Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Google Has Been Acquired Nik Software

Google has once again started a little shopping spree and picked out something beautiful from the world of technology. Google today has been acquires Nik Software. Sun does the search engine giant also known Snapsheet app. This is arguably just the iOS users known.

Thus Snapsheet could Nik Software may be an integral part of Google+ and Malthus a direct competitor of Instagram and Facebook. Because the deal was indeed just completed. Google wants to make the purchase of Nik Software its own network Google+ attractive and move Facebook users to switch

This is a popular photo editing for iOS was, according to our colleagues even ever be the App of the Year for the Apple iPad. For later in any case was also an Android app in the pipeline, which apparently Google was allowed to watch, and has already led eventually to purchase. Is easy to imagine a photo editing within Android, it is even rumored to own a Google competitor to Instagram, to which alone the App slogan "Snap it. Tweak it. Share it. Could indicate ".can solve

Google Acquires NIK SOFTWARE : The Instagram Competitor

google acquires nik software

A tight integration with Android could be imagine, an Instagram competitor anyway and also integration with Google Plus. Everything could be together a great package, but that remains to be seen and is just speculation anyway. Learn more about Snapseed you get directly on their website , there are also downloads of the version for Windows and Mac OS