Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How To Book Flights via Android Apps With SkyScanner

Do you search android apps that will help you to book flights? if so you can find it here. Nowadays we can say that price portals on internet for cheap flights is growing market, because the price gap between cheap and expensive flight is sometimes very high. So it will very help if we can book flights with price that fit with our money. Although modern smartphone browser's play clearly with desktop websites come, a native smartphone app is easy to use not only intuitive but usually easier. For this reason Now we will this time will shrare out test for book flights with sky scanner which is android apps for book flights.Android is good

Book Flights With SkyScanner App

Does this sound familiar. The holidays are coming up and the travel agency is appearing and offer their trip service for you. So it is now looking at the best flight itself. Most likely there are certainly many people consider the big PC and the Web to search through the best price for flights in the price portals. Expedia, Cheap Flights, Swoodoo and what there is not anything. If you are looking for a flight ticket but wants to see power in the form of good results, but in response, the search engine for flights to be yet. Because: An ugly website is rather daunting. Skyscanner has recognized the spirit of time and provides a corresponding app for all major mobile systems, including Android.

Scy Scanner Feature

android apps for book flightsbook flights with sky scanner

The main function of a search engine is the quick and correct to find the information that we want. In the case of Skyscanner are the cheap flight and the app does really well, and above all: Fast. Anyway, the app really responded easy to inputs, which affects positive feedback from the overall user experience. Immediately after starting the app can just start to use, for which this app was also developed: that is to search for cheap flight. This provides the home to enter the start and destination airport as well as the period of the flight. Also important for the results of any trip, number of passengers and direct flights.

Fortunately, the search queries are saved so they can be quickly accessed from the home page. Furthermore, results can be found in a kind of graph display that showing the lowest fares for each day. So you can get visually look for a possibly better flight a little later or earlier.

Very nice feature: After one hour, asked if the results are to be updated, because the prices might have changed in the meantime. Also like to know what is the search for flights from nearby airports of their own location. Who is on spec, then at this function certainly have a field day. However, the app is more or less restricted to only the price comparison of flights, but the results can be based on various criteria to filter, sort, and share if you like on the menu parts of Android with friends, colleagues or family. Flights are booked then on the websites of the respective providers.


The mobile app from Skyscanner delivers exactly what it promises: from the search for cheap flights of smartphone and tablet. And this app always looks prettier than most mobile websites of popular web search portals, on the speed and visual presentation of the results to mention. Who is often on the road while looking for a flight for which there is presently hardly be a better solution for Android, especially Skyscanner is to also have free play in the store. To the very good impression and the many hits in helping the cheapest flights, compared with portals on the desktop browser.

Download Skyscanner app

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Easy Tutorial Root Sony Xperia U On ICS Without Unlock Bootloader

For you that have Xperia U i have good news for you. Now you can root xpeia u without unlock bootloader so it means you will not void the warranty. That is such a interisting guide right? Ok but before we start the tutorial you must read all and make sure you did the step by step insrtuction correctly so you will success root you phone.Android is good
root xperia u on ics without unlock bootloader

This root tutorial is for Xperia U user that have upgraded to android Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. I know that there are many xperia u user that still confuse and try seacrh for the tutorial in the internet but hard to find the instruction that complete, easy, and without unlock bootloader to understand. So to solve those problem i make this tutorial based with my experience when i help my friend to root xperia u on ics. Also, after obtaining the ROOT, we will see how to customize the notifications bar to the Xperia U by adding useful toggle to change the system settings on the fly.

Point out, before we begin, that driving with the QuickPanel runs not only on Xperia U, but also on Xperia Sun, P and possibly S (I haven't try to test unfortunately).Ok now lets start the tutorial

How To Root Sony Xperia U Ice Cream Sandwich Without Unlock Bootloader

below is the explanation. please read completely and so that you will success with the process, and once again i tell you if this tutorial don't need to unlock the bootloader so will not void your phone warranty.

  1. Download this zip file and unzip it.
  2. Run the program "runme.bat."
  3. Press 1 and sent
  4. With the phone turned on attach it to the computer via USB.
  5. The program will start a script, which will tell you to unlock your phone. Do so and you'll find yourself in the APA backup and recovery. Select "RootMe" and click restore.
  6. Wait for it to finish and do not touch anything, the phone will restart. Once you have turned on the App SuperSU installed and Permissions Root.
  7. Make sure to select the file "RootMe" at APA backup and recovery, and careful that the phone is switched on.
  8. Finish. Now you have successfully Root Sony Xperia U, and you can fully customize your android smartphone.

After you have the successfully get the root acces, below i share guide to customize the notifications bar by adding useful toggle to change the system settings on the fly.
I advise you, however, to also follow the guide found below. It 's really very interesting and useful.

Thanks to XDA we have two very easy ways to get the most comfortable Toggles in pull-down notifications. Thanks to the toggles in the notification bar you can change on the fly the main system settings without having to open each time the dedicated menu.


your phone is on ICS firmware
have super user acces / root
A file manager (eg Root Explorer, ES File Manager) that allows you to manage the system folders

How to customize notification bar on Xperia U

  1. Download this file, put it in the memory of your phone and unzip it.
  2. It will come out two files: quickpanelsettings.apk and sistemUI.apk (or something like that). Move them both in the / system / app and set the permissions: rw-rr.
  3. Reboot.

After finished the installation you need to restart your phone, because if you not restart it first Sistem UI will crash continuously.

So now What do you think now of your "new" rooted Sony Xperia U Android Phone ?

Monday, 29 July 2013

iPhone Lockscreen Notification For Android Smartphone

Iphone LockerPro allows you to have the lockscreen on your Android device in style iPhone / iPad. Let's see in detail the program. LockerPro allows you to get the notifications in iPhone lockscreen on your Android smartphones and tabletsAndroid is good

LockerPro Lockscreen Android

LockerPro is a program that will change the lockscreen on your Android smartphone, making it similar to the Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad. Or if you want you can see our lockscreen collection on download best android lockscreen

As you can see, the layout of the notifications on Android will be very similar compared to lockscreen on iphone Apple devices: you can have notifications for all applications you want and not just those of the Android system. So you will have real-time notifications for calls, messages and many other applications.

But unfortunately, the software is only available for Android 4.0 or later.
LockerPro iphone- ockscreen for android

The apps displays a single notification for each program and this will allow you to interact with them in a very convenient and fast. For example, if you will receive two emails from two different contacts, you can display two different notifications and interact with each of them so easy.

With a virtual button in the lockscreen, then, you will have the option to cancel the flight all notifications from the screen of your system.

The program also supports gestures, to speed up the basic operations and also offers a handy widget for the homescreen that enables you to constantly display information about time and date.

Iphone Lockscreen For Android

The software is very easy to use and configure, but to simplify things further, with a short introduction and explanation during the first boot. In a few moments you are ready to configure the software better and to personalize the best interface. So this iphone notification for android will give enjoy and easiness to you.

tutorial install LockerPro iphone Lockscreen

Also interesting is the possibility of eliminating individually notifications with a simple Swype, as is normally done on Android. In the same way, with another Swype in the opposite direction, you can launch the application directly of interest to you.

You will still find many ways to customize the gestures and actions related to them.

LockerPro Lockscreen Android Home

As mentioned above, you can select all the programs to make it compatible with this software: only those who have your permission will have access to LockerPro and then display information in the lockscreen.

LockerPro Lockscreen Android home menu

The program is available on Google Play Store at a price of $ 2.92. It 'also a free version, but has some limitations with respect to the release fee.

Among the benefits of the paid version also include:

  • Automatically clear notifications
  • Auto-hide status bar
  • Option to hide the clear button
  • Customizable slider type & wallpaper
  • Support for portrait & landscape orientation
  • Device wakeup notification upon receiving new
  • Banner notification support
  • Contact picture support for relevant notification
  • Customizable settings & vibration patterns, as well as ringtone modifications.

I think it is really an excellent apps to personalize the lockscreen Android and conveniently view all notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

Definitely worth trying, at least in the free version, just to see how it works and what it offers.


Download LockerPro Lockscreen Lite For Android (Free)
Download LockerPro Lockscreen For Android (Paid)
go here password =

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Radardroid Pro 2.58 Camera App For Android Smartphone

Today i will introduce an excellent android camera apps for your phone. This app is called Radardroid Pro 2.58. This application is super updated and allows you to travel quiet and safe. because once activated, this radardroid will alert you (in background) every time you go to exceed the speed limit provided for that stretch of road or when you're probably approaching the camera speed limit.Android is good

Report fixed and mobile speed cameras.

you must try this because it is very excellent and super updated.

Radardroid Pro A Safety Camera With advice on Android

Radardroid provides a visual alert, sound and voice, when you approach any speed cameras, fixed or mobile, traffic light detector, or any other device for measuring the speed in the application database. This application automatically will give you an alert from a known site and allows you to avoid the possibility of receiving a fine for speeding or otherwise.

RadarDroid Feature

radardroid feature for android phone

The feature of radardroid camera is : This program is completely translated into Italian and is highly configurable. It has a built in map editor for manual entry of the new speed cameras POI, TTS voice settings is according to your Android device, it works in the background without the need for an active data connection and consumes very few resources, you can even use radardroid app with any other satellite navigation system app.

If you want to download apk from google play this may help you : download apk from play store to pc

New version 2:58

Updated: November 29, 2012
Current Version: 2.58
Features available in this release:

  • Solve small bugs.
  • Added Demo Mode delay setting

So do you interested with this camera app navigation for your daily use? So now to try this app, download Radardroid 2.58 here is the download link :

Saturday, 27 July 2013

How To Flash Official Jelly Bean 4.1 To Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000

Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 have been officially received the android 4.1 firmware update. And if you want to flash it manually you will find the tutorial here. Because today we will share how to flash official Android 4.1.1 On Galaxy Note N8000 via Odin. Android is good
Starts from the release of this rom many people that use this phone very satisfied with this rom. Android Jelly Bean or usually called as android 4.1 is very popular from the official release until now. 

And now the Officiall update to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for Galaxy Note N8000 is available to download. As promised by Samsung, the update has come to the end of November and although it is not yet available via OTA (it will be soon)

As usual SamFirmware has released the official firmware that is obviously flashed through ODIN and following i will describe the procedure below.

The update brings many new features including faster overall system, the new effect Butter and many other improvements such as the Premium Suite perfected for use with the built in Samsung Pen.

install android 411 on galaxy note n8000

Read First

  • This Tutorial Use Android 4.1.1 Rom with XXBLK2 firmware version
  • This is the firmware details
    galaxy note n8000 firmware details
  • Do with Your Own Risk


Flash Jelly Bean To Galaxy Note N8000

Please Read carefullt the explanation, so that you will successfully manually flash android 4.1 on galaxy note n8000

Ok Now follow this following Guide:

  1. You will not lose your data but it is advisable to make a backup. Read how to make nandroid backup.
  2. Extract the two files that you have downloaded before : ODIN (. rar) and ROM (. zip)
  3. Install Kies to install the Driver to connect your phone,  so that your computer will correctly recognizes the Galaxy Note N8000  when connected to the USB
  4. Have at least 50% of our Galaxy Note Battery 10.1
  5. Turn off your device
  6. Turn on your device the go to Download Mode (Press Home key + Volume Down + Power)
  7. Press Volume Up to confirm
  8. Open ODIN
  9. Click on PDA and go to look for the files in the ROM. Tar.md5
  10. You do not have to change any settings
  11. Connect your galaxy note 10.1 to your computer
  12. ODIN should recognize it automatically. If have been fully connected odin will display the word ID: COM in Yellow
  13. Press Start and wait for the operation until finish (take about 4-5 minutes so don't worry)
  14. Wait then your Galaxy Note 10.1 will automatically restart, yhen you can enjoy Jelly Bean 4.1.1

If you have any problems or concerns as well write it in the comments and we will help you as soon as possible. Ok i hope you can do this tutorial and successfully flash jelly bean rom to your galaxy note 10.1 n8000.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Google I / O Events Will Be Held From 15 To 17 In May 2013

Google has announced the date when google will held the next google I / O events On 2013. For you that have big enthusiasts on technology development especially for android development, such as smartphone news, android application, android operating sysrem updates and many more that related to mobile technology must know about this date. Next year is very important for you that i have mentioned above. Because Google has announced the date for the Google I / O developer conference in 2013. The Google I / O will be held next year and at 15 - 17 Scheduled in May.Android is good

For you that interested with the mobile technology especially android smartphone, its application and the feature should now mark the date in the calendar. Because On these days will be held Google developer conference. Experience shows that on that event will be shown innovation by Google. One might suspect that the fifth month of the year will be released an Android 5.0. Because before on my previous post we have discussed if google employee confirm android 5.0 on comic.

It is likely that at the Google I / O 2013 also will determined a new Nexus device, so we will get to see. And also Google Glasses could then be ready to be unleashed on the masses. But we still need to wait and see. And let's see what it is next year then.


google i / o events date

So to all the tecnology development followers, please waut and marks your calendar on next year at the 15.-17. May, Google I / O 2013 is taking place. And as always, Google will then delight us with a few surprises, with something that maybe we don't imagine before.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Run Android Apps on Windows With BlueStacks

Maybe you Have not heard about BlueStacks, with bluestack you will able to run android apps on Windows PC or laptop.  Before I have presented about this software. you can read about install WhatsApp on PC, because to do that you use bluestacks as the virtual machine to install whatsapp. So now you can use or install Android apps on Windows. Today they released the first beta version ( direct download ). After installing BlueStacks you have a virtual machine with Android "on the run".Android is good

how to run android apps on windows

Preinstalled find some apps ( Evernote , Pulse Reader, Docs to go ...) others (the remaining 450,000 from the store in the world) can also to be installed with bluestacks. Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, Space gamble Android on a PC? No problem. Yes, BlueStacks is easy to install and operate. However, I wonder why the software still the use age-old Rocket Dock installed, which I last saw on Windows XP times. These docks are not outdated. What else is there to say?

BlueStacks : Run Android Apps On windows

install bluestacks on windows

BlueStacks will offer the package and the costs after the beta period. Then, some pay apps in its package. Also want to make the synchronization of the BlueStacks Android Smartphone is possible, Cloud Connect is called the fun.

So as BlueStacks is certainly not bad idea that will allow you run android apps on windows, personally I can say for that I will not be installing this software well - by my Android Smartphone, I simply do not need it, and when, do I install Android on your PC . Is hard to explain - BlueStacks strikes me as non-alcoholic beer. It tastes really, does not feel right. If you like it maybe you will use it, but for me i don't interest on it. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Update Starts In Poland

Finally in this last month of 2012 samsung has released android update for the Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 update. the android update this time named with XXELKC firmware version. But the update at this time still available only in Poland. But maybe this update only a test run just like the galaxy note 2 android 4.1.2 update in africa.Android is good

This Samsung GALAXY S 3 this year, the Android 4.1.2 update is received, which should be known to everyone. Many users are eagerly waiting for the update. And now Samsung makes the start in Poland. On there already delivered the Android 4.1.2 update. This is just like in the summer, which was the Android 4.1 Update also rolled out first.

With the Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy S3 Samsung update brings many features of the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 to the smartphone . This includes the well known multi window feature, one of the highlights of the GALAXY Note 2 There is also the Gallery app of the smartphone also on the Samsung Galaxy S3 .

Samsung Galaxy S3 Receive Android 4.1.2 Update In Poland

Nor is the update for the Galaxy S3 is not available from us in Germany. But now it really seems not to be long before the update appears also with us, provided that the test run of the Android 4.1.2 update in Poland runs without problems. Then Samsung brings us before the new year or maybe a little present for the users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the new year party.

HTC One X Android 4.1 Update starts in Germany

For you that use HTC One X finally in this last month get the Jelly Bean Update. In The end of last October in 2012 has already been reported that the HTC One X has received the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. At this time, but only a few units were affected or will received by the update distribution and unfortunately this android Jelly bean update still only available on European. Meanwhile The HTC manufacturer from the official Facebook page announced that the rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean now begins in Germany.Android is good

HTC ONE X Jelly Bean Release Start

Following the global launch of the update is now HTC One X android 4.1 arrived in Germany and should arrive in the coming hours and days in the devices. In the news is of the EMEA region, which consists of Europe, Middle East and Africa, they said that so the distribution certainly take some time to complete for all country. The date for the update is accordingly depending on the county and the network operator. It is expected that the devices that come without a branding certainly come faster.

HTC has confirmed that the fifth from December, the rollout of the Android 4.1 software update (Jelly Bean) starts for the HTC One X in the EMEA region.
In the coming days all appliances receive an update notification - depending on region and operator.

The update can be performed directly on the device via the "over-the-air" feature. To activate go through "Settings -> About phone -> Software Updates -> Check Now" can be checked whether the new version is available or not.

Ok that's for the news of Jelly Bean release for HTC One X, I Hope this can make you know about the update of your android smartphone. Keep update with us by Follow us on Facebook or G+.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Chameleon Launcher For Smartphone Alpha Testing Begin

Finally Soon there will be available Chameleon launcher for Smartphone. For you that have or use Tablet maybe have already know about this launcher. Chameleon Launcher is very Popular as an android launcher for tablet. This Launcher is very awesome in design and give you many feature. So after chameleon released, many android smartphone users want it too, to be available on smartphone. but the chameleon for smartphone promised first alpha and beta previews something extraordinary and new. But with the appearance of the Chameleon Launcher in Google Play Store,Android is good

So far there is the Chameleon Launcher for Android Tablets. you can see chameleon launcher hands on video for more experience. Currently, this version still suffers from high resource use, and a few widgets to the performance. Fortunately, the price has now been reduced to EUR 3.12, as I know there over EUR 7.00 when it firt launched! Now go to the developers of the Chameleon Launcher, to bring it on Android smartphones.

Now the developers have the alpha version of the Chameleon Launcher completed for smartphones and 25 testers wanted this. In order to reach a wide audience as possible, the tester of the following smartphone models have been selected, and below is list of smartphone that will get the launcher

  • HTC One X +
  • HTC One X
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung GALAXY Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Nexus 4
  • GALAXY Nexus
  • Motorola RAZR HD LTE
  • LG Optimus G
  • DNA DROID By HTC or Motorola RAZR MAXX HD.

Chameleon launcher Will Available for Smartphone Soon

chameleon launcher for smartphone available

I'm curious when the porting Chameleon Launcher for smartphone will be ready. The project for the tablet made a good impression, but it was a bit quiet since the release. But would you be willing to also pay nearly EUR 3.00 for the Chameleon Launcher, so it can runs on your smartphone? You can follow the latest news for the development of this launcher on link below
source : chameleonforum

Monday, 22 July 2013

Best Keyboard For Android: Download SwiftKey Beta Flow

And now available to download that many people say it is the best keyboard for Android smartphone a first beta version of SwiftKey keyboard Flow. This is a beta version, but it works quite well and allows you to preview all the news that will become available with the final release of the program.Android is good

But let's see in detail what will be offers by SwiftKey Flow and what are the main changes introduced by this update.

Swiftkey Flow keyboard for android

After the official announcement, which took place in October, the developers from SwiftKey release the new update of keyboard for android smartphone, which is called SwiftKey Flow.
Contrary to what happened in the past, this time it's not just a simple update, but a completely new keyboard, both in features and in the graphics.

SwiftKey Flow Best Keyboard For Android

The main novelty of SwiftKey Flow keyboard is the ability to type messages using Swype, just like the new keyboard Android 4.2 ( Read what is android 4.2 new features ).

Unlike the classic keyboard apps for android however, SwiftKey Flow can count on great predictive system keyboard that developed by the company, which can more accurate to recognize the words that we want to insert even before we start typing, speeding up significantly writing messages, Email and text in general.

Basically, then, you can now take advantage of all the unique features that have made ​​famous the keyboard SwiftKey, adding the ability to type text with Swype.

As we said, the keyboard is available as a beta public and can be installed on smarthpone or tablet by following the links below:

How To Install The SwiftKey Flow Keyboard on Android

To install swiftkey flow keyboard on your smartphone It 's all very simple. This is a normal APK file, then:

  1. download the file compatible with your device
  2. copy it to the SD
  3. install it using a shared file manager
  4. start it
  5. follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Remember that if you have enabled the unknown installation sources can proceed smoothly, otherwise, once enabled by the reminder, tap the application again and finish the procedure to install it.

At this point let us know your experience with this new keyboard SwiftKey Flow for Android.
If you do not want to install the keyboard, here is a video that shows the function with all the news.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Snapseed For Android Now Released For Free

For you that still don't know about snapseed, it is an photo editing application for Apple devices. But Now google has acquired this apps. So now the Snapseed for android smartphone is ready to release for global. Back in September, we have reported that Google had acquired Nik Software, the German startup behind Snapseed, a photo editing app that won Apple's App of the Year in 2011.Android is good

Of course you can also have the photos in Snapseed adjust automatically, but this does not bring much. Who wants to have decent results, which comes with a manual editing of the photos in Snapseed you can do more customize. When editing modes are then available as the straightening and cropping, selective editing certain parameters, tuning targeted shooting or filters to choose from. But then again they have their own settings. You see, in Snapseed have to be incorporated before one can get the most out of your photos.


snapseed for android release

The effects offered by the program to edit the photos are similar to Instagram, but there are many more features that are available and those that characterize each image editing software: In addition to filters, in fact, we can change every aspect of our photos a simple, fast and intuitive. Even novice users will be able to use this program without any difficulties.
For example, we edit photos with filters, set different values ​​of saturation, brightness, and more. The end result is truly spectacular and the only limit is your imagination.
Note, however, another element that characterizes the program: full integration with Google: images can be published directly via a special button on the social network of Google home, using a UI among other things identical to that of Google.
If desired, the images will still be stored in your gallery without uploading them online.

The Release Of Snapseed Android

Google looks like prepare a big strategy in here. Google today rolled out a new product for its social network which is called Communities, an attempt to place the Google+ in relation to Facebook and Twitter. You're not hanging with your friends and family, and you're not listening to a stream of what's happening right now. Instead, Google+ is aiming to be the best online hub to socialize around your interest graph, the people you might know or want to meet who are also into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, on the mountain or maybe on urban farming

picture taken by snapseed app

To this wealth of choices for the Snapseed user as much as possible to present, there is the overlay function. This explained quite simply, how the operation. If you've finally changed his best photos, you can save it, of course. Since Snapseed was indeed acquired by Google, there is now a Google+ connection, on your photo then you can distribute it.

Moreover Snapseed Available for smartphones or tablets with Android Ice Cream Sandwich or older. The Android app is 24MB in size and can be immediately downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Download Snapseed From Playstore

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ink Over Apps : Quick Note LG Phone Now For All Smartphones

Perhaps not everyone knows about quick note apps, but LG, with its new smartphones, has launched a new applications which is truly exceptional. It's Quick Notes apps, which we will tell you about in the coming days with the review of LG Optimus L9.Android is good
For those who do not know what is Quick Note, however, suffice it to say that it is a very useful software, which is activated in an instant, which lets you take notes, write and draw by hand on any screen on your Android smartphone.
quick note apps for lg smartphone

With Quick Notes, in practice, you can write and take notes quickly on Android, in any screen of your smartphone. With a tap, then you can remove the background of Android and enter the classic yellow notes. It 'a very useful program, but is available exclusively for smartphones LG.

Ink Over Apps : Quick Notes for All Smartphonoe

Today, however, thanks to Ink Over Apps, because the application comes to all Android smartphones. Ink Over Apps, in fact, bears the famous program Quick Notes on all LG Android.

Just like the software Quick Notes for LG smartphone, also Ink Over Apps allows you to make sketches, drawings, taking notes, notes or anything else directly on the screen of our smartphones at any time. Fully compatible with Android 4.2 , it also takes advantage of the latest within the notifications.

As you can see from the pictures, the program is really well done and the costs is very cheap if we see it from the benefts: which is less than € 1. However, considering its usefulness, I'd say it's worth all the money needed by its developer.

In fact, Ink Over Apps which is Quick Note apps for all smartphone model offers a variety of colors, styles of handwriting and erase any mistakes. The activation of the program is directly through area of ​​notifications and it's really comfortable. If you wish, then, what we write can be hidden and resumed at any screen without losing any data. It is a software that will be convenient in many occasions. Really recommended.

Download Ink Over Apps from play store

Friday, 19 July 2013

Yuiloop : Send Free SMS And Free Calls To All iPhone and Android

Do You want to Call and send free SMS to your friends that maybe use android phone or iphone? Now thats is not only dream anymore. because Now have been available Yuilop an application which will allows you to get free call and send free sms with android and iPhone smartphoneAndroid is good

The phone bill has become too expensive? Or maybe you spend too much money on refills of you? Here comes Yuilop apps to save your life and save you from some precious euro phone bill.

What is Yuilop

What is Yuilop? Let's find out together!

yuilop free calls and send free sms

If your dream is to get the free sms and call all for free forever, Yuilop is the program for you.
In the style of Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage and the like, Yuilop is an interesting application for Android and iOS that allows you to:

  • send free SMS (via internet)
  • call all free (always online)

Free Call and Send Free SMS with Yuilop

Let's see how the program works.

Yuilop is an application, available for iOS and Android, which besides being able to chat you also can call another mobile phones and send free SMS to any number in any part of the world.
All through free points called "Energy". I will explain the detail below.

Yuilop with no limit in communication: you can send free text messages and free calls to any number in the world, you can call mobile numbers and fixed so you can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues wherever they are.

All contacts in your address book and your Facebook profile will be loaded easily and automatically, so you can call and interact with them whenever you need it.

Here's what you can do with this application:
  • Free calls to mobiles and landlines in Italy
  • Free calls to mobiles and landlines in the world
  • Free SMS to mobile phones in Italy
  • Free SMS to mobile phones worldwide
  • Chat for free and unlimited on all your contacts yuilop
  • Send unlimited file with all your contacts yuilop
  • Synchronization with all contacts in your address book, your Facebook profile and yuilop
  • All messages of your contacts in one place

But what exactly with the Energy points?

With yuilop Energy points, you can use it for your free calls and free SMS to another mobile numbers.
The Energy is "free" in the sense that you can not buy it.
You can earn Energy by:

  • loading and installing yuilop
  • Inviting your contacts to join yuilop
  • Chat with your yuilop contacts
  • By downloading the various promotions

In practice, everything is completely free. You do not pay anything, you just have to invite new friends to use the program and continue using the software. The more you use, the more you can continue to use it to send free SMS and call without spending a dime. You only need to have an internet connection.

No doubt the program is interesting, nice and well done. Should at least try it, since it is free
If you're wondering what the differences are with the another similar apps currently on the market, the answer is simple: in addition to different graphics compared to Viber this program allows you to send SMS to numbers is normal(because it is the basic feature), That is, users who have not yet installed the app you can still send sms and call them but you must have energy point. To send normal messages to the numbers that have not installed the software, however, you will need to use Energy points, whose operation has been explained a few lines above.

Obviously instead calls and chat among users who use the yuilop apps are completely free.
Youilop is available free on the App Store and also on Google Play Store for Android.


If you are looking for an alternative for WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, eBuddy XMS or Samsung Chaton, you can try this application to send free SMS and call with your friends or caht to them directly without spending a dime.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Easy Tutorial Root For Nexus 4 Nexus 7 And Nexus10 With One Click Root

Nexus user maybe still confuse how to root nexus 4, nexus 7, and nexus 10 with easy step and easy to understand. Now you can get root acces on your nexus tablet with easy step and complete tutorial. Because i will show you with rot toolkit or also known as one click root for nexus tablet.Android is good

one click root for nexus7 nexus 4 nexus10

One Click Root For Nexus Device

Back to my previous post on last mont, which i have discussed about Google announced nexus 4, nexus 7, and nexus 10 release. the release of 3 New Nexus Google has completed the offer available for its flagship smartphone, The tablet is suitable for travelers and the Tablet 10 suitable for the most lengthy and laborious trip.

With the introduction of the Nexus 4 , the Smartphone world has a new benchmark with a powerful and Hardware Design enviable, the Nexus 7 looks like the Tablet with 7 inch which portable, powerful and affordable to many, completes the The Nexus 10 with the tablet with 10 inch which issuitable for a more intense with excellent vision movies and editing any documents.

Today we look at tutorial root Nexus 4, Nexus 7 only Wi-fi, even on the Nexus 7 Wi-Fi + 3G, also on the Nexus 10 Tablet.

Materials Required:

Root Nexus Tablet With One Click Root

  1. Unzip the file that you downloaded previously based on your device.
  2. Turn off the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 and switch it on in Fastboot mode by pressing the Device Off Vol Up + Vol Down + Power Button.
  3. Connect your Nexus to the PC via USB, and you must make sure have previously installed the Driver.
  4. Open the Command Prompt or Terminal and go to the folder where you unzipped the files previously downloaded.
  5. Type the following command depending on your operating system:
  • Windows: Run-root windows.bat
  • Linux: chmod + x
  • Run
  • MAC: chmod + x
  • Run

Finish, it is easy enough right? Simple, fast and easy. And now, you have the privileges to handle applications that require root permissions on your Nexus 4, Nexus and Nexus 7 and 10 without any problems.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Easy Tutorial Root Kindle Fire HD 7

One of the first things a lot of Android Kindle Fire users try to do after running the unboxing of your android device, is to get root acces on the system file, this operation is equivalent to the procedure of Rooting jailbreak performed on ios running device and will allows users to run applications that can result in changes to access data at the system level and resources. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is one of the latest new devices based on the Android operating system, and has received positive feedback from critics and even by consumers, who praise its unbeatable price and a strong digital library of music, movies, books and TV shows. Today we will see a tutorial Root the Kindle Fire HD 7.Android is good

how to root kindle fire htc

If you have anothe kindle version read on : root kindle fire HD 8.9

Root Kindle Fire HD 7

The only requirement to root kindle fire hd is to have ADB already installed and configured on your computer( read how to install adb ). Otherwise, you can download it from the official site for all'Android SDK. The NewsGeek not be liable for any damage or malfunction caused by the execution of this guide, proceed at your own risk.
  1. Activated The ADB from Settings> Security,
  2. download extract the contents of the file and run the executable file inside,
  3. Then download, then extract this zip file and you will find a system folder. Inside this folder there is a file Superuser.apk,
  4. copy and paste Superuser.apk and place it in the directory where you installed the Android SDK,
  5. Connect the Kindle Fire HD 7 to your computer,
  6. start a terminal as the Command Prompt (Windows) or terminal (Linux), past the platform-tools folder in the directory where you installed the Android SDK,
  7. enter the following commands one by one:

adb shell
rm-r / data / local / tmp
ln-s / data / / data / local / tmp

adb reboot
adb shell
echo 'ro.kernel.qemu = 1'> / data / local.prop
adb reboot
adb shell mount-o remount, rw / system
adb push to / system / xbin / su
adb shell
chown 0.0 / system / xbin / su
chmod 06755 / system / xbin / su
rm / data / local.prop
adb reboot
adb install Superuser.apk

If you have done everything correctly, your Kindle Fire HD will be rooted successfully, so now you have root privilege on kindle fire HD. try the application Superuser from those available on the device.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How To Flash Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on LG Optimus Dual

Finally cyanogenmod 10 android 4.1.2 is available and ready to flash it on LG Optimus Dual whenever you want. In addition to the novelty of the last days in the house that LG saw the presentation of the new Nexus 4 by LG produced in collaboration with Google, we also have the first CyanogenMod 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the LG Optimus Dual smartphone, a really important news for owners of this device that will be able to upgrade to the latest version of Android version. An update really stunning if we think that at the official level this smartphone is still waiting for the official update to Android 4.0 ICe Cream Sandwich.Android is good
flash cm 10 android 4.1.2.on lg optimus dual

Obviously being the first version of CyanogenMod ROM 10 with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean we should not expect everything to work perfectly, but those who want to update your LG Optimus Dual may do so by following the tutorial in the guide below.


  • download the cm 10 ROM
  • download the Google Apps package from here
Please note that this ROM is based on partitioning and bootloader Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4), we must then install it from a stock ROM (official) or Custom Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4).

Flash Cyanogenmod 10 android 4.1.2 On LG Optimus Dual

follow the instruction below to flash android jelly bean on LG Optimus Dual
  1. Start the phone in recovery using the "POWER" + "VOL -" ... press and hold Vol Down, then also press the power button, and keep both buttons pressed until the screen lights up with LG logo , then let the buttons and you will access the recovery mode;
  2. Perform a Nandroid Backup (Menu Backup / restore of CWM recovery);
  3. Perform wipe data / factory reset;
  4. Perform wipe cache;
  5. Run Wipe Dalvik cache (advanced menu of CWM);
  6. Install the package called "" (menu flash CWM):
  7. Install the zip of gapps.

Now just restart your device and you're done.

Possible problems that may occur in the procedure:

  • I flashed the ROM and gapps then I rebooted, but stuck on start screen, so remove the battery and unplug the power battery, put the battery back and turn it on manually. In the case remains still standing on the startup screen, disconnect power and battery, reinsert battery, boot in recovery CWM using Vol Down + power combination and rebuilt after the three wipes, flash again the ROM and gapps.
  • I flashed all, it is on but I do not see the camera app: reboot into recovery, flash again the gapps without wipes, restart then should be visible the Camera app.
I hope this instruction for tutorial flash jelly bean 4.1.2 on LG Optimus Dual can help you. So after finished the installation process now you can fell the taste of jelly bean.

How To Flash Cyanogenmod 10 on LG Optimus Black

Good news for all those who are the owners of the smartphone LG Optimus Black, Because has been released the new ROM stable CyanogenMod 10 for this device which is customized with the new operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Today we will see the guide to install this new ROM, we will give the instruction as clearly we can so you can understand it easily. So let's see the tutorial installation below.Android is good

flash cyanogenmod10 on lg optimus black 10

requirements that you have to install with this new ROM:
  • you already have root acces on your lg optimus p970
  • have installed ClockworkMod Recovery
  • Nandroid Backup (recommended)

Tutorial Flash LG Optimus Black P970

Follow the step below for instruction to flash cyanogenmod 10 on lp optimus p970
  1. first download the ROM list in this page ;
  2. download the Google Apps from here ;
  3. copy both files to the SD;
  4. Put the device in recovery mode (with Clockworkmod);
  5. perform wipe data / factory reset, wipe cache partitions;
  6. hour position yourself in the "advanced" tab and wipe Dalvik cache;
  7. now select "install zip from sd card" then "choose zip from sd card";
  8. select the file and confirm the CM 10;
  9. Now the last step, select "install zip from sd card" then "choose zip from sd card" and choose the file of Google Apps and confirmed, now wait for the the process finished and restart the device.
Read also anoither tutorial: install cyanogenmod 7 On Lg optimus Speed

For those who coming from a previous version of CynogenMod 10 official must follow the following guidelines:
  • first download the ROM above.
  • copy the file to the SD card;
  • go to recovery (with CWM);
  • select "install zip from sd card" then "choose zip from sd card";
  • select the file of the CM 10 and confirm, wait for the operation to finish and restart
OK thats for the tutorial flash cm 10 on lg optimus P970, i hope this can help you that want to use the cyanogenmod which is the most popular custom rom.

Monday, 15 July 2013

How To Use Whatsapp hacker vulnerabilities

The android messenger application Whatsapp is an apps which is the top of the download charts at playstore, both on Apple's iPhone as well as Google's Android operatinh system it is one of the most popular application ever. Whatsapp has much to the annoyance of the mobile operator - established as a quasi-standard replacement for the paid, old message. The developers state that every day more than 10 billion messages pass through their servers.Android is good
whatsapp hacker vulnerability

But the service, from small startup WhatsApp Inc. is operated from San Francisco, is not so sure, even the failure resistant, as would be expected from a market leader.

Anyone can recreate the password

The British web developer Sam Granger has in his blog suggests that any reasonably ambitious hacker may have one or more accounts Whatsapp hijack problem. Then he could either intercept messages, or on behalf of hacking victim even send messages.

The problem is Whatsapp is designed so that the hurdle to entry for new users is minimized. You must not create your own combination of username and password, instead of Whatsapp client sets the login information from existing information on the phone.

When username is - simply and clearly - the phone number for the password WhatsApp uses at least on Android phones, the unique IMEI serial number of each mobile device as the basis for the calculation.

Granger found out: In order to generate the password from the IMEI, which returns app only the order of the number, and the number sequence can then encrypt with the long-known to be unsafe MD5 algorithm. In short, anyone who knows the IMEI of a phone can it replicate the password.

Whatsapp users as victims of spam and fraud emails

On previous post i have discussed about whatsapp willl charge the android users. Besides that below i will explain the decreased security system on this messenger apps. Many apps use the IMEI (what is imei on android) also for the unique identification of the phone, every installed program can access the information and store it in an external database. If - as has happened in the iPhone this week - such a generated database of phone serial numbers are public, the Whatsapp accounts of users were compromised, and could for example targeted for mass spamming or fraud messages are abused.

The vulnerability appears in hacker circles to be known - at various gray market sites are already on offer databases of Android phone with matching serial numbers listed mobile numbers under the Whatsapp heading.

Whatsapp messages in the wireless network to listen

Whatsapp in the past has been criticized frequently for vulnerabilities: Last year, a security vulnerability has been known to the hacker could steal any Whatsapp account.

Next to Whatsapp can easily shut out completely by cell phone: T-Mobile users suffer as currently at an exit after the Telekom blocked in an update the appropriate network ports. Telekom specifies the lock was made by mistake, and would fix it as soon as possible.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Droid Explorer: Best Apps To Manage Android File on Windows PC

Do you need a file manager application for your android smartphone? Or maybe you still confuse which is the best fil manager application? On this post i will share my experience with droid explorer which is in my opinion it is the best app to manage android file on windows pc or laprop.Android is good

I recommend you to try the Droid Explorer app, an excellent free application that allows you to better manage file on Android smartphone from your Windows PC. The program is free and allows you to manage every aspect of your Android smartphone or tablet.

preview of droid explorer

android apps to manage file on pc

Manage Android File From PC

Droid Explorer allows you to perform various operations with your Android smartphone from  PC.

the feature from this app such as mentioned below:
  • Explore the Android smartphone and see all the files stored on it.
  • Transfer any file to your smartphone or tablet from PC Windows and vice versa, with a simple drag & drop.
  • Quickly install and uninstall programs on Android from a Windows PC (even APK file).
  • Capture screenshots on Android directly from a Windows PC.
  • Record video interface on your Android smartphone or tablet, using your Windows PC.
  • Quickly install the update file (the
  • Do a full backup of Android or do a full restore from a previous backup.


To Download droid explorer go here

As you can see, the program is very comprehensive and allows you to do almost anything with your Android smartphone, all from your Windows PC. And remember that those listed are not even all the functions of the program, because it offers much, much more!

All very simple and fast. you can perform any kind of operation, manage file from PC on your Android device, directly from Windows. Try it and let me know what you think and how you are with Droid Explorer.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Easy Tutorial Flash android 4.2 On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

On my previoust post i have discussed about the android 4.2 release for galaxy nexus. Today i will give the tutorial to flash android 4.2 on Galaxy Nexus. I will give the stap by step insturction completely so that you can understand and do it without any porblems.Android is good, But you must follow my instruction exactly the same with what i was right below.
install android 4.2 on galaxy nexus

 First maybe you want to read my previous post about the android 4.2 galaxy nexus release news.

This new version of Android is preinstalled on Google Nexus 4, and was made ​​available for download an update dedicated to Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. In this guide, i will show the update samsung Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.2 in quickly and easy method.

If you have not received notification of the availability of the update but want to install it on your Galaxy Nexus, here is the guide to follow.


  • have installed cwm recovery
  • have root acces
  • Do with your own risk

Note : After flash this firmware you will not lose neither rooot nor the recovery.

Install Android 4.2 On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

This firmware is compatible with all current firmware, both official and custom. The only thing I would recommend is to do a wipe before you install it but you will lose your data, but at least you do a clean install and you'll avoid any errors during and after installation. ok here is the tutorial

  1. Download the firmware from the following url =
  2. Copy the file to the SD of your Galaxy Nexus.
  3. Restart it in recovery.
  4. Then do wipe data or factory reset, wipe partition, and wipe dalvik cache.
  5. Flash Android 4.2 on the Galaxy Nexus.
  6. Restart.

Then Enjoy Android 4.2 on your smartphone. Try it and let me know your experience on this update for your Galaxy Nexus

Friday, 12 July 2013

How To Protect Wifi Network With Wifi Guard For Windows

With Wi-Fi Guard you can secure your WiFi network and block unauthorized access. Today i will share a great program for Windows that allows you to protect your WiFi network from unauthorized access. You can check with this program, all the devices connected to your WiFi network and how to block unauthorized. Let's see how it works and what is the Wi-fi Guard features.Android is good

Protect Your Wifi Network

If you have a home router or a WiFi modem and you suspect that some unauthorized signal will close your internet, with this program you can solve your problems.

Obviously, however, the best solution is to protect WiFi network on android smartphone is with a very strong password and complex. It will not be easy to remember, but at least you can be sure that no one can access your WiFi network without your permission.

That said, I advise you to try to use the Wi-Fi Guard application to monitor and protect your WiFi network.
how to protect wifi connection on windows

How To protect WiFi Network

Wi-Fi Guard is a completely free program that allows you to quickly and easily protect any WiFi network.

The program sends you a notification every time a new device connects to your WiFi network, and if you find that the device is not authorized, you can highlight it and lock it.

This program provides a real-time scanning of your WiFi network to report you as intruders. You will absolutely customize the interval at which the program will execute the scan. After each scan will tell you if it is collected intruders in your WiFi network.

The program's interface is really very clean, organized and intuitive. All functions are on hand and in seconds you can solve the porblem that may appear. For each connected device you can also see the IP address and the MAC address very easily.

In addition, the program is highly customizable according to your preferences and needs. If you want you can set it to start automatically when Windows first Booting. Wi-Fi Guard is a great program to protect your WiFi network from unauthorized access.

Alerts you when an unauthorized device connects and allows you to lock it. If someone coonect to the WiFi network, this program is for you! Compared to similar programs, then this program is also faster and more intuitive.

Download Wi-Fi Guard
You can download it for free here .

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Easy Tutorial Root HTC One X With Hasoon Toolkit

In this article i will show you how to use HTC One X root toolkit by Hasoon. With This root toolkit you can do many things to your HTC One x easily. Such as root, unlock bootloader, flash recovery and more. By this toolkit you can root your device both root on Ice Cream Sandwich or on Gingerbread. This time we leave aside all traditional guides.Android is good

Think, if you have a HTC One X, this time can really make you happy. Not only will you be able to have root acces, but you'll also have other useful settings such as unlock bootloader, recovery mode and other functions. Please read all step by step istruction  on how to use htc one x hasoon toolkit completely. So you can use the root toolkit perfectly and can know all the features. Just want to say actaully this phone have received the jelly bean update but still in some country, another country will received it in some stage. the latest firmware on ics for this phone HTC One X android 4.0.4


  • HTC One X.
  • Backup all data to avoid unwanted losses.
  • Phone battery charged to at least 80%.
  • Download HTC One X hasoon toolkit from here .

Root HTC One X with Hasoon root toolkit

Below i will explain completely how to root htc one x with hasoon htc one x toolkit. Read step by step completely

  1. Download the package this in the requirements, leaving everything on the file name.
  2. Extract the rar package on your PC. And i advice you to extract to a folder in your C: \ drive of your computer so as to make it easier to find the files.
  3. Go to the folder you just extracted and run the toolkit by clicking on One x.exe
  4. You should now see this picture below:

how to root htc one x

Unlock Bootloader

  • launched the toolkit you downloaded in the first part and click Install HTC Drivers, and then press GO to install the necessary drivers to your PC.
  • Click on register HTCDev and press GO. In this way you will be redirected to the HTC Development. Create an account and login.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your PC to etelefono and take your ID token and copy it. To achieve this you need to click the right mouse button in the window of the command prompt. You will see a pop-up menu. Choose Mark and select the Token ID. After highlights the entire Token ID, press the button inside the mouse to copy it.
  • Now select Submit Token ID and send your ID Token to HTC Development website. You will receive a file under the name of Unlock_Code.bin through your mail. Download the file and save it in the Data folder inside the folder Toolkit HTC One X.
  • Then select Unlock Bootloader and click Go to start unlocking the bootloader of the phone.
to unlock bootloader you also can do with more simple step read : unlock htc one x bootloader

Flash recovery On HTC One X

  • Colegate your phone to the PC with a USB cable and launch One x.exe.
  • Under the Recovery section, select the desired recovery. You will have your choice between the following:
  • ClockworkMod Recovery Touch
  • DoomRecovery B1 (custom ClockworkMod Recovery).
  • Interim (custom ClockworkMod Recovery).
  • Stock recovery.
  • Choose whichever you prefer, and then click Flash Recovery for the recovery that you like best on your device.

Run commands

  • Within the toolkit, there are commands that you can follow in an instant with a single click, here's what:
  • Boot into bootloader mode (boot into Bootloader).
  • Boot into recovery mode (boot into Recovery).
  • Restart your phone (restart phone).
  • Re-lock the bootloader (riboccare the Bootloader).
  • Select what you want and confirm by clicking on Do Command.

Root Process on HTC One X

  • To get the root is easy way, connect the HTC One X to the PC with a USB cable and launch One x.exe
  • Under the Commands section, select Boot into recovery and clicacte on Do Command. Wait for it to reboot into recovery mode.
  • Under the Extras section, select Perm Root (GB / ICS) and click Run.Il toolkit will automatically launch all the necessary files to get permanent root access on your HTC One X.
ok thats it. Do you like these few steps, and this toolkit? your phone is now root in an easy way.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Access 200,000 recipes From Android Apps With

That's what I call relaxed recipe planning for the move: With the free app of you can  access recipes via android apps which is more than 200,000 were available.Android is good, For the Christmas holidays so that you can at any time to plan menus, the cookbook store, and Get offline shopping lists:
chefkochapp access recipe from android

Shopping List (divisible by email)

  • Cookbook for favorite recipes with their own categories (on-and offline available)
  • Recipes via Facebook, Twitter or email with
  • Share
  • Convenient search function, with access to 200,000 recipes available via
  • Containment and sorting by key words, relevance, user rating, preparation time, etc.
  • Select by recipe of the day, new recipes, recipe images, like recipes or comments
  • Magazine articles and recipes for inspiration

Acces Many Recipe With Android Apps

"The success of our last year's launch of iPhone app shows how important the mobile recipe planning for Europe's amateur chefs and cooking enthusiasts," said Robert Franks, a Manager Director of operator pixelhouse "With the new Android App can finally almost all smartphone users compile save spontaneous menu ideas, and always get in the supermarket with have plans what is need to buy - this is our contribution for a relaxed Christmas preparations ". is Europe's biggest cooking portal In the community for ambitious hobby chefs, worldly enjoyment and expert cook enthusiastic mother and fathers. For over ten years, millions of users rely on rate swap, and illustrate recipes, help each other with tips and tricks and stand with advice (and often with deed) to the side - and not just online. The user content is supplemented by a large editorial content, the magazine articles with step-by-step instructions, informative texts, images and 200 videos available via prescription routes and comprises at is a product of pixelhouse GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Hamburg publishing house.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Samsung With 8 Core Processor In February? [RUMOR]

A few months ago ARM had announced the big.LITTLE technology : Energy-saving Cortex-A7 cores for everyday use and powerful Cortex-A15 cores for compute-intensive tasks should allow for the future, this processor will improve the balance between power and efficiency. So you can say that it is with 8 core procesoor.Android is good

If everything goes according to the EETimes , Samsung is the first manufacturer who sends the big.LITTLE technology into the race. In a 28nm process manufactured SoC with two quad-core clusters would then provide in the future for power and an efficiency mode in everyday life. According to EETimes, it is a Cortex-A7 quad-core type with 1.2 Ghz per core, and a hi-power Cortex-A15 Dual-Core 1.8 GHz per core and 2MB L2 cache.

Power in the addition at eight cores, actually active "only" up to four cores at the same time, insofar as it would be more correct to speak of a dual quad-core SoC. It sounds really interesting, in any case, what comes here next year and also helps to extend the term.


8core processor for Samsung

Now of course, is the question: Do we need really? An 8 core processor in a smartphone or tablet makes no sense to me. For if such a processor is installed in a device, I want to know how long the battery lasts through, 6 hours or less?