and tutorial

If you want to know more clearly guide you can see video tutorial on how to remove android apps to the SD Card without root and App2SD below:

So now you can raise internal memory capacity

How To Install Skype On Android And Use It On Phone With Easy Way

Skype messenger application lately is seems its popularity was increased So in this post i will show you list of skype features and how to install it, The fact we can see from the increasing number of users United States and Europe, although there is no official data that supports.
This happens because Skype puts an interesting improvement of features that do not exist in all other messenger application. Such as telephone facilities from Skype to phone or mobile phone, phone streaming, send sms, etc.Look great android

Along with the popularity of smartphones in the recent days, Skype is also known as best whatsapp alternative if you already use whatsapp as we know if whatsapp will chrage the user in 2013. Skype does not want to miss with their support for the smartphone. When viewed from the official website of Skype, they already support the popular smartphone devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

install skype on android phone

Install Skype Application on Your Android Device

For Android user how to install Skype on android phone is quite easy, you just signed in to Google Play type Skype on the search box, once you found it please open and click the Install button. The installation will run automatically, make sure your Internet connection is not broken so that the installation process doesn't fail.

Or if one day there was a problem on Google Play and you can't install Skype directly from there, there are other alternatives that can be used i.e. by downloading Skype from, please search Skype then download the application and please search where lies the new Skype installation file that you can download, and then please click to install.

Install Skype on Sd Card

By default the installation of Skype will be stored on the phone memory, if You want to move to the SD Card you can follow the steps below, but keep in mind that this step can only be done in Android 2.2 and above.
  • open the Menu.
  • Select Settings then Applications.
  • go to Manage Applications then select Skype.
  • Select Move to SD Card to move applications to the SD Card in Skype.


According to the FAQ page at the official website of Skype, the Skype application can be run from your smartphone with Android OS 2.1, minimum processor 600 MHz, minimum memory at least have 27MB space. While the screen resolution that is supported is 320 × 240, 240 × 400, 320 × 480, 800 × 480 and 850 × 480.

Features of Skype for Android devices

Because of the limitations on a mobile device so features that supported Skype for Android devices are different from Skype for PC or Laptop. And here's the features supported by Skype for Android devices.
skype features for android phone

So you can see if to install skype on android phone or another android device is easy. And With this application you can get many feature as i mentioned above. So will you choose skype as your messenger on android phone ?

ClockWorkMod Revovery 6 Download And New Features

The ClockworkMod Recovery 6 is the best known and widely used by all Android users who enjoy modding and who often perform on your Device. The version currently peaked at CWM V  which, among many innovations, introduced the ability to perform all operations with the use of the Touchscreen, it is no longer only with the use of various different keys for each Device.this perfect and more userfriendly
download cwm v 6
above you can see cwm v6 preview on galaxy nexus

CWM V 6 New Features

The novelty was very much appreciated by all users because clockworkmod reocery 6 have been added with new features. Now the developer, after releasing on the internet a stable version of the upcoming version 6 of Recovery, returns to talk about the next version, describing the most important features that are implemented during the development.

The number may seem small, they are 3, but, as the Touchscreen of, these three new products are expected to be a long time by all users, here is the cwm 6 new features :
  • Ability to retain Root permissions when you proceed to flash a Stock ROM
  • Ability to maintain the ClockworkMod Recovery after flash a Stock ROM
  • Possibility with Stock ROM, compared to previous versions, installing system updates, through a simple installation confirmation

Very interesting the first and the second new feature, especially for the aura of mystery that still keep watch on how the developer has managed to implement these two useful functions. The last is a much awaited feature by all users with devices that use Clockworkmod as a recovery, but that Stock ROM mountain.

Download Latest CWM 

To download latest versrion clockworkmod recovery visit link below
  • Download CWM Touch :
  • Download CWM Regualar :
To flash firmware you will also need odin, see : download latest odin

So many improvement. Now we just wait for the release of the next versions of CWM and, later, of the first stable releases. When this? Yet we know nothing, because they were not released dates and even periods for possible release. So we can only wait, looking forward to new communications from the powerful developer.

LG Optimus G E973 Full Hardware and Software Review

We will give Review all of the LG Optimus G full specification details, you can read our expereience about its hardware review and software detail.
All generations of Nexus one Smartphones have had many identical with minor differences in hardware components and design. This Optimus G generation does not make exceptions and LG Optimus G is the "brother" of Nexus 4, with the exact same hardware, different design and LG's customizations to Android. Which is why we refer to its review. Nonetheless, Optimus G is a smartphone with a distinct personality and an unparalleled class: elegant, fine, refined design and with a hardware Division that rivals.this perfect and more userfriendly

LG Optimus G Video Review

LG Optimus G Hardware Review

The first thing you notice about LG Optimus G is its design. The lines are unequivocally LG and the design is a refinement of the Optimus 2012 series, with particular reference to Optimus 4 x HD. The lines are clean and basic, with the silver outer frame which acts as a complement and contrast of the display and black bands above and below it. The lines are continuous and uninterrupted and give an elegant look to your smartphone. The word that perhaps best describes him is classyEnglish, which can be translated with "class". Even more so than the Prada Phone, in fact, this smartphone makes the elegance the strong point. At first glance it is inevitable the bewilderment, as well as one can not burst forth in a "wow!".

The materials are very similar to the Nexus 4, with front and back covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 that gives a good scratch resistance. The back has the same effect as gatteggiamento already seen on Nexus 4: depending on the angle of the light and angle, in fact, shows a different design. Unlike the Nexus 4 though, where there are several well recognizable patterns that draw recognizable figures on Optimus G we find a series of tiny squares side by side that simply changing degree of rotation.

The LG symbol on the front and back are silver and seem to float just above the floor with the squares.

The physical keys are 3: the power button on the right side and the volume rocker on the left side. Just below the latter we find the removable tray for the micro-SIM. At the top of the smartphone we find the entrance to the 3.5 mm jack, while the bottom is the micro-USB port. The latter can also be used to display content on larger screens such as TV, thanks to the standard MHL.
lg optimus g hardware and display review

The hardware is second to none: under the screen with True HD IPS Panel + by 4.7 inches there is a quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro operating at a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz, with 2 GB of RAM, a 320 Adreno GPU and 32 GB of internal memory is not expandable. We also find Bluetooth WiFi IEEE 802.11 4.0, b/g/n, GPS, proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, brightness. Contrary to what is seen on Nexus 4, however, Optimus G can count on a 4 g LTE module Qualcomm from 100Mbps operating on 800/1800/2600 MHz. The whole thing is powered by a large battery 2100mAh which fully satisfies all your smartphone's energy needs.
The smartphone's weight is 146 grams, but do not feel because of the relatively large size of the phone. In this connection it must be said that Optimus despite G large 4.7-inch screen is slightly bigger than a Galaxy S II.
lg optimus g back camera

LG Optimus G Screen Display

Optimus G screen adopts a type IPS panel called "True HD IPS +" from LG. This means that in comparison with the previous generation, represented by panels used in Optimus 4 x HD, there is an improvement in brightness and other features. The most important one is certainly deleting a layer between the glass and the screen itself. As well as in Nexus 4, in fact, the screen shows images "on the water" by removing a layer between the actual display and glass.
The display is of excellent quality and is among the brightest on the market, which means that it can be used in bright sunlight without visibility problems. The definition is extremely high due to resolution of 1280 × 768 which ensures 320ppi. The resolution is equal to that of another top-of-the-line terminal, Nokia Lumia 920, and it is abnormal when compared to other top of the line with resolution 1280 × 720. The form factor is 16:10 in the case of 1280 × 768 resolution, 16: 9 is for 1280 × 720 resolution. This means that the display is of few millimetres wider and offers a better viewing of web pages.

Camera Test And Review
The sensor has a high resolution but it has great picture noise. The white balance is anything but optimal, and even in good light conditions appear bright little shots or faded; It is not rare to run into problems of overexposure and total distortion of high-light areas.
The image noise is so loud that you can see with the naked eye and without a strong magnification distortion. The boundaries appear washed out and not accurate, details like hair is lost and the images appear almost blurry. It is impossible to do zooming as the distortion becomes untenable.
In contrast, however, the performance in low light conditions are above average and allow you to take pictures with minimum brightness.
below is the picture taken from lg optimus G Camera
camera test on optimus g

Optimus G Battery Durability
The battery provides good performance and is able to adequately support your smartphone during the whole day. We do not, for obvious reasons, had a chance to test performance under 4 g LTE network usage, but under 3 g network performance is excellent and can pass without problems the entire day.
The battery is not removable because of the presence of back cover glass, on the other hand is equipped with 800 cycles technology which allows 800 complete cycles of charges and discharges, in contrast to the batteries currently in use on the vast majority of devices that allows "only" 500 cycles. This means, in practical terms that, if uploaded daily, normal batteries lose effectiveness after approximately a year and a half, while the new LG's batteries will last more than two years.
With a good calibration and a judicious use of resources, moreover, it is not difficult to envisage a charge longer than a day and a half. High battery capacity and the presence of a CPU with very low power consumption thanks to the production process to allow 28nm to curb consumption.
lg optimus g battery review

  • Software

The main and biggest difference between Optimus G and Nexus 4 lies in software: the second is Google who deals directly with updates, while the first is LG.
The unity that we had lacked a testing final software and was, indeed, a development with Android version 4.0.4. The smartphone was a koreana with some parts of the system in the native language, which gives an idea of the State of things. However the stability was total and we have never experienced a problem: neither crash nor lag or slowdown. This portends well compared to the final version that will arrive in Italy.

  • Interface

The Android User interface on Optimus g is customised by LG and is the Optimus UI 3.0. The change allows you to implement a number of improvements to the stock Android interface, which shows (in my opinion) of deterioration than previously. For example, using the Optimus UI you can press your finger on the home screen to add widgets and links and change the background. The screen of the app drawer is customizable and you can change the background, as well as choose the order of the elements.
The first element of difference compared to Android stock is the unlock screen, showing a bubble that pops up just touch the screen and that widens as they increasingly turn away from finger contact.
As Samsung Smart Stay, LG has introduced the ability to keep the screen on when you're watching. We tested this feature, and although it is not a final version of the software, we found that actually works.
The notification drop down has the top button with which you can enable or disable WiFi connections, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and beyond; These buttons are changeable and reorderable as desired by the user. You can add and remove at will.
lg optimus g user interface
An interesting application that LG has integrated with the QuickMemo interface, already present on previous smartphone Optimus line 2012, can be activated by simultaneously pressing both volume buttons. QuickMemo is a convenient feature that allows you to take notes simply by writing on the screen with their fingers. Accuracy is good despite the natural uncertainty given by fingers, definitely not precise as a nib as the Galaxy Notes. The novelty is the presence of overlayfunction, which allows you to use your phone normally having just taken note superimposed. This feature is particularly useful when you, for example, must sign a phone number or an address (whether that web traffic).

  • Gaming

As is expected from a smartphone with a hardware of this caliber, the possibilities of the game are enormous. The presence of quad-core processor with the Adreno GPU brings 320 graphics performance to a new level and allows you to play all the latest titles without any effort. No doubt that getting the root permissions on the device and installing Chainfire 3D you can play games for NVIDIA Tegra 3 with an even higher framerate than that offered by the platform competitor home green.

  • Updates

Updates for this smartphone should not be a problem: because the hardware shared with Nexus, which will receive updates 4 much longer, LG should not find it difficult to release updates for this smartphone for a period as extended.
That lends itself to modding?
The same applies to the modding: ROM compatible with the Nexus 4 will be compatible even with the Optimus G, although there is the LTE module that could potentially give problems. In any case modding possibilities of this smartphone are almost endless.

Overall Review LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G is a top of the range in all directions: hardware, software, materials, attention to detail, design. LG has given the best of themselves and the results are amazing. The hardware commonality with Nexus 4, without prejudice to the LTE module activated, should make it much easier to update the company's Terminal koreana and, therefore, we may finally see the classic lack of new versions of Android on LG'S terminals.
Although released only in 2013 at a price that we imagine being among the 499 and 599 Euros, Optimus G appears already as telephone able to stay on top for a long time to come and how sitting in the Olympus of smartphones. At the moment the market is not a single smartphone can compete with Optimus G, excluding Nexus 4.
We strongly recommend this smartphone to anyone who has an eye for design, materials, construction and quality hardware in General.

Easy Tutorial Install CWM Touch Recovery On Google Nexus S

In this article published this morning i will share about how to install clockworkmod touch recovery on Samsung Google Nexus S. I will also illustrated the features from the revolutionary new cwm Touch Recovery. Touch recovery is ClockworkMod recovery based, with the ability to use the touch screen directly from our device in place of the "old" physical keys. So when you modding your nexus s rom you can configure it with your touch screen. below is the preview of new touch recovery on nexus s
how to install cwm touch recovery on nexus s

As mentioned in article, we've prepared a simple guide to install this new Recovery. In this guide, we will explain also How to switch back to classic Recovery for users who still don't familiar with this new version and want to return to physical keys.

Before start the tutorial, i will give some review about Google Nexus S
The collaboration between Samsung and Google increasingly strengthened. A clear example of this new device, the Nexus S 4 g, did produce from Google. The version for the European market supports Quadband GSM networks, for optimal coverage in all situations thanks to UMTS. Display Internet pages without problems will be the responsibility of HTML browser, thanks to the valuable support rendered by HSDPA, modem for speed equal to the ADSL at home. You can also take advantage of the distributed networks thanks to built-in Wi-Fi antenna. There is of course the Bluetooth to connect to compatible devices.this perfect and more userfriendly

Read First
Tutorial For Android assume no responsibility for the damage that maybe caused if you failed do the process. Because i have practiced it and anything works perfect.
The procedure is very simple. just follow all the steps properly so as not to have any kind of problem.


How To Install Touch Recovery On Nexus S
  1. First you must unlock the bootloader and set the fastboot, you can search from google to find the tutorial
  2. From the command prompt, type the following command: fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
  3. Wait a few seconds and, if everything was successful, you'll get an Ok followed by confirmation of the procedure of flash
  4. Type the following command to restart the Nexus: fastboot reboot

Restoring Recovery Non-Touch
  1. Switch off the Nexus and start fresh in nuovamete Nexus Bootloader mode (Volume up + Power)
  2. Start command Promt again
  3. Type the following command: fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
  4. Wait a few seconds and, if everything was successful, you'll get an Ok followed by confirmation of the procedure of flash
  5. Type the following command to restart the Nexus: fastboot reboot

Now, after installing, just restart your Nexus S in Recovery Mode and try the new ClockworkMod Touch Recovery that just installed. Ready to try it? What are you waiting for then! Go to install it!

Finish now you have succesfully install touch recovery on Samsung Google Nexus S. If you need any fyrther assistant or ask some question you can leave your question on comment area below

Easy Tutorial Install CWM 6 On Galaxy Nexus

Today, Available the update for ClockworkMod version and is fully compatible with Android 4.2, in this article we present a guide on how to install it on Galaxy Nexus. Below you can see the preview of cwm v 6 on Galaxy Nexus.this perfect and more userfriendly

tutorial install cwm v 6 on galaxy nexus

With Android 4.2, introduces a new and interesting function, multi-user, available for now only on tablet. For another new features you can read on list of android 4.2 new features. The data storage structure is able to store data from multiple users, and this might give rise to problems with the use of old clockworkmod recovery, for this reason the forum XDA developers, they are put to work and have released version optimized for Jelly Bean 4.2 and today we want to take a guide on how to install CWM 6 on Galaxy Nexus

With the new version of clockworkmod recovery, all your data is stored in a folder. You can flash the recovery in two ways, either through the zip or via fastboot, the choice is yours. Via zip, you won't have to download the recovery from here, copy it into your smartphone's SD and then flash it. Via fastboot instead you must follow these steps:

Read First
Do with your own Risk

How To install CWM 6 On Galaxy Nexus

  1. Start your smartphone in bootloader mode
  2. Open the terminal as an administrator
  3. Go to the Android SDK/Platform path Tools
  4. Copy the recovery at its core
  5. Rename the recovery recovery.img
  6. Connect your smartphone to your PC
  7. Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img type
  8. Wait until the end of the process and restart

Requirements To Install CWM

The steps as you see is really very simple, the method above requires:
  • Android SDK
  • The recovery, you can download on Download latest CWM 6
  • A USB cable to connect your smartphone to your PC
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus Drivers
  • The fastboot

The new recovery is fully compatible with Jelly Bean 4.2, you shouldn't encounter any problems on. Apparently by updating your smartphone and fitting an old recovery, problems may arise during the backup, but with the new version of these problems are just a bad memory.

Have you flash the recovery? Are you notice any changes and improvements? Or have you come across any other problems? Please tell on comment area

How To Set Camera Panorama Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello everyone, today i will present to you a small guide on how to start a panorama mode function in the camera of Galaxy S 3.
As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 device has a good performing camera and effects and settings that make it up are really many. You can manually change many settings shutter, so as to resemble this camera a real SLR, but we'll just like setting the Panorama mode to make unique shots at 180°.this perfect and more userfriendly
how to set campera panorama on galaxy s3
Before we start i will give some review of the excess of Galaxy S3 Camera
Buddy photoshare-simple photo sharing and various images with your friends using the face recognition. For example, the phone suggests who to send, among our contacts in the phonebook, the photos via email or MMS.
Camera "Zero Shutter Lag" the camera starts up in 990 milliseconds and snaps photos instantly, as soon as you press the shutter button. Record-breaking performance: up to 3.3 pictures per second.

  • Prepare your Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S3.
  • Have your camera free of encumbrances.
  • A subject , so you can take the picture of the subject.

Set Camera Panorama Mode On Galaxy S3
  1. First take your Galaxy S III and sbloccatene the screen.
  2. Now go on the camera and put the phone horizontally to achieve a wider and better photography from the qualitative point of view.
  3. Click the icon in the lower left hand corner, the gear shaped and scroll through the options until you find the one that says "shutter Mode".
  4. Click and you will open a new menu where you will see various options. Scroll down until you find the one that says "Panorama". It is easily recognizable because it has the icon of a mountain nearby.
  5. Once you find the icon, click on it and you take a picture in Landscape mode.

IMPORTANT: The Panorama mode will remain active on galaxy s3 until the camera will remain open. As soon as the lock, it will return to its default shutter mode and then to make a new picture in Panorama mode, you will need to rerun the entire procedure again.

Bluetooth A2DP problem on Android will solved in next update release

Google from android bug tracker confirm will solved the bluetooth a2dp audio streaming in next android update. It's official that we learn in a story very comforting that we hope will be accompanied by other information on the upcoming release of Android. In fact, Google has confirmed a few minutes in the next release of Android will be solved the bug audio streaming via Bluetooth A2DP, which makes it currently impossible more often than not hear the audio.this perfect and more userfriendly
solve a2dp bluetooth problem on android

This problem has been posted in the section concerning the Nexus 7 but it's a General fix that will be applied on all Android devices can be updated to the newest version of the operating system. Unfortunately, however, it was not possible to find information about the next version of Android but, with a probability of 90%, we believe that will be the 4.2.2, which is a minor update that will correct presumably this and other minor bugs.

google confirm fix a2dp bluetooth problem
source : android bug tracker

Android 4.2, you know, was released with some bugs to fix such as in this case the bluetooth a2dp problem, and little by little it seems that Google is solving them, although to be honest we expected a more convinced reaction and quick by developers of Android.
Lastly, no information seems to be leaked, even regarding a possible release date of the update, but we hope to not have to wait long. The next version of Android now seems very close to release officially.

Weather Forecast Application For Android Device

Today i will share and give review about a new application for weather forecast. But this is not usual app, because on this app is available for Android smartphone, or another android device
Weather Life is an Italian program and the name of the program is Meteo Life, very nice, precise and accurate for the weather forecast on your smartphone and tablet.

Meteo Life is a Weather application and Weather Centre for Italian and also worldwide and offers weather forecast on our smartphones and Android tablet. On Google Play Store there are many apps for weather forecasts on Android, but this different from the competition for some important aspects.this perfect and more userfriendly

The Excess Of Meteo Life Weather Forecast

First of all, the Meteo Life Weather Life Forecast for android allows us to have weather related notifications, to seaside and mountains in Italy and all over the world with great accuracy.

In addition, Weather Life's interface on Android, despite being quite simple, it is very clean and allows you to navigate menus and sections using the left area through a swype.

Despite being very simple, therefore, the features offered are so many and all very useful and comfortable, easily accessible in just a few clicks.

But the program, plus up to 15-day forecasts, offers daily forecasting information divided into sea level details and timetables, in order to provide the maximum of information, accurate and updated in real time.

Among other information available, for example;
  • the State of the sky
  • minimum and maximum temperatures
  • twenty
  • freezing level
  • Snow stake
  • alerts of major meteorological phenomena.

meteo life weather forecast appweather forecast app for android

weather life forecast application android

But the Weather feature Life doesn't end here.
We find also the comfortable "weather travel" feature, that allows us to know the status of the sky en route of the journey that we are facing.

In addition, the alert data section, we can select the events stored in your calendar and then click weather alerts that we are interested to be informed about real-time weather conditions with comfortable notifications.

Download Meteo Life

you can download meteo life bo follow this link : download meteo life from playstore
you also can save it to apk, read : how to download apk from playstore
Finally, the application is complete with radar, satellite and forecast maps, a window on changes in weather nowcasting or to discover future scenarios. What else could we ask such a program? I think there is really everything!

Truly a complete apps for weather forecasts on Android, with the option of adding various locations as a favorite, to see real-time weather forecasts of cities that interest us. This application Really worth to try!