Friday, 22 March 2013

Chameleon Launcher Available for Android at Google Play Store

Do you know the what is the best launcher for tablet at now? And want a litle review about it? yes you can find it here. Do you ever heard about Chameleeon launcher? Chameleon launcher is just release for now. and many android user have wait for this launcher to release on the android market. beacuse of this Design, and many new feat[ures.

Now the Chameleon Launcher has really done so. For EUR 7.86 you can get the v1.0 now probably really coolest launcher for an Android tablet. its Only need requirement that your Android tablet must run on 3.2 Honeycomb or higher. From today you can purchase Chameleon Launcher in Google Play store.look great

Maybe you realize The history of the Chameleon Launcher. Long did it take the process until finally had the necessary capital for development. On Kickstarter there was the longed windfall, even if only at the second attempt. Even in the beta phase of the Chameleon Launcher could really impress.
Chameleon Launcher review

Because with probably the best Launcher for Android Tablet is the Chameleon Launcher, that will become new standards. With chameleon launcher, it is now possible to use time-and location-based profiles, between these, he turns around and is then accordingly the desired functions, example in the morning if you are at home, is only for the messages and private e-mail. And if you are at work then just the business e-mails, etc will you get. So just customize it. if you want to get chameleon launcher review see this video below

Chameleon Launcher Review

Get Chameleon Luncher from googleplay