Thursday, 14 March 2013

Samsung Dismissed Rumors About GALAXY S4

Just yesterday i have posted an article about the samsung galaxy s4 rumor. That is about The First rumors about a possible SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 that maybe release in February 2013. This message comes from the Korea Times. But now Samsung announced and they say that they dismissed the speculation and unfounded rumors. We may still have to wait longer for a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung has now officially announced via their official Twitter channel to talk and strictly rejected rumors about the Samsung GALAXY S 4. This is very unusual for a Samsung, but still allow other rumors for Samsung Galaxy S3. With the presentation at MWC might expect that there will be a something new from android for the future

"Please note that some media reports on speculation about the successor to the Galaxy S3 are not true ... So why spread this rumor?" That's about the words of the leaders of the rumors about Samsung Samsung GALAXY S 4.



As a result much to be clarified on the rumors about the release of the GALAXY S 4. A release at the MWC in Barcelona next year it will be impossible to release those galaxy s3 succesor.