Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Galaxy Note 2 New Features In Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 delivered in Germany today. Shortly before the first roll along with its owner, Samsung demonstrated in a video presentation that official now Phablets functions in the hands-on video not previously come into their own: an innovative approach to multitasking on Android.

First: The video in its entire length of almost 8 minutes is quite worth seeing if you are interested in the galaxy note2 New features of Phablet and S-Pen. Particularly striking in it but compared to stock Android clearly bored multitasking. Shown at minute 2:03 split screen view "multi-window" for two apps side by side is in principle already known from the Galaxy Note 1.10, but has been improved even further.
Android is good

Introduce Galaxy 2 Feature

So you press and hold "Back" to bring up a near the borders moved and scrollable app listing. If you stretch a app icon into the picture, you must call in the corresponding half of the display on this app - simple and efficient. This works with Galaxy Note 2 with all apps, still had to be different than the Galaxy Note 1.10 specially prepared at the apps to use the split-screen mode. In this way, you can simultaneously perform as a video chat and take notes. Or surf the web and control the music player. Or watch a YouTube video and play Sudoku.

The video refers first to the Korean version of the Galaxy Note 2, but from our perspective there is no reason why not the advertised features should be integrated into the international instruments.


Our conclusion about the new multitasking: it is a great concept! Whether this feature in the real world is for exempts is also can be , but only to show the practical test. Our test model has already requested - we look forward you to try out the Phablet sequel to the rules of art.

Is your opinion about the Galaxy Note 2 has changed after the video for positives or negatives? please comment