Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to Block Sms on Android

Sometimes we Often times get a call or text from someone we do not want, or maybe you're tired of getting calls from a private number. How do we avoid that? In this article I want to share to you about the Tutorial block sms on android. besides for make blacklist for sms this tutorial also allow you to block calls from unwanted number.

Blacklist is a feature that is used to block a call or message block you do not want. Some of the android block sms apps applications available on the google play store, but in this article I want to share with you one of several applications such blacklists. don't worry this applications is free so you not need to worry if you must spend some money
download block sms apps

How the blacklist sms and call works

Application blacklist usually access some permissions on the android system as an example READ_PHONE_STATE where when you get the call where permission will read your call whether or not you blockir, MODIFY_PHONE_STATE where the application will follow up if the call is in blockir or forwarded to you.

With the conclusion of the application blacklist works by receive, filter and then follow up to be input into the blacklist or forwarded to you.

Download sms Blacklist apps

Download and install applications to the blacklist, you can download visit the following links
.paste this url to your browser : http://adf.ly/DMtYe

After you install it, then setting that will fit your needs, how to set quite easily or you can look at the video below.

I chose this application because this application has the most number of downloaders, and after my test, the application is stable and can run normally without having to ROOT your android. Android is good