Sunday, 24 March 2013

List Of Android 4.2 New Features On Jelly Bean

Maybe many of you still do not know what is all the new features on Android 4.2 , and a lot of people have been search on google and maybe still don't find any clue about the awesome new features. So on This post we will give you the list of new features on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which we het from some research.

In addition to the triumvirate of Nexus devices release , which Google has just release just before closing time in the world, there are also software-page news to report. We put together what is to learn about Android 4.2 so far. Android is good

New Features On Android 4.2

Until now, it seemed that the star of "Nexus smartphone" is the hardware. That's not entirely wrong, because Google does with its hardware partners quite a legion of top devices for fantastic prices to the people. Besides that is also offers Android 4.2 which is still under the name of jelly bean sweets. There are a lot of fancy new features that go far beyond what we have previously expected, and brings this feature set course for older Nexus devices.

Here a preliminary compilation of  introduces From Google about Android 4.2 New Features


photosphere feature on android 4.2
The camera app now dominates Photo Spheres - photos, as they are captured while photographing you can swing in any direction. The end result is freely rotatable and zoomable 360 ​​degree panoramas. Integrated for Google Street View Photo Spheres technology and has set up a special page on the one example panoramas in the world can see and add your own panoramas.
Furthermore, the new interface has been revised total. All settings can now be achieved by pressing and holding a ring menu in the viewfinder.


new keyboard on android 4.2
The Android keyboard now supports also a wipe-input mode, similar to Swype. Here, as in the recently introduced SwiftKey flow , but just above the fingers, the word appears that identifies the software at this moment.

Tablet layout

android 4-2 tablet layout

Google creates from this since been Honeycomb tablet layout. Looks to future Android tablets and smartphones almost identical. This means that the software buttons are placed below the middle, the button for the App Drawer wanders down the notification bar at the top. For more information you learn in our article on the subject this morning.


From then on you can just start the camera with a wiping gesture right from the lockscreen. Wipes are left, you can see there previously placed widgets. To launch the appropriate app, they prefer the unlock pattern from the bottom up. Also on the actual lockscreen widget can be displayed on the choice.
You can se our lockscreen collection on download android lockscreen.

Multiuser operating

Finally, several users can use a tablet each with their own account, each user dials in with their Google Account and then has access to all your apps with separate settings, continue their own homescreen widgets and so on. A change between individual users can be done on the fly, a reboot is not necessary. The feature is not available for smartphones - will be but certainly easy to retrofit by custom ROM or the like on mobile phones.

Google Now

Google's self-learning push information service will be able to display some interesting photos from the current radius, track packages and flight information for which you have received a notification e-mail, and view the program of cinemas nearby leave. Here is still questionable whether the new features work from the start even in Germany.

Wireless Display

Android devices can now flip screen and sound natively via Wireless Display on a big screen TV or any other device with HDMI input. Therefore a wireless display to HDMI dongle is required.

Google Play Music

Google's online music store and shop finally comes to other countries, including to Germany. A new feature is a function that matches the own local music library with the offer from Google. If an individual song is also available on Google, it must not be uploaded separately, but will not upload easily transferred into their own online library.

Quick Settings

Android now includes a quick-setting screen for comfortable enabling and disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This can be achieved either through a special button in the notification bar, or by two-finger gesture of wiping down the notification bar.

What are your favorite features of Android 4.2? We welcome your comments.