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Tutorial Root Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc / Arc S ICS 4.0.4 - Lock Bootloader

After customized and explore with my Xperia Arc S, this time I tried to share my experience Rooting Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S With Lock BootloaderAndroid is good. So this process without unlock your bootloader to have root acces. The Root process is I've done in the ICS 4.0.4 OS conditions. The Steps are very simple, even if viewed as a step by step overall just three (3) steps.
Okay to not take a long time again, just go follow the step by step way of rooting xperia arc s below.

Read First

[[IMPORTANT]] We always get used to doing Nandroid Backup, just in case if something goes wrong or bootloop in our Smartphone. Especially when going to install Custom ROMs, Porting the application, or flash the kernel.


  • Handheld (HH) Xperia Arc S
  • Flashtool (download let )
  • ADB Driver (can be downloaded at let FlashTool-Drivers )
  • Firmware or ROM Xperia Arc / Arc S ICS 4.0.4 ready in ROOT (download here )
  • Kernel ICS 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 
  • DooMLoRD_v1_Xperia-2011-ICS-ROOT
  • CWM Recovery (search in google play> keyword Xperia CWM Recovery)
  • After all the war equipment available, time to go.


To download all the files go here root xperia arc s (pass:

After you prepare the requirements, now we can start the root process

How to root Xperia Arc S

  1. Run Flashtool that you have downloaded. Plug in your device with USB Cable to PC. Flashtool will automatically detect your Xperia S.
    Before doing flashing the firmware make sure your device condition is in the USB Debugger and stay awake is checked, Sleep setting at least 10min, Unknown Sources also checked. Connectivity USB MSC mode. look the screenshot belowflashtool for xperia s
  2. The next step is flashing ICS 4.0.4 ROM ready to root. Extract the ftf files from the zip file that you have downloaded before . Enter the .tft file extension into the firmware folder in flashtool folder. (Example: C: \ Flashtool \ firmware). Click the flash in flashtool application. see image below
    flash ics 4.0.4 to xperia s
  3. Then it will pop up as shown below, select flashmode
  4. The next display will be shown like picture below. Select the firmware of the ftf files that have been extracted, the firmware Xperia Arc / Arc S ICS 4.0.4 ready to root. Click OK, wait flashtool will detect your device. (Note: if asked adb driver, you can install in a folder (C: \ Flashtool \ drivers)).
    Select the Firmware as in the picture.
    firmware ics on xperia s
  5. Wait for the process runs until the display appears as shown to root xperia s
  6. Before performing the next step, make sure some usb debugger option unchecked and unknown resource or active.
  7. Since I use ICS 4.0.4, to the root of this method must first downgrade to 4.0.3 ICS kernel. Kernel can be downloaded on the requirements above.
  8. Once downloaded do flashing in the same way as when flashing the firmware before.
    Only after downgrade kernel, we do rooting. For the root process I use tool DooMLoRD_v1_Xperia-2011-ICS-ROOT.
  9. Extract the Doomlord v1 file. then you will find file like below
    doomlord tool for xperia s
  10. Click adb.exe contained in the file folder extracted from DooMLoRD earlier. After that click file runme.bat.
  11. Then the display will appear as shown below.
  12. Press enter, to start the rooting process. your xperia s will boot several times, let it go to completion.
  13. The last step is flash the 4.0.4 kernel, can be downloaded in the requirements above .
  14. All steps have been completed, boot your device. Check whether there is a superuser files in your phone, if you find it, means your device has been successfully rooted. If not repeat the steps above.
Read also : how to root sony xperia s

Good luck, i hope it will be useful. If you have any questions can contact via email or comment. Wait for the next tutorial update xperia.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

New Nexus 5 & New Android 4.2 in October?

A tantalizing rumor currently making the rounds on the net: Apparently Google is already planning next month to release a new Galaxy Nexus Phone, This device will also equipped with a new version of Android. Who builds the new Nexus and it runs Android 4.2 - or even 5.0?

The release of Jelly Bean is just about 3 months old and only a fraction of all Android devices already running the latest Android, as it rumbles already strong rumors in the chamber when it comes to the next generation.

Taylor Wimberly, editor of Androidandme , refers to several insider contacts who want to have it confirmed that Google (sounds like a bomb threat) "within the next 30 days," a new Nexus smartphone will launch. On this, as yet unconfirmed device, then is also a new version of the Android OS to be preinstalled. Android is good. Although it was within the scene already herbeigehofft an early release of Android 5.0, it probably looks as if previously only again will be a point release as a successor of 4.1 Jelly Bean's turn.

New NExus 5 with Android 4/2

new android 4.2

An Android 4.2.0 will be tested according to server logs already. Androidandme also suspected that it is the unit it is a variant of the Nexus LG Optimus G will act, which would be available in November at the earliest on the market.

new nexus with android 4.2

However, there are speculations that the next Nexus comes from the house of HTC. That's at least anonymous informant against GSMArena . So shall the previously known to the public as HTC One Phablet X5 model will be delivered supposedly under the name Google Nexus 5 or HTC Nexus 5th

Wimberly speculated that Andy Rubin the device at the conference AllThingsD: Dive into Mobile will announce which takes place from 29 to 30 October in New York.

An Android 4.2, which reportedly nicknamed "Key Lime Pie" is intended to carry, rumored to include new features such as multi-user logins and improved maps and camera functions. So tired of rumors that are currently rely largely on anonymous insider and confirmed in the coming weeks or refute be. But until then, so a small portion of biscuits is times quite tasty. Is, after all, already on Christmas.

What do you expect from a possible Android 4.2? And the next Nexus Phone will now appear at LG or HTC? Your views and opinions on the rumor mill in the comments please!

Easy Tutorial Root Sony Xperia Ray

If you're looking for a tutorial to root Android phones Sony Xperia Ray, here are some tips and tricks for the how to root Sony Xperia Ray. Root process this time using the Zerg root method, so you need a laptop to be able to help make the process of rooting the Sony Xperia Ray. Android is good

First before doing the root, make sure the Sony Xperia Ray is recognized by your laptop, all the drivers are installed. If you want more easy way you can install the Sony PC Companion Suite, so that later on Sony Xperia Ray can be recognized by the laptop.

Furthermore, please download the Application Root Sony Xperia Ray . Once successfully downloaded, extract the entire contents of the file into a folder.

Make sure you have activated USB Debugging Mode on the Sony Xperia Ray. Go to the menu Settings - Applications - Development and then tick mark on the USB / Android Debugging.

how to root xperia ray

Connect the Sony Xperia Ray to the laptop and run the file "runme.bat" from the folder that you have downloaded earlier. Follow the instructions that are required for the process to root Sony Xperia Ray until the process completed.

Download root tool

To download the runme.bat paste this url to your browser :

Friday, 29 March 2013

What Is Imei On Android Device

Each communication device generally has a serial number, also on mobile devices, the phone number is usually known as IMEI, as well as on Android-based devices, bb, iphone, winphone, Symbian, or any other. So Let me share what is IMEI on android devices.
Often times people look at the IMEI and only assume that it just a series of numbers, but behind that number a lot of people do not realize that the IMEI is sometimes also necessary. Therefore in this article maxiandroid, let us know share with IMEI in android. Android is good

What is IMEI

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is a unique code that is owned by each device. Usually amounted to 15 digits or more. Each device has not the same IMEI number. To view IMEI number of your device, you can type * # 06 # key. Or you can look at the back of the device or the usual sticker on the box attached to the device. IMEI number can not be changed actually. Because it is inherited from the manufacturer / vendor makes. Therefore, the IMEI itself has a special meaning to indicate the manufacturer, type hp and others.
what is imei

Recognize IMEI

Many countries have recognized the use of the IMEI in reducing the effect of mobile phone theft. IMEI (14 decimal digits plus a check digit) or IMEISV (16 digits) includes information on the origin, model, and serial number of the device. The structure of the IMEI / SV specified in 3GPP TS 23.003 . The model and origin comprise the beginning of section 8 digit IMEI / SV, known as the Type Allocation Code (TAC). The remainder of the IMEI is manufacturer specified, the Luhn check digit at the end. For IMEI format prior to 2003, the GSMA guideline is to have this Check Digit always transmitted to the network as zero. These guidelines seem to have disappeared for the format valid from 2003 onwards.

In 2004, the format of the IMEI is AA-BBBBBB-cccccc-D, though not always be displayed this way. The IMEISV drops the Luhn check digit in favor of one or two additional digits for the Software Version Number (SVN), making the format to AA-BBBBBB-cccccc-EE
imei format

Before 2002, the TAC was six digits followed by a two-digit code ending (FAC), which is a specific code from the manufacturer showing the location of the device construction. Since January 1, 2003 up to it, 1 April 2004, the FAC for all phones was 00. After April 1, 2004, the final code is no longer there and type in the code allocations increased to eight digits.

Check digit calculation

The last number of the IMEI is a check digit calculated using the Luhn algorithm.

According to the IMEI Allocation and approval guidelines
Examination digit calculated according to Luhn formula. Examination digit is a function of all other IMEI number. The version number (SVN) of the phone is not included in the calculation.

The purpose of the digits is to help guard against the possibility of incorrect entries to the CEIR and EIR equipment. The presentation of the checks digits in both electronic and printed form on the label and packaging is very important.

Check digit is validated in three steps:
Starting from the right, double-digit every two digits (eg, 7 → 14).
Sum the digits (eg, 14 → 1 + 4).
Check if the number is divisible by 10.

Instead, one can calculate the IMEI by choosing the check digit that will provide a number divisible by 10. For example IMEI 49015420323751?
validate imei

To make the number divisible by 10, it will get the results from? = 8, so the IMEI is 490154203237518.
For more information you can read on the site wikipedia .

IMEI validation check

Do we need to check validation IMEI? The answer is of course necessary. Check IMEI is needed even more so when you want to buy either device or mobile phone based android based or other. To do check IMEI you can use the features of the site you can go to click the image below.

Due to the number of phones in the market, sometimes we find blackmarket phone, perhaps check your IMEI will avoid what you do not want, but you should know that the IMEI reading on different android devices based devices such as nokia symbian example, reading digit IMEI on 7 and 8 which leads to the manufacture of the device. To read what country your android phone manufactured, you can see from the information to get device info you can use a special code or the application is available in the store play.

Is IMEI can be replaced
Often the question arises whether the phone's IMEI can be replaced? Some of the technicians and senior forums or opinion that the IMEI can not be changed, the actual IMEI is the IMEI can be changed and also lost due to user error / recovery technicians can with genuine IMEI or fake IMEI, but you should know that changing the IMEI is illegal and breaking the law, besides that if you fail to change the IMEI will be bad for your device one example will result in no signal. Because replacement IMEI is not allowed, unless you have asked permission from the relevant vendor.

IMEI Function
In addition to recognizing the phone, is there another Imei function?
There, many functions of the IMEI is also used to identify a mobile phone, such as the series of numbers has some information that can not be translated in layman.

Besides IMEI is also needed when you do unlock your mobile phone or inject. IMEI is used to unlock regular converted in hex ​​form (I will not discuss further in this article).
imei list

Other functions of the most important is when you lose your phone, you should contact your network and let you use your IMEI number. They will be able to do the blocking so that HP can not be used at all even exchanged cards as a blocked number is a phone and not a cell phone call (Therefore, I hope you do not spread your IMEI to avoid people who are not responsible). But once you find your phone back, you can unblocking your phone (the phone you can use and get a signal after unblocking IMEI or change your IMEI, but you need to know to change IMEI if incorrect would cause damage especially to the baseband network and not all technicians could IMEI change besides changing the IMEI is illegal).

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.4 Update Problems

We all know that the android 4.04 update for samsung galaxy s2 is have been released for 2 weeks. Many people that have galaxy s2 have updated their device with its update. Of course because they want to get the newer android os that have new improvements inside their device. And many of them are happy with the significant perfomance improvements. However, There still found thousands report of other Samsung GALAXY S2 users that after the Android 4.0.4 update face a significant problem. Android is good

Galaxy s2 4.0.4 problem

Among the most common Samsung GALAXY S2 Android 4.0.4 update problems is certainly that the connections in the WLAN become worse before, and also there are problems with the camera of the Galaxy S2 and is also Bluetooth problems mentioned. But not all of galaxy s2 users face this problem. So We can assume that perhaps specific settings or Android apps could be the basis for action.

It often helps if you have ypur Samsung Galaxy S2 to its factory settings resets and clears the cache of the phone. However, there are indications that in the Android 4.0.4 update using 3.0.15-I9100XWLP7-CL340913 kernel could be bad. Some users have reported that after installing a new kernel, the problems were resolved. Try Install this kernal from xda-developers.


galaxy s2 android 4.0.4 update troubleshooting

But Before you try to install a new kernel on your Samsung Galaxy S2, you should perhaps initially with friends ask if they have problems with the smartphone or not. A user (unfortunately as unknown) was an indication that it on Youtube is a Samsung GALAXY S2 diary, for all owners of this smartphone, it may be worth a look. Maybe these videos will help you on your Android 4.0.4 problem away?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Galaxy Note 2 New Features In Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 delivered in Germany today. Shortly before the first roll along with its owner, Samsung demonstrated in a video presentation that official now Phablets functions in the hands-on video not previously come into their own: an innovative approach to multitasking on Android.

First: The video in its entire length of almost 8 minutes is quite worth seeing if you are interested in the galaxy note2 New features of Phablet and S-Pen. Particularly striking in it but compared to stock Android clearly bored multitasking. Shown at minute 2:03 split screen view "multi-window" for two apps side by side is in principle already known from the Galaxy Note 1.10, but has been improved even further.
Android is good

Introduce Galaxy 2 Feature

So you press and hold "Back" to bring up a near the borders moved and scrollable app listing. If you stretch a app icon into the picture, you must call in the corresponding half of the display on this app - simple and efficient. This works with Galaxy Note 2 with all apps, still had to be different than the Galaxy Note 1.10 specially prepared at the apps to use the split-screen mode. In this way, you can simultaneously perform as a video chat and take notes. Or surf the web and control the music player. Or watch a YouTube video and play Sudoku.

The video refers first to the Korean version of the Galaxy Note 2, but from our perspective there is no reason why not the advertised features should be integrated into the international instruments.


Our conclusion about the new multitasking: it is a great concept! Whether this feature in the real world is for exempts is also can be , but only to show the practical test. Our test model has already requested - we look forward you to try out the Phablet sequel to the rules of art.

Is your opinion about the Galaxy Note 2 has changed after the video for positives or negatives? please comment

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to Block Sms on Android

Sometimes we Often times get a call or text from someone we do not want, or maybe you're tired of getting calls from a private number. How do we avoid that? In this article I want to share to you about the Tutorial block sms on android. besides for make blacklist for sms this tutorial also allow you to block calls from unwanted number.

Blacklist is a feature that is used to block a call or message block you do not want. Some of the android block sms apps applications available on the google play store, but in this article I want to share with you one of several applications such blacklists. don't worry this applications is free so you not need to worry if you must spend some money
download block sms apps

How the blacklist sms and call works

Application blacklist usually access some permissions on the android system as an example READ_PHONE_STATE where when you get the call where permission will read your call whether or not you blockir, MODIFY_PHONE_STATE where the application will follow up if the call is in blockir or forwarded to you.

With the conclusion of the application blacklist works by receive, filter and then follow up to be input into the blacklist or forwarded to you.

Download sms Blacklist apps

Download and install applications to the blacklist, you can download visit the following links
.paste this url to your browser :

After you install it, then setting that will fit your needs, how to set quite easily or you can look at the video below.

I chose this application because this application has the most number of downloaders, and after my test, the application is stable and can run normally without having to ROOT your android. Android is good

Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Test Android Hardware

In this article is the development of some of the articles that I have shared to all of you tutorial for android readers. android hardware test is needed at any given moment, so in this article I want to share with you how to test android hardware. Have you ever test the ability of your android? follow this following step then you will know you smartphone power

how to test android hardware

Android Hardware Test

After you read this article i hope you will be able to to test the sensors on android hardware specifically to use the application. so you can estimate is your android device can use the apps or not. and you will also able to check whether your hardware is working properly or not. Some applications android hardware tester available at many stores play, but in this article I want to share with you the one that I think best among several existing hardware tester

Want to test the hardware support on android, you can try out the free Z-DeviceTest. Hardware such as cameras (front / back), GPS, wifi, bluetooth, Accelerometer, Compass, and others can be functionally tested through application.

Download Android hardware test apps

To get the apps for analyze hardware go the link here download Z-Device Test

After you download and install the application, then you run the application and you will go to the test feature, we discussed one by one. To mark means the device's support, while for the X mark, means not support.

  1. Rear camera
    Here you will get info about the rear camera feature, the maximum pixel and others.test camera on android
  2. Front camera
    Here you will get info about the features of the front camera, some android devices that do not feature a front camera can pass this test.
  3. GPS Status
    test gps on android
    Here you can see the gps status, and level of accuracy pengkuncian location. You can also test the accuracy of the GPS on your android.
  4. WiFi information
    test wifi on android
    Here you can check the status of wifi, but it is also testimony of the wifi network you can get through this test.
  5. Bluetooth devices
    test android bluethooth
    In one test is necessary activation bluetooth, and if your bluetooth is active, it will appear like this.
  6. GSM / UMTS
    To check the status of your telephon network.
  7. Accelerometer
    An accelerometer is a transducer that is used to measure acceleration, detect and measure vibration, or to measure the acceleration due to gravity that is embedded in the devices android. To check the status of the accelerometer on your android device.
  8. Magnetic
    In addition to the proximity sensor, android is also supplemented by a magnetic sensor, you can try to test it here, if you marked V means the device can run applications such as for example magnetic compass sensor.
  9. Radio
    To check the function of the analog radio on your device, but if the device is not embedded radio chip, you can pass that test.
  10. Info Touchscreen
    To determine the ability of the touch screen, touch the maximum number, and others (you need root privileges to be able to open it)
  11. Battery
    Info about the condition and capacity of the battery.
  12. CPU / Memory
    Info about the CPU, storage and memory.
  13. Sound
    Status volume / voice
  14. Vibrator
    To check the vibration
  15. Microphone
    To test the voice recording feature.
  16. USB
    to test the USB
  17. A / V Output
    To test the cable A / V output
  18. Android OS
    To find out what version of android
  19. Light sensor
    To know the light detection.
  20. Proximity Sensor
    determine the proximity sensor or distance.

And there are many more tests that you can do using this application.

Alternative application that you can use to check the sensor on the android is AndroSensor which you can download from playstore
Ok after you read all above i hope you can test your android hardware so you will know your android hardware ability Android is good

Sunday, 24 March 2013

List Of Android 4.2 New Features On Jelly Bean

Maybe many of you still do not know what is all the new features on Android 4.2 , and a lot of people have been search on google and maybe still don't find any clue about the awesome new features. So on This post we will give you the list of new features on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which we het from some research.

In addition to the triumvirate of Nexus devices release , which Google has just release just before closing time in the world, there are also software-page news to report. We put together what is to learn about Android 4.2 so far. Android is good

New Features On Android 4.2

Until now, it seemed that the star of "Nexus smartphone" is the hardware. That's not entirely wrong, because Google does with its hardware partners quite a legion of top devices for fantastic prices to the people. Besides that is also offers Android 4.2 which is still under the name of jelly bean sweets. There are a lot of fancy new features that go far beyond what we have previously expected, and brings this feature set course for older Nexus devices.

Here a preliminary compilation of  introduces From Google about Android 4.2 New Features


photosphere feature on android 4.2
The camera app now dominates Photo Spheres - photos, as they are captured while photographing you can swing in any direction. The end result is freely rotatable and zoomable 360 ​​degree panoramas. Integrated for Google Street View Photo Spheres technology and has set up a special page on the one example panoramas in the world can see and add your own panoramas.
Furthermore, the new interface has been revised total. All settings can now be achieved by pressing and holding a ring menu in the viewfinder.


new keyboard on android 4.2
The Android keyboard now supports also a wipe-input mode, similar to Swype. Here, as in the recently introduced SwiftKey flow , but just above the fingers, the word appears that identifies the software at this moment.

Tablet layout

android 4-2 tablet layout

Google creates from this since been Honeycomb tablet layout. Looks to future Android tablets and smartphones almost identical. This means that the software buttons are placed below the middle, the button for the App Drawer wanders down the notification bar at the top. For more information you learn in our article on the subject this morning.


From then on you can just start the camera with a wiping gesture right from the lockscreen. Wipes are left, you can see there previously placed widgets. To launch the appropriate app, they prefer the unlock pattern from the bottom up. Also on the actual lockscreen widget can be displayed on the choice.
You can se our lockscreen collection on download android lockscreen.

Multiuser operating

Finally, several users can use a tablet each with their own account, each user dials in with their Google Account and then has access to all your apps with separate settings, continue their own homescreen widgets and so on. A change between individual users can be done on the fly, a reboot is not necessary. The feature is not available for smartphones - will be but certainly easy to retrofit by custom ROM or the like on mobile phones.

Google Now

Google's self-learning push information service will be able to display some interesting photos from the current radius, track packages and flight information for which you have received a notification e-mail, and view the program of cinemas nearby leave. Here is still questionable whether the new features work from the start even in Germany.

Wireless Display

Android devices can now flip screen and sound natively via Wireless Display on a big screen TV or any other device with HDMI input. Therefore a wireless display to HDMI dongle is required.

Google Play Music

Google's online music store and shop finally comes to other countries, including to Germany. A new feature is a function that matches the own local music library with the offer from Google. If an individual song is also available on Google, it must not be uploaded separately, but will not upload easily transferred into their own online library.

Quick Settings

Android now includes a quick-setting screen for comfortable enabling and disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This can be achieved either through a special button in the notification bar, or by two-finger gesture of wiping down the notification bar.

What are your favorite features of Android 4.2? We welcome your comments.

HTC One X + appears in the prospects of O2 UK

A few weeks ago there have been rumors about an HTC One X +. This smartphone is the succesor of One x. this smartphone also will be an improved HTC One X. And we also can find technical data already appeared on the net. But now there is the first concrete evidence of the HTC One X +. but now the new smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer first shown in a brochure of the UK network operator O2. Android is good

HTC ONE X+ Leak from O2

htc one x+ release date

If the clipping is true, the device will only improve in some area of ​​its predecessor. Firstly, the internal memory increased to 64 gigabytes and also the quad-core processor gets a little more power and is equipped with 1.7 GHz. Otherwise, the device includes the usual camera with 8 megapixels and the customer gets the usual 25 GB Dropbox storage. Interestingly, the HTC One X + already comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the market. Consequently, it is likely that the HTC One X receives the update to the new Android version in the course of the sales launch.

Overall, the new version of HTC One X only a small added value to. And especially for the price equivalent to EUR 600.00 then the smartphone with o2 in the UK is for me one track can be too expensive. Although the literature has been "coming soon", but I assume that the HTC One X + will be released in October.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Samsung Tested Tizen On Galaxy S3

From the latest news confirmed that Tizen is tested on Samsung(Galaxy S3), Intel and a some of other manufacturers are currently developing an operating system for smartphones and tablets, relying entirely on open source. By focusing on HTML5, the system is reasonably future-proof and therefore many are eagerly awaiting a first device with Tizen on board.

Tizen is an full free and open source mobile operating system and Tizen also will support with HTML5. So this is expected to provide more secure prospects in the future. And some manufacturers for smartphone such as Samsung Intel and other major manufacturers focus on this mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. Perhaps the Tizen Operatyng system will be the new powerfull rival for android, ios, and windows phone?

Samsung has apparently in such a test:

Tizen On Galaxy S3

tizen on galaxy s3

Samsung got the Wi-Fi certification for Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3with Tizen. Normally if a device get such a certifications relatively there will be soon to a publication. However, Samsung has pushed the first devices with Tizen to next year. So what can you going to do with the Galaxy S3 with Tizen only speculate: Either a test of Tizen on reasonable hardware or an upcoming Galaxy S 3 with Tizen on board. Then Samsung would actually (almost) the same hardware but three operating systems on board in the portfolio (Galaxy S III, ATIV S and the Galaxy S 3with Tizen) - the user could then choose. Actually a pleasant idea.look great

Friday, 22 March 2013

Chameleon Launcher Available for Android at Google Play Store

Do you know the what is the best launcher for tablet at now? And want a litle review about it? yes you can find it here. Do you ever heard about Chameleeon launcher? Chameleon launcher is just release for now. and many android user have wait for this launcher to release on the android market. beacuse of this Design, and many new feat[ures.

Now the Chameleon Launcher has really done so. For EUR 7.86 you can get the v1.0 now probably really coolest launcher for an Android tablet. its Only need requirement that your Android tablet must run on 3.2 Honeycomb or higher. From today you can purchase Chameleon Launcher in Google Play store.look great

Maybe you realize The history of the Chameleon Launcher. Long did it take the process until finally had the necessary capital for development. On Kickstarter there was the longed windfall, even if only at the second attempt. Even in the beta phase of the Chameleon Launcher could really impress.
Chameleon Launcher review

Because with probably the best Launcher for Android Tablet is the Chameleon Launcher, that will become new standards. With chameleon launcher, it is now possible to use time-and location-based profiles, between these, he turns around and is then accordingly the desired functions, example in the morning if you are at home, is only for the messages and private e-mail. And if you are at work then just the business e-mails, etc will you get. So just customize it. if you want to get chameleon launcher review see this video below

Chameleon Launcher Review

Get Chameleon Luncher from googleplay

Thursday, 21 March 2013

HTC One X Android 4.1 Update Coming Soon

For many smartphone models, especially from Samsung, the Android 4.1 updates have been announced already. But besides samsung HTC also has been marked the HTC One X to get the android 4.1. Because there is Android 4.1 Leak for HTC One x. But when exactly is the HTC One X Android 4.1 update? That can not be said for sure, but the rumor said that it will come in October or November.

Android 4.1 for the HTC One X probably does not seem to be too long in coming. However, it seems before giving yet another HTC One X smartphone with Android 4.1 HTC will release its successor. Because for this phone it will probably be a slightly improved successor, called the HTC One X +. look great

And this smartphone is supposed to come on with Jelly Bean. Then After HTC One x + release will probably the htc one x will get android 4.1 too as I said, in October or November. This is confirmed by HTC is not yet operational. And its clearly if HTC does not want to lose any more ground in the highly competitive smartphone market, with the HTC One X Android 4.1 Update come quickly.

Android 4.1 Update For HTC One X

If then also wether equal Sense 4.5 included with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC Jelly Bean, is also not yet clear. However, it should be obvious. One can only hope that HTC will not be too long and Android 4.1 will deliver soon. Or the Taiwanese are now put more on Windows Phone 8?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace Via Samsung Kies

For All Samsung Galaxy Ace Users the official latest firmware is Gingerbread 2.3.6. But The galaxy ace are originally sold with Froyo 2.2.1. So it looks like so vain right? A device like galaxy Ace which have Specification that we can say it is powerfull enough, those Froyo is to "ugly". So you must uppdate to The highest firmware version.
Here is a complete tutorial update Galaxy Ace via Samsung Kies. I think Kies 2.x version isn’t the best and The most reliable software around, but if all of you have use Kies 1.x version , you will prefer to be using 2.x.
So maybe you will find a trouble while upgrading, but I have provided fix for that.look great

Tutorial Update Galaxy Ace Via Samsung Kies

  1. Install The Samsung Kies. You can use the CD that provided with the handset when you buy. But If you do not have the CD Kies, you can download from the Samsung website here = to your browser). To upgrade to the latest version of android You need a latest version of Kies. So If you installed Kies from your CD you must check for any Kies updates. to get the latest.
  2. Note- If you installed Kies after downloading from website then install USB drivers manually by going to Tools->Install Driver in kies.
  3. After the installation process is complete. open Kies then connect your device using USB cable.
  4. After you have connected your phone to your computer, then will appear a notification that shows if there is a new firmware version is available to update and then will ask you to upgrade or not. To update Choose the Update buttonhow tp update galaxy ace via kies
  5. Click the Start upgrade buuton.galaxy ace upgrade via samsung kies
  6. When the update process is begin, the tools will start to download the firmware upgrade components. You may take a backup of your data when asked. Though The upgrade will not cause in losing your data, sms, contacts or Apps. But it will be better to have in case something wrong might to use samsung kies
  7. Now the download update process is start and will take maybe for around 5 minutes to download the needed files (NOTE : I am on a fast internet connection, it may will take you more time). important Don’t unplug your device while upgrade is in process. After the download process, will appear a box that say “upgrading firmware” then your device will boot into recovery. But somtetimes it has a bad habit of getting stuck at 0%. So if it happends, do this-
    - Disconnect the usb cable (though the dialog explicitly says not to do this)
    - Restart phone.
    - Close kies (or force close if it not responding.)
    - Then Try to reconnect(plug again the usb). If Kies doesn’t detect your phone now, then don’t worry, reinstall kies and usb kies update tutorial
  8. When the update firmware process is finish, a new window will pop up and says Firmware upgrade complete.
  9. Then Your phone will reboot

CONGRATULATIONS! you have successfully upgrade galaxy ace with latest firmware via kies.
If the download process for you need much time you can update manually you can use this tutorial How to flash galaxy ace via Odin

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

How to Install Official Cyanogenmod 7.2 On Galaxy Ace

The Official Cyanogenmod 7.2 is finally released for Samsung Galaxy Ace. This final stable version release. Besides For Samsung Galaxy Ace Cyanogenmod team had aslo release Global CM 7.2 for more than 69 devices.
This Custom rom Will make Your Galaxy Ace More powerfull with many new features. And This custom rom is added with some feature of ICS so you can test some of the goods from Ice Cream Sandwich. You can read more detailed Cyanogenmod 7.2 features on that links.look great
And Now i will give you Tutorial Install Cyanogenmod 7.2 On Galaxy Ace. To Install This Custom Rom you must complete the prerequisites first.

official cm7 for galaxy ace

Before we start you can see the cyanogenmod features on this video below, so you can know well how it is work, then you will curious and want to upgrade galaxy ace to cyanogenmod 7.2

  • Back your data. Such as SMS MMS, Your Application. To back up apps you can use Titanium Backup
  • It would be better if you make an nandroid backup, so if you want you can revert to the last your phone state when you make backup. see How to Make nandroid backup.
  • Make sure your current ROM is on 2.3.X if you still on 2.3.x follow this how to flash stock firmware on galaxy ace
  • Must have Root acces. see How to root galaxy ace
  • Must Have install Clockworkmod recovery

Tutorial Install Cyanogenmod On Galaxy Ace

  1. Download CyanogenMod 7.2 (password if need :
  2. Download Google Apps for galaxy ace
  3. Place the CyanogenMod file on the root of the SD card.
  4. Then also Place the Google Apps .zip on the root of the SD card also.
  5. Turn off your device,then boot into ClockworkMod Recovery. by Hold Power and Home. after Samsung logo appears, release Power, but keep Home held down until the CWM appears.
  6. After in the Recovery mode, use the side volume buttons to move, and either the power button or trackball to select.
  7. Select to Wipe data/factory reset.
  8. Then select to Wipe cache partition.
  9. Select Install zip from sdcard.
  10. Select Choose zip from sdcard.
  11. Select the CyanogenMod
  12. Then Install the Google Apps by do the steps 9-11 again and choose the Google Apps
  13. After the installation finished, select Go Back to back to the main menu, Then select the Reboot system 

Congratulations. Now you have successfully install Cyanogenmod on galaxy ace. Let me see your experience after use this cm7, is it very cool? or ask me if need any further assistant on comment area

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cyanogenmod 7.2 Feature On Samsung Galaxy Ace

What Do you know About Cyanogenmod 7.2? Cyanogenmod is a developer team that works to create a great custom rom(What is custom rom?). Their custom rom are very popular today. there are also a lot of cyanogenmod version. in this post i will give you link and you can look the version of cyanogenmod. Actually now the team is work to make stable version for cyanogenmod 10 which is based with jelly bean.
But it is make many android users fell disappointed because cm10 only available for some device and we hope there will more device will available to the cm10. But If you the users of Samsung Galaxy ace you must forget that. Because cyanogenmod team had announced that galaxy ace will not get cm10.look great
cyanogenmod 7.2 feature

Official Cyanogenmod 7.2 For Galaxy Ace

But all of you don't too think about it. because cyanogenmod had officially released cyanogenmod 7.2 for galaxy ace. On it is Stable version. All things will work smooth. and there are no bugs found(until now). And The CyanogenMod 7.2 Rom Release arrives with some Ice Cream Sandwich looks, a predictive phone dialer, and many more.

CM 7.2 RC is based with the Android 2.3.7 open source code (Gingerbread). This latest release of cm 7.2 is integrates some of the transition effects and good rotation effects that only can be found in ice cream sandwich. CM 7.2 RC also introduces a predictive phone dialer, If you know HTC’s Sense UI and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI it is similar with that, which is those new feature will searches your contacts witch match with the names or numbers, as you dial.

To install it read : tutorial flash cm 7.2 on galaxy ace

Cyanogenmod 7.2 features

  • Media player and recorder fixes
  • Assorted WiFi bug fixes
  • Lockscreen new styles and updates
  • Better support for mouse and USB keyboards
  • Support for Bluetooth GPS dongles
  • Improved Calendar reminder options
  • Improved battery life and more efficient multitasking
  • improved with Multitouch keyboard
  • New copy and paste User Interface

Below is some of my favorite tweaks that added by CyanogenMod:

  • Uses some of this Android Apps (news & weather, photo gallery, text, music, etc.)
  • Option to change lockscreen
  • Option to use a notification power widget in the status bar
  • I can use my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot (I should point out that wireless carriers
  • usually charge extra for this feature)
  • There are a new Option called "reflow text" after zooming in the on the Web browser (which will wraps text to fit the screen)
  • Option to add more shortcuts to the Power widget
  • And The Camera is work on this custom rom :D

for more Cyanogenmod 7.2 Fetures you can read from xda-developers forum.
Stay update with this blog. tomorrow i will share how to update galaxy ace with cyanogenmod 7.2

Sunday, 17 March 2013

How To Change Boot Animation On Galaxy Ace

Hi every one. For Samsung Galaxy Ace user that bored with the look of your boot animation and want to change the animation you are in the right place :D, because today i will share some cool animation that maybe you will love it. Boot animation is an animation that usually shown when you turn on android smartphone or after restart and appear after the android logo. you can customize the animation. it is easy to do, So please follow the tutorial change boot animation on galacy ace below.look great

  • Have Root acces. to do this tutorial you must have root acces to your galaxy ace. because you must have acces to change the system file on your android phone. see How to Root Galaxt Ace
  • Download Root Manager (need root acces)
  • Download HVGA boot animation (Pleas note: Only use HVGA. Higher resolution one will not work)
  • To Download the needed file paste this url to your browser (

You can Choose want of custom boot animation that i share below

Android Particle Ring by Dysgenic

The Droids series by Dysgenic:

change galaxy ace bootanimation

Download more boot animation at and please Make sure that the animation is in HVGA format.

Tutorial Change Galaxy Ace Boot Animation

Method 1

  1. Connect your Galaxy Ace to your PC or laptop via USB and make your SD card for file transfer.
  2. Copy the animation file that you want to make as your animation, then change the name to "", then place to your SD card.
  3. Unmount your SD card from computer and launch a file manager (you can use root explorer) on your phone.
  4. Then Browse to /system/media using Root Explorer, copy your existing file from there and paste it to somewhere place that safe on your SD card as a backup(if you want to use the default animation again).
  5. Browse to the location on the SD card where you place the new that you have downloaded before and paste it to /system/media.

Method 2: Via ADB

  1. First You Must Install android debug bridge
    Then Enable USB debugging on your phone from Settings > Applications > Development.
  2. Then Connect your device to your PC or Laptop via USB.
  3. Launch a terminal or command prompt window on your computer.
  4. Then Navigate to the location on your hard disk drive where you save the
  5. Enter these commands:
    adb pull /system/media/ c:\
    adb remount
    adb push /system/media/
    if still confused see the complete adb tutorial from xda-developers
whether you choose the first method or second method now you should have successfully change boot animation on Galaxy ace. Then restart your device and you will see the animation shown during the boot
congratulations. you can ask me if you need any further assistant or share which is the favorite bootanimation on comment area below.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Samsung GALAXY Note XXLRT Firmware Update

for users of Samsung Galaxy Note there is a new firmware update that has been released. but this update is not a Jelly Bean android update for galaxy note that the long awaited, the update is still on android 4.0.4 but with the higher version called XXLRT firmware version. At this time on this update there are some bugs that have been fixed from the previous update XXLRQ firmware update. However, on this update this at time also raises a new problems.

The Samsung GALAXY Note XXLRT update itself is a stability update. But after apply this u3pdate Swype crashes sometimes appear, and the problems with the Android apps on the SD card, Samsung has not fixed it.look beautifull

XXLRT firmware update is about 6MB in size. Maybe the purpose of the update this time as one of the signs that will be out update android 4.1 for galaxy note?
But it seems you have to decide whether you will update your galaxy note or not. as I mentioned earlier that this update is an update for stability and fic the bug from previous version, but it brings a new problem that I mentioned earlier. so now you are going to decide will you apply this update or not.


GALAXY Note XXLRT update

Now we only can hope that Samsung will be work hard to complete the Android 4.1 update for the Samsung GALAXY Note and will then roll out as soon as possible. However, as the first turn is the flagship Samsung GALAXY S3, then after that fortunately relatively quickly get updated Android 4.1. is Samsung GALAXY NOTE and Samsung Galaxy S2.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Jelly Bean Hidden Feature : Multiple User Account Function

Maybe until now many of android smartphone users don't know, from many android 4.1 Jelly Bean feature there is a secret feature that allows you to create different user accounts. This feature is still hidden and not yet officialy released, but it could be quite interesting in the future if developed better.

So just like the function of user accounts on the PC. that could create a different user for each user. so your android device can be used with other people (friends or family), of course, with different access permission.

Those function makes us feel that our android smartphone is not really in a tablet. An android tablet with a feature like that would make a look very Distinct.
Especially in the business area such multiple user accounts feature would be useful if multiple users could share just an Android 4.1 Tablet. Personally, it would be more family-oriented
Especially in the business area this user accounts feature would be useful if multiple users could share/use just with one Android 4.1 Tablet. look great

because those multiple user accounts feature as I have explained earlier that the feature is still hidden. Pocketnow people now have made a short video shown to demonstrate how to enable user accounts in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. In this video, Android 4.1 User-function accounts show different tricks to do so.

How To Set User Account On Jelly Bean Video

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Samsung Dismissed Rumors About GALAXY S4

Just yesterday i have posted an article about the samsung galaxy s4 rumor. That is about The First rumors about a possible SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 that maybe release in February 2013. This message comes from the Korea Times. But now Samsung announced and they say that they dismissed the speculation and unfounded rumors. We may still have to wait longer for a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung has now officially announced via their official Twitter channel to talk and strictly rejected rumors about the Samsung GALAXY S 4. This is very unusual for a Samsung, but still allow other rumors for Samsung Galaxy S3. With the presentation at MWC might expect that there will be a something new from android for the future

"Please note that some media reports on speculation about the successor to the Galaxy S3 are not true ... So why spread this rumor?" That's about the words of the leaders of the rumors about Samsung Samsung GALAXY S 4.



As a result much to be clarified on the rumors about the release of the GALAXY S 4. A release at the MWC in Barcelona next year it will be impossible to release those galaxy s3 succesor.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Google Has Been Acquired Nik Software

Google has once again started a little shopping spree and picked out something beautiful from the world of technology. Google today has been acquires Nik Software. Sun does the search engine giant also known Snapsheet app. This is arguably just the iOS users known.

Thus Snapsheet could Nik Software may be an integral part of Google+ and Malthus a direct competitor of Instagram and Facebook. Because the deal was indeed just completed. Google wants to make the purchase of Nik Software its own network Google+ attractive and move Facebook users to switch

This is a popular photo editing for iOS was, according to our colleagues even ever be the App of the Year for the Apple iPad. For later in any case was also an Android app in the pipeline, which apparently Google was allowed to watch, and has already led eventually to purchase. Is easy to imagine a photo editing within Android, it is even rumored to own a Google competitor to Instagram, to which alone the App slogan "Snap it. Tweak it. Share it. Could indicate ".can solve

Google Acquires NIK SOFTWARE : The Instagram Competitor

google acquires nik software

A tight integration with Android could be imagine, an Instagram competitor anyway and also integration with Google Plus. Everything could be together a great package, but that remains to be seen and is just speculation anyway. Learn more about Snapseed you get directly on their website , there are also downloads of the version for Windows and Mac OS

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Samsung GALAXY S 4 Release In February? [Rumor]

The Release date news for Galaxy S4 - Apple that we all know as the big enemy for samsung has been announced their latest Smartphone. The iPhone 5 has just been announced and only "accidentally" appear right now on rumors for the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S III. ow after that, appear the first rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4. An unnamed high-ranking anonymous source from Samsung has probably spoken on this subject. The source of Samsung revealed that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 can be introduced at the beginning of February.this more great news.

News About Samsung Galaxy S4

news about galaxy s4
"Samsung is ready to unveil the next Galaxy smartphone _ the Galaxy S4 _ at early next year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the Spanish city of Barcelona" - Korea Times

If the Korean Times correctly, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will comes in February at MWC in Barcelona and beats in trading on the end of March. The display could grow to 5 inches, if it is like to be flexible, is unclear at this stage - production constraints may prevent this. but when the exactly samsung galaxy s4 release date they still keep it as a secret.

Actually, it may be some truth from that statements - the time would be easy to fit. However, it should also be the Samsung Galaxy S III already unveiled at the MWC and in the end we landed in London. Also interesting would be that you would get only 9 months after the Galaxy S III, the successor shortly after the iPhone 5 is likely to have had its selling climax - but still a relatively long period of time would be until the next iPhone. Here one could realize good sales over a longer period.

the phone maybe use global lte networks and it is expected to hand over Galaxy S3 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a return equivalent to the Samsung Exynos. The screen is said to rise to 5-inch, but the device will continue to use Android.

And Samsung also is said that they still can not be decided at this moment on whether to use flexible display technologies on the galaxy s4, due to the production issues with Display business on samsung.
So Stay update with this blog if you want get more news about galaxy S4 and galaxy S4 specification.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tutorial Flash Official Firmware On Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Via Odin

there are two ways how to install or upgrade firmware on galaxy ace. First You can use Samsung Kies to upgrade samsung galaxy ace firmware. And the second way you can use ODIN Multidownloader app to flash stock firmware / rom to your phone. Those two ways have its their plus and minus. For samsung Kies you not need to use many apps and do any detailed step. You can just follow the instruction wizard to do it. But the minus is you need a long time because the process is directly downloaded and installed on your device and it is depending on your internet connection. more fastest.

And the second method by use ODIN multidownloader is usually preferred by many android users because it is very fast and safe if you do the right step. So at this time i will share how to flash firmware on galaxy ace S830 via Odin. So if you want to upgrade your firmware or install stock rom on your device you can use this tutorial. But before we start the flash process you need to prepare the requiremnts. So you do it can successfully.
before you  start upgrade galaxy ace via odin. maybe you want the simple method by upgrade galaxy ace via samsung kies

Read also
Update Galaxy Ace To ICS

  • Download Odin Multidownloader v4.38 : This app used to flash or upgrade your firmwares.
  • Download OPS file : This file is needed each and every time you flash anything via Odin.
  • Download Samsung USB Drivers : These drivers need to connect your device to your PC. Note, if you have installed Samsung Kies on your PC you don't need to install it again. Because these drivers are also installed automatically when you install Kies.
  • Do With Your Own Risk
  • to download all the file paste this url to your browser

Download The Firmware you want to flash: This is the firmware that you want to upgrade/flash to your device. You can download a zip file containing (one or many .tar or .tar.md5 files) from

So, after you have prepare the requirements then you are ready to begin. and please note before you start the flash process you must make sure you are have downloaded the firmware you want. So lets start the tutorial

How to Flash Firmware On Galaxy Ace S5830 Via Odin

  1. Download the file all the file that needed in this process on the requirements above
  2. If you have got a single .tar or .tar.md5 file then configure as said in this Step A below. Or, if your file that you have downloaded are two or more (usually four) .tar or .tar.md5 files then configure Odin as said in Step B.
  3.  Step A : Setup Odin For One Package file.
    • Run The Odin Multidownloader.
    • Click on OPS button and Load Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.
    • Check One Package, Auto reboot and Protect OPS check boxes.
    • Now go to the bottom and click on One Package button.
    • Load the single *.tar or .tar.md5 file that you have in this field.
    Step B : Setup Odin for Flashing with Multiple Files
    • Run The Odin Multidownloader
    • Check Auto reboot and Protect OPS check boxes. [ Note : Do not check one package option]
    • Click on BOOT button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with APBOOT in the name.
    • Click on OPS button and Load Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.
    • Click on PDA button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with CODE / PDA in the name.
    • Click on CSC button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with csc / csc-multi in the name.
    • Click on PHONE button and Select .tar (or .tar.md5) file with MODEM in the name.
      Leave EFS blank.

  1. Now, once your odin is setted, turn off your galaxy ace.
  2. Then Boot up your Galaxy Ace S5830 to download mode by Press Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously
  3. Only when your device have entered to download mode, then connect it to your PC via USB Cable.
  4. After connected to Odin, Odin will say Detected! (see the image below) and then you may press Start button.
    flash firmware on galaxy ace s5830
  5. Then Wait the flash firmware process until finish for about 5-6 minutes and then when it says PASS at the top left box, you may disconnect your to flash galaxy ace s5830 via odin

Finish. You have successfully flash firmware to galaxy ace. Please, note that you may need to do a data wipe and cache wipe after flashing the firmware for a clean install by go to recovery and wipe cache. Also, if your device is stuck in Samsung logo for a long time, then you can go to recovery mode by Press Home + Power button and do a wipe cache and factory reset/wipe data and reboot your device. After that your device wil boot properly.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Samsung GALAXY Note 2 Is Already Available In Late September?

Release of the new Samsung GALAXY Note 2 will be ready to release at the end of September? By based the list from the online retailer Cyberport trust, then the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 at them already after 27 September.

It looks very different from list, they had listed for the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 first and you could also pre-order them at first. It states, however, still believe that the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 is delivered in 4-6 weeks, which would be the 25th October cover, this was the first suspected launch of latest Samsung smartphone-flyer.more elegant

But it is also different with From online retailer Amazon the Samsung GALAXY Note 2(see galaxy note 2 specifecation) is still not yet listed. This I personally find it a little odd. If, however confirm that the latest Samsung smartphone really should have been the end of September, it would be of course a big surprise. After all, the GALAXY Note 2 would thus appear 1 month earlier than originally thought / planned.


launch of samsung galaxy note 2

But maybe Samsung has quite deliberately postponed the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 forwards. But what could be the reason? Production is running, but better than expected? Or maybe you want a different manufacturer outsmart, white Samsung something we do not already know? The user will not care, this is of course very pleased when the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 will have a whole month earlier.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Easy Tutorial Root Galaxy Ace S5830

To Get Acces to Your Android phone System File you must have root acces, and today i will share how to root Galaxy Ace S5830. But Before we start to the how to tutorial i will give some explanation. It can be concluded that Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 will not get the Android 4.1 Jellybean 4.1 officially because of the hardware limitations, but you can use custom rom(what is custom rom?) if you want to taste the jelly bean. because with custom rom it can be customized with jelly bean theme, and also will improved with jelly bean new feature.

But to install custom rom you must root your devices so that users can experience custom ROM firmwares and other apps which require the root access. In a few day, we will be coming up with new custom ROM firmwares which will gives the goodness of Jellybean and ICS for Galaxy ACE S5830 smartphone. And we must give thanks to the developers in xda-developers who work hard for developing many of custom ROM firmwares.

tutorial root galaxy ace

Read First
  • This galaxy ace root tutorial is only for gingerbread 2.3.3 , 2.3.4 , 2.3.5 , 2.3.6 , 2.3.7. so before you start the root process you must make sure you are running with those android version.
  • To check on which firmware your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, check from the path Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version.
  • Do With Your Own Risk

  • Back up all your phone data. For backing up SMS,call logs,Gmail,Google calender you can use: SMS Backup + = (paste to your browser)
  • You also would be better to backup your phone system, see how to create nandroid backup
  • Backup all Internet & MMS Settings from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”
  • Enable The USB debugging in your Galaxy ACE S5830 from the path Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.
  • Download by paste this url to your browser for gingerbread 2.3.5 or this one if use 2.3.3 (password :

How to Root Galaxy ACE S5830

  1. Download and copy it to your sdcard
  2. Turn off your phone then enter to the recovery mode. to enter to your your Galaxy ACE S5830 by pressing Volume Up Key + OK button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button.
  3. After you have entered to the recovery then choose install zip from sd card and select the file
  4. Then wait until the root process finished, it may take 4-5 minutes
  5. After the update completed - reboot
  6. Finish

Ok, Now you have successfully root Galaxy ace S5830. if you want to ask question or need any further assistant let me know by comment in the comment area.