Sunday, 30 June 2013

How To Fix Lag Problem On Nexus 7

When I reviewed the Nexus 7 for the first time, among the many tips and tutorial that I made ​​there was that relating to remove the lag, that annoying shots that often plague the device with Android OS in their use. Android is good

how to fix lag on nexus8

Lag On Nexus 7

Well a few days and with extreme surprise I began to find, right on the Nexus 7, the presence of lag On Nexus 7 when accessing the application menu, scrolling through the pages of the list.

Not surprisingly, when you want to test the presence or absence of various shots and Scattini on a particular mobile device, the first thing you do is just to enter the menu of the app and "shake" the pages of that menu. With mixed feelings among the surprised and disappointed I promptly googled "lag nexus 7", and behold, I realized that I was not the only one to find the problem.

Fix lag on Nexus 7

However, as in many such cases, the Internet and Youtube I have been friends since right on the site of the world's most popular video I found the solution to the problem, thank you Noel Barcellos. Below you can see how to fix lag on nexus 7

Unbelievable but true, to cause delays, the lag in the homescreen and the menu of the app was active automatic synchronization in Google Now, the news aggregator made ​​in Mountain View.

In fact, once off the option, the lag is gone and the Nexus 7 has returned to runs smoothly, without any kind of lag. As shown in the video, to disable automatic synchronization of Google Now you can just access the menu of the app from the homescreen central, plug the Google Now, plug the settings icon in the top right of the software, select "settings "and then uncheck the box to the right of the" Active Sync ".

So, as unfortunately happens too frequently, to cause certain types of problems are single app. The absurd thing is that in the case that cause the annoying "lagging" is from an official software of Google. In the hope that those responsible should be given to do to solve the problem and prevent future, I hope to be helpful to people like me who has experienced the thrill of seeing lagg on the Nexus 7.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Android 4.2 Integrated New Security System

Before, i have discussed about list of android 4.2 new features. On that post i have discuss about some new features on android such as photosphere or panorama, But Actually now google also improve new security system on android 4.2. The security of Android, is one of those features that was perhaps slightly left behind by Google, perhaps more than for mishandling a matter of freedom (especially when you consider the many possibilities it offers to install Android application as well as the speed at which an application is loaded on the Market since there are no controls).Android is good

Android 4.2 New Security System

For this reason, malicious applications have spread like wildfire on Android, and so far, besides the various Anti-Virus can be installed aftermarket, it was no other security unless the attention of the end user. Now it seems just that Google wanted to provide its new version Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with a Anti-Malware service .

Probably, the new anti-malware scanner for android 4.2 will work with its part "server-side" . In fact, if it will protect us from the applications on the market, Android 4.2 will protect us from those installed by unknown sources (Aptoide, downloaded from the Internet, etc.), all in real time.

It will be interesting to see the service in action since the first time it is used. In addition to this, it seems that Google has introduced a feature that would allow us to know if any application tries to send text messages in the background, and then leave us the possibility to cancel or continue with the operation.

From today, the Android world is safer, much safer than before, but the first safety is given the attention of the user, so it's better to be always stay alert!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Nexus 4 Android 4.2.1 Update Release

Today Nexus 4 officially release android 4.2.1 update. What was that for disapppointment a few days ago, when one or more users have found that the so-called "date picker" in Android 4.2 do not have December month on it. So if we wanted to create a contact who is celebrating his birthday in December, it was definitely before a small problem. A few days later, but then Google announced that the problem was known, and now it is working on a solution for that is today well distributed among the devices in the form of a small update. It is to Android 4.2.1 and the first Nexus 4 update that will received by the owners, but for myself, unfortunately i have not received any update message.Android is good

Because this android 4.2.1 update just over a megabyte in size, we may therefore certainly do not expect further changes, except the return of the Christmas month.

But hope the Android 4.2 User not only resolve the elimination of the December bug with this update. Another major point of criticism such as the decreased battery life of the devices with the latest Android version. This was also reflected in the Nexus 4 noticeable. Hopefully, this vulnerability was also fixed the same! Let's hope there.


Who wants to wait but not as long as on the Android 4.2.1 update for Nexus 4, of course, has the option to download the update manually. It is a modest 1.06 MB. When you open the zip file, you can see a set of patches, which suggest that Google still includes some holes with this update. You can manually download the update, however, already, then flash via ClockworkMod Recovery. The download you get from Google's servers.

download OTA update android 4.2.1

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Samsung GT-I9400 Probably Not The Samsung Galaxy S 4

A few more months will it take then the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will comes on the market, at least that's the assumption. We'd like to think that the Korean company will not contribute the Galaxy S3 or so, but the number of high-end flagship will continue as usual. the five-digit designation from the smartphone model, which denotes partial bit clearer the exact model was not always in a logical order. So the Galaxy S was the I90XX, the Galaxy S2 and the I91XX the Galaxy S3 I93XX said. Sure, the third version in the Galaxy S 3 smartphone fits better, but it would actually have to pay the I92XX, but here it was the Galaxy Nexus previously. For you that don't know about the rumor of galaxy s4, in my previous post i have discuss about Galaxy S4 will release at end of february (rumor)

What I mean by that? It's not entirely surprising that apparently the name I94XX is not intended for the Galaxy S 4, for the first time, a device called Samsung GT-I9400 is a benchmark showed up, which is equipped with an older Mali 400 GPU and a WVGA display. So certainly by its specification should not become theGalaxy S4, right? It is also possible that only individual components are tested as the camera of the Galaxy S 4, the individual unmasked by the benchmark older modules so may safely be ignored. Android is good

News about Samsung GT-I9400

samsung gt-i9400 probably not the galaxy s4

Ultimately, we can see from the data that it will probably give a device called "GT-I9400". Currently remains unclear to what is device it is.
So the conclusion is Samsung GT-I9400 maybe is not the Galaxy s4 because from the benchmark result, the graphic is didn't show if those smartphone have the better quality than the galaxy s3.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tutorial Root Asus Transformer Prime With Windows Tool

Shortly after the market launch of the Asus Transformer Prime has managed the development community to rooten the tablet next, will gives you the way for make numerous modifications on your asus transformer prime. After this morning by only a somewhat complicated instructions on AndroidPolice had appeared, was a member of the xda-developers now published a handy Windows utility. This allows even inexperienced owner of Transformer Prime achieve with just one click to have root access.Android is good, below i will give the more detailed guide on how to root Asus transformer prime with one click tool

tutorial root asus transformer prime

What many ordinary consumer might sound like useless gadgets is indeed an important step to unlock additional features. Since the user with root privileges has full access to the file system of Android, for example, far-reaching changes to the design are made. A backup of the complete system, the removal of pre-installed apps, the simple making of screenshots or installing custom ROMs are possible.

Read First
As always, the root process occurs naturally at their own risk and neither the developer nor do not responsible for any damage to the device.

Root Asus Transformer With One Click Tool
asus transformer prime root tool windows

To root the Asus Transformer Prime, the steps that are needed is:

  1. Download the. Zip file here and unpack it on your computer.
  2. Complete the Transformer Prime on to your PC and install all the drivers that are in the. Zip file.
  3. Start the viperMOD Tool.exe primers and select the appropriate option.
If you would like the Asus Transformer Prime to have the root acces So for the first time, you just need to type the number 1 and press Enter. This automatically starts the root process, and you need do nothing further. If you want to remove the root access again, you just have to repeat the steps listed above, and then press the 2.

Ok that's it, i hope this tutorial about how to root asus transformer prime will help you to gain acces to your device, and will let you customize your device.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tips To Troubleshooting Signal Problem On Android Smartphone

Besided error on an Application or bug there are also another problem that maybe very annoyed your pleasure when you are using your android smartphone. It is about signal problem. Apart from asking basic questions about which is the good or best Android smartphones, which is perfect for gaming, which is better, specifications, and troubleshoot some of the issues, it is many of the existing users who ask questions about signal problems on android smartphone. So today i will share tips how to troubleshoot no signal problem on android device

Signal Problem On Android Smartphone (No Signal)

Weak signal issues or no signal on android smartphone is a normal thing that maybe happens any where and regardless of any kind of smartphone. Below,Android is good, I list the sources that contribute to the acceptance of a weak signal in the smartphone:

  • Hardware problems - (repair)
  • Problem Software (Firmware Upgrade) - reset @ awaited update fixes from manufacturer
  • Problem stems from the service provider
  • The Users

Through this article i will only discuss the causes on the third and fourth only, Service Providers and Users. I mean the service provider here refers to the telecon companies that provide services to you such as Celcom, Maxis, DiGi, U Mobile, and so on. Meanwhile, the user is you!

NOTE: This setting may vary depending on the smartphone model and firmware version. These tips are just as basic guidelines intended for the sharing of information

Tips To Troubleshooting Signal Problem On Android Smartphone

Signal problem in this android smartphone many faced if you activate 3G service. It should be noted that the 3G coverage to every telecom company is different and mostly concentrated in urban and suburban areas only.
By default, network settings in every smartphone set to 3G and this is why you get no signal should be stable in areas with low 3G coverage.
Refer to the second image below and compare. The first image No Signal (3G) and second image Full Signal (2G).

trouble shoot signal problem on android phone

how to fix signal problem

To change the setting from 2G to 3G or vice versa: Settings -> More Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode. (Galaxy S3 Jellybean 4.1.1)
For user data package or not, it is recommended to not activate 3G if outside the 3G coverage area. Activate only when necessary mainly for internet access. Apart from being able to reduce the problem of signal, this method also can help reduce data usage and your smartphone battery.

Maybe you will also like this : Android battery saving tips

Ok, that's it. I hope this article about tips to troubleshoot no signal problem on your android phone will help you if you meet with such a situation.

Monday, 24 June 2013

How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich On Samsung Galaxy S

Hi all of tutorial for adroid readers. today i have new ICS port for your android smartphone. And today i will share tutorial Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I900. I have do this and already works really well. I installed it last night and i am very impressed with this ROM. Because with few relatively unimportant little things that popped quite impressive about the widespread GT-I9000. So we only explain how to instal the mod.

One day i search at the xda-developers and find this stuff, in which the first port of Android 4.0 for the "old" Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 is ready. So i was so curious with this rom, then i backed up my current system via nandroid backup and installed the whole thing, and I'm thrilled: (All important functions such as Wi-Fi, cellular data connection, telephone and so on function and also the user interface is pretty awesome though there is still room for improvement determined).Android is good

Install ICS On Galaxy S GT-I9000

This ROM is still not stable because there still some bugs on it
Read another tutorial for galaxy s i9000 which have been used stable room:

What does not included on this rom: video recording, hardware acceleration for video playback, the front camera, some features of the photo app, the Movie Studio app, FM radio, device encryption, and the USB tethering on Windows - I can but with (or rather without) live.

In addition, the installation in existing ClockworkMod recovery software is also very easy. However, when you reboot into Android 4.0, of course, all your settings and data (from the internal SD card) will be deleted. You can secure your date along with your previous system in a nandroid backup. So read my post about tutorial make nandroid backup. Ok now before you start the process you need to prepare the following pre requisites.

Read First

Warning: If you rootet your Android device, or apply a custom ROMs, will change the bootloader or otherwise manipulated the system level, often loses its warranty. Also, the device permanently damaged in the worst case ("get bricked") are. Please be careful and think you're going to our instructions meticulously. What do you do, you do at your own risk - tutorial for android is in not responsible for any damages that result from the processes responsible

Download The Required File

To download the Rom and Google apps, go here (pass = after download place the file into your Sdcard on the root location. Not in any inside of folder

How to flash Galaxy S with Android ICS ROM
  1. Make sure you already have rooted your galaxy s gt-i9000
  2. Install Clockworkmod recovery.
  3. Then Reboot into clockworkmod Recovery using 3-button-combo
  4. Then Do a Nandroid backup
  5. Now wiped your devicecompletely, meaning all data caches and settings will be deleted. To do this you first select "wipe data / factory reset" and confirm with "yes", then "wipe cache partition" and last but not least is yet "advanced - Wipe Dalvik Cache".
  6. Install the ROM from internal sdcard using ClockworkMod Recovery
  7. Optionally install the Google Addon
  8. WIPE again or Calendar Sync will not work.

Install The Google apps

Finally you have installed the Google Apps (important, otherwise there is no Gmail, and no Market).So go to CWM again, then "choose zip from sdcard" and then select the file selects. When the installation is complete, you can select it once "go back" "reboot system now" - and you're done: you have successfully install Galaxy S with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.1.2 XXLSA Firmware Leak

Anybody here use Samsung Galaxy Note as your android smartphone? if you use those gadget i have good news for you. Now Google is currently working for android 4.1.2 update On this smartphone, besides galaxy note google also make the same update for Samsunf Galaxy s2. And google looks like will relase this update not in a long time more. Because The android Firmware Leak for android 4.1.2 has released. And the firmware is called with XXLSA version.Android is good

Actually Google before was promised to release the android 4.1.2 update on late november, but it seems google can't keep the promise. Because usually if official firmware will released if the firmware have at least more than one firmware leak. Because firmware leak means that the firmware still not stable enough or maybe have some bugs on it. But who knows if tomorrow or few days more google release the android XXLSA firmware update. Because we know if google developers is smart and hard worker

The Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000 and Samsung Galaxy S2 will become android 4.1 this year. As seen today, it could be something that will happend until mid-December. For now, another Android 4.1.2 firmware has emerged for those 2 smartphone.


galaxy note XXLSA firimware update

If you want to install the firmware, First you must download the XXLSA Android 4.1.2. But The guys of SamMobile and All others who said that would be better if you wait the official firmware. Samsung said that it might only take a further 2 weeks to Android 4.1.2 will find their way to the Samsung GALAXY Note.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S Advance Will Get Android 4.1 On January

The Samsung developers is currently work hard to make update for their smartphone models. And if their job have finished Samsung Galaxy S Advance will get the Android 4.1 update. The samsung developers always give the best that they can, So their smartphone will gets the Android 4.1 update. Android is good

We all know that This year samsung have already released android 4.1 update for theri flasgship model. The first model that gets the android 4.1 update is Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 and a few other devices will also receive the update soon, it should appear for the Samsung GALAXY Note and the Samsung Galaxy S2, later this year. And last night, Samsung has announced on Facebook that the will released The Jelly Bean update for another smartphone.

Actaually Samsung Galaxy S Advance wasn't expected to get the Jelly Bean update this year. This update will make the phone will improve the feature and can enjoy the goodness of many feature. for more details about the feature you can read Android Jelly Bean New feature. But we can see that samsung have said it on facebook:

"Dear fans, more and more devices will now receive the update to Android Jelly Bean. Even the Galaxy S I9070 Advance receives this and in January on gravel or over-the-air are available."

Galaxy S Advance Will Receive Android 4.1 on January

Galaxy S Advance android 4.1 update

One can assume that samsung on this update didn't mention wether it is Android 4.2 update or not. Well, i think it is rather the Android 4.1.1 than Android 4.1.2 update to the Samsung GALAXY S Advance. Nevertheless will probably all users of the smartphone now looking forward to January!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Easy Tutorial Flash Cyanogenmod 7.2 On Galaxy S I9000

Do You have galaxy S GT-I9000 smartphone on your hand? for you which use those phone as your android device i will share cm7.2 custom rom that will make you more enjoy with your galaxy s. Because on this custom rom bring many new features. So at this time i will discuss about cyanogendmod. this custom is the most popular rom on the internet newayads.Android is good

CyanogenMod 7.2 or also known as CM7.2 is a custom ROM called that will replace the pre-installed operating system. The ROM is based on code from the official Android 2.3.4 version. This code was changed so that more changes are possible. The user interface can be adapted, the CPU can be overclocked, there are several new features. Supposedly, the Galaxy S also more stable and run smoothly (lagfix). The CyanogenMod is constantly evolving, almost every day there is a new version.

Read First

  • Before you flash cm7.2 on galaxy s you must have Root privileges. Non-root user can not install CyanogenMod 7. You have root acces on Samsung Galaxy S first.
  • Don't forget to make Backup
    It is doubly good to have a backup of your important files:
    First System data as it Appinstallationen, Scores, settings, bookmarks, etc. are formatted. These data can be restored from a backup after flashing. you can read on tutorial perform nandroid backup
  • If you play safe. The app Titanium Backup to create a full backup (in app: Menu button -> Batch -> All System Files). The app also need a root privileges.

Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Galaxy S

In order to install CyanogenMod 7.2 you need the ClockworkMod Recovery. Which can easily via the ROM Manager app to install. Go to the Android Market and search for ROM Manager. Then Run the rom manager, on the menu click Flash ClockworkMod Recovery (top). The app requires root privileges!


  • Android 2.1 or Android 2.2
  • Root privileges
  • ClockworkMod Recovery has to work! (Volume up button + home button + on button down for 3 seconds then hold apply sdcard: select)
  • Time (approx. 30 min.)
  • Mobile phone battery should be at. be half full
  • Enough memory on mobile free (at least 250MB)

Download The File
Download: CyanogenMod 7.0 for Galaxy S i9000
Filename: (XX = number)

Tutorial Flash CM7.2  on Galaxy S i9000

  1. download The ROM
  2. Root your device and make backup
  3. and install ClockworkMod Recovery
  4. connect your phone to the PC via USB
  5. In the phone memory should work now appear (Phone). Create a folder in it and drag the file purely
  6. Galaxy S off, and in recovery mode (Volume Up + Home + At) start
  7. In "normal" recovery mode you can navigate with the volume buttons and select with the home button
  8. Select wipe data / factory reset and wipe cache partition from
  9. Now go to apply sdcard:, it seems that ClockworkMod Recovery Menu
  10. In ClockworkMod Recovery mode can be navigated using the volume keys and confirmed with the An-/Aus-Button
    tutorial flash cm 7.2 on galaxy 2
  11. Choose the menu item install zip from sdcard
  12. Go to choose zip from sdcard
  13. Now choose and certify
  14. Wait! Let your cell phone do the work alone. Until the process is completed, it can take up to 10 minutes
Congratulations, Now you have succefully install cyanogenmod 7.2 on your device.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

WhatsApp Alternative : Kik Messenger 6 With New Features

Today there is another news again from WhatsApp. In this week many news spread about the most popular messenger on android, but unfortunately it as a bad news again. We all know if this messenger apps on android smartphone is very popular. But in recent days on this messenger app a low security is surfaced to the media. Besides that whatsapp also will charge their user that use android. you can read on my previous post about Whatsapp will charge android user. Well, every android smartphone users still can decide will they still use this app or not. In any case, of course, the call for alternatives to WhatsApp is getting bigger, So today i will discuss about whatsapp alternative for android it is Kik Messenger. Therefore one has released the 6th version of the Messenger it is also quite popular, which has a few new features on board.

The new version 6 of Kik Messenger has some interesting new features on board. Some of kik messenger feature is, Now you can for example now has an integrated function much easier photos and YouTube videos look on the Internet, and also share the same with his contacts. And with an integrated sketch function can even paint with its Kik Messenger contacts and draw.Android is good
Meanwhile, the messenger was able to build a solid base of 30 million users. And when I look at the app Sun, then I understand why, because the surface is fixed, clear and easy to work.

WhatsApp Alternative : Kik Messenger

kik messenger whatsapp alternative

We have made list of best whatsapp alternatives

The Kik Messenger is always at its core function as a text messenger. The highlight is that you can extend it using so-called cards. These cards are optional. You can see it as a plugin or addon, as it is handled well with browsers. So you can expand the Kik Messenger quite to his liking. The download in Google Play store is also free.
So if you interest to try this app download kik messenger from play store

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

ZTE Apache Release With 8 Core Processor From MediaTek

The upgrade of specifications on android smartphone is continues! Next year was thought that probably all major manufacturers will implemented a quad-core processor block in their smartphones flagships model, as the 8 core processors for smartphones come into play. The first smartphone that comw with 8 core processors in the world perhaps could become a model of ZTE from China. The previously news from Mediatek mentioned that the ZTE Apache allegedly received an 8 core processor.

Quad-core CPU in a smartphone?t. As was known now, ZTE plans with the previously mentioned model Apache for the beginning of 2013, the first 8 core smartphone in the world. The SoC, which is named MT6599 should be manufactured in a 28 nm process, and then in May in ZTE Apache will celebrate its premiere release.Android is good

ZTE Apache Specdifications

But that will probably not be the only highlight at ZTE Apache. In addition, the smartphone will probably get a 1080p Full HD display, a 13mp camera, and connectivity for WCDMA/4G LTE / TD-SCDMA. If indeed right here seems the next cracker come to China too. ZTE and does not seem to be the only manufacturer with an 8-core processor, Samsung is working on such a CPU.


zte apache 8 core processor

I still wondering where are this model coming to. Even with the advent of the quad-core smartphone has been in a discussion about the sense or nonsense of that but Octo-Core? Must be really? The smartphone manufacturers should now prefer to put their energy into improving battery technology, because what the goodness from a smartphone if it is empty after 6 hours?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Today Adblock Plus For Android Release On Play Store

As you know that now almost all of android apps when you are use the apps sometimes always appears some advertisiment that can disturb your eyes. the Ads not only appears on android apps. But also appears on game. From time to time Even in recent times, many users feels disturbed with those thing. But now there was information about the appearance of AdBlock Plus an Ad Blockers for android smartphones, specifically for the Android platform. Tomorrow it is supposed to be the time, the Cologne firm EYEO GmbH behind Adblock Plus is ready to roll out Today. The public version of AdBlock Plus on the smartphones of the Republic and as well as mobile advertising block.Android is good

Adblock Plus : Android Ads block apps

Adblock for android today release on android

The developers advise that it is the app for the first time be able to block any advertising. No matter what: banners, ads before videos or advertising inserts in Apps: AdBlock Plus wants to put an end to the ads. The browser version of AdBlock Plus was, according to the Financial Times, downloaded over 50 million times. In the United States and United Kingdom use approximately two to three percent of the surfer ad blocker.

In Germany, the extension is even more popular. Almost 10 percent of all users are on the go with ad blocker. AdBlock Plus also mobile on a white list for non-intrusive advertising, where one finds, for example, Amazon. In this white list for "non-obtrusive" advertising you can not buy believing it adblockplus company from Cologne.

I'm curious how you did a previous versions of advertising blockers could play only in smartphones their strengths, which were rooted. Root caused a blocking of advertising at surfing via WLAN and UMTS, a normal smartphone without root could only last in the wireless block ads.

Monday, 17 June 2013

AdBlock Plus Apps for Android now in Play Store

Now the awaited apps for many android users which can block the annoying ads smartphone has been released. Regular readers are well informed, becuase they already knew yesterday that the ad blocker AdBlock Plus for Android will be released today at Play Store from Google. I have explained the operation already yesterday at length, so I'll spare the time at this point and if you want to read more about the official release not for adblock plus you can read on my previous post: adblock plus ready to release.Android is good

Adblock for android release

How to Block Ads On Android

AdBlock Plus is one of the few ad blockers that do not require root privileges, the full function given but only with root privileges. Currently missing but unfortunately the computer from known and much loved white and blacklists. I personally put those advertising blocks really only for very stubborn sites which I know from the front in, popping up here equal to 10 popups and virus messages - but really only on this. Conversely, "thank you" I am also happy to websites when using the post like / or has helped the advertising is interesting.

Once to for the new AdBlock Plus usesr, disabled "Show notifications" but please ideally under Apps - Adblock Plus - App Info. Thus, you also get no message when advertising is blocked.

Download Adblock Plus from play store

Sunday, 16 June 2013

AdBlock Plus App Caused High Data Consumption

In my previous post i have told you about advertisement blocker apps on android smartphone and where to download it. So if you didn't read it, you read on AdBlock Plus Apps On Playstore. Now i will discuss more about adblock pluss review. Recently i received about the ad blocker for Android AdBlock Plus reports. Here I would like to at least explain a point short on something.Android is good

Adblock Plus app causes namely significantly more high data consumption , more precisely up to 10 times more data. Actually, a ad blocker do the exact opposite. Just when you only spend a few data volume, but if when you acces big data volume with adblock plus app on it you should think about it.

Adblock pluss app caused 10 times more data consumption

The principle, which is why it absorbs so much data volumes, sometimes simply explained: AdBlock Plus filters to the data from the website see what data is advertising and what is not. As an example, let's take a video from Youtube. This needs to be charged several times and filter out the ads. Even with these web pages are loaded in the background several times to filter out the ads. So really makes no sense now. And it creates a healthy ecosystem that's not even. The many bloggers - like me - or services are funded in part by advertising revenue and eg buy new equipment or similar. I would by reason of recommend, as loyalty to the bloggers and developers over these services to non-use.

But If you really want this system to make filter ads on android smartphone, you can also use and download the Adfree app from the Channel Store. This does require root privileges, but can still filter directly by Host records which is more less data consumption.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Google Employee Confirmed Key Lime Pie In Comic?

In Last few days, we believe that the new iteration of Android operating system that will follow Jelly Bean as the new version will named as Key Lime Pie. But Google has ever even mentioned that this will actually be the name of the next iteration?Android is good

New android Version will be Key Lime Pie ?

In about half a year, Google will present us with certainty the next version of Android at the Google I / O in San Francisco. At least count on the experience of the past. Whether this is will be Android 4.3 or 5.0 is currently difficult to say, but theoretically it could already be the next major update. Also this version will contain a code name, which is derived from a dessert.

In the alphabet will follow after the J by Jelly Bean a K as key lime pie, at least those were the previous rumors on this subject. Here are the previous version of Android

  • 1.5 Cupcake
  • 1.6 Donut
  • 2.0 Eclair
  • 2.2 Froyo
  • 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 3.x Honyecomb
  • 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.1 + Jelly Bean

key lime pie is android new version
android kei lime pie comic

So far, it was rumored that key lime pie is the next candy that will accompany the next version of Android as a code name. Something official I have at least not been found on the Internet, only "Eventuells" and maybes. " Features and Co have so far been speculation regarding the name but I have something for you. Does it make things official when a Google employee paints a comic strip that shows an android who ate the Key Lime Pie? But maybe this key lime pie version maybe really will be next version of android. Because there is a news that says if sony have made an android 5.0 benchmark on their smartphone.

The One who Responsible for the comic itself is Manu Cornet, which not only draws comics , but also works at Google on Gmail Team . I chose the title carefully, perhaps the comic is only created because of Googlers based on rumors - but perhaps he knows more than we do

Friday, 14 June 2013

Microsoft Office Suits For Android Release Date

For several months there are a lot of Rumors persist that Microsoft will release office suite for android and ios Device. Tom Warren from The Verge has from his sources at Microsoft now can bring new details and screenshots for the launch of the android app in experience.

According to The Verge, the Microsoft Office for Android release date is will release in early 2013. The free version of this apps will only allow viewing of Office documents. As with the existing OneNote and SkyDrive for a Microsoft Office Mobile account is necessary.Android is good
Microsoft Office for android release in 2013

It supports Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. Who the files - to a limited extent - would work needed beyond a paid subscription for Office 365 This plan should be purchased directly from the app. Enterprise customers can distribute to its employees codes to unlock editing of Office documents.

The Verge expects that the launch of Office Mobile for iOS either late February or early March to be available. The Android version will follow a few months later in May 2013.

A Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge that "Office will work on Windows Phone, iOS and Android."

Microsoft last office in the Czech Republic had announced iOS version. But The headquarters in Redmond, Washington denied the report, however, immediately. Earlier this year The Daily reported that the mobile version of Office was supposed to be released in November. So which will be the true? let us see togother. if you want to get mwore news about office suit for android news you can subscribe to this blog, of like us on facebook.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Remove Yellow Triangle On Samsung Boot Up

This post is to provide some guidelines on how to reset binary counter and how to remove the yellow triangle (Exclamation mark) on the Samsung smartphone model after the root.

Rooting an Android smartphone there are advantages and disadvantages when doing teh root process. Among the disadvantages is the root is will void the warranty of your Android smartphone or your warranty will be lost. For you who use smartphone that produced by samsung every time you do a flash of firmware, binary counter will be increased and the use of rooting (but not all) will cause your smartphone display Yellow Triangle Exclamation mark every time you boot up.Android is good

remove Yellow Triangle Exclamation Mark

Basically, your smartphone is still functioning normally. Binary counter function is used by Samsung to determine whether a smartphone that has the root or vice versa, while the yellow triangle (Exclamation mark) may also cause you to feel uncomfortable every time reboot. To do so, follow the tutorial below to reset binary counter and the yellow triangle (Exclamation mark) using the Triangle Away on your Samsung Android Smartphone.

NOTE: To view the status or the number of binary counter, enter Download Mode. (Turn Off The Phone -> Vol Down + Home + Power -> Continue).

Applications Triangle Away - (root only)

Use application Away Triangle developed by Chainfire was able to reset the binary counter and triangle away (Exclamation mark) from your Samsung smartphone.
  • Version: 1.7
  • Updated: 18 July 2012
  • Android Version: 4.0 and above
Phone Model:
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I777
  • Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note GT-I9220
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

Download Applications Triangle Away

  • Download [root] Triangle Away: Google Play Store ($ 1.84)
  • Download [root] Triangle Away apk: XDA Link (Free) - updated version can be obtained from here.


How To Binary Counter Reset And remove Yellow Triangle Using Triangle Away
NOTE: Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet / WiFi.

  1. Download applications Triangle Away from the link above, and install it to your smartphone.
  2. Run Triangle Away application, and select Continue in the display Confirmation Model. (Make sure your smartphone model is accurate, if not DO NOT proceed)how to remove yellow triangle on boot
  3. Triangle Away will download the necessary data.
  4. After fininshed update data, select Reset Flash Counter.
    WARNING the display, click Continue.
    your Smartphone will be rebooted into bootmode special.
    how to reset binary counter on android
    Triangle Away Special Bootmode
  5. All information on Flash counter and Binary Status will be displayed.
    Press Volume Up to Continue button.
    Triangle Away will reset counter flash and binary status smarphone.
    Your Smartphone will Auto Reboot.

If all goes well, the yellow triangle (Exclamation mark) will not appear again during the boot up process and the binary counter will be reset to (0). To be sure, enter Download Mode.

To restore your smartphone to the normal state (out of box), make sure you flash using the stock ROM / firmware from Samsung. Stock Firmware for Samsung smartphone model can be downloaded from .

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 With CF Root

At this time I will show you tutorial How to Root Galaxy Note II (N7100) using CF-Auto Root from Chainfire (XDA member). Auto CF-Root is a new method introduced by Chainfire which is more stable and focused on the stock firmware, the easiest and fastest specifically to users who are not experienced in the process of rooting. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the newest samsung device that announced last month. And It become the samsung flagship model in 2012. So it must be many Galaxy Note 2 users still search the method how to root it. Android is good

The use of a CF-Auto Root and CF-Root Samsung smartphone suitable for owners who want to keep the original stock firmware features and is suitable for those who are just trying to root Samsung smartphone. if you want you also can read Galaxy Note 2 New Features

Galaxy Note 2 Root with CF root

Read First

Do With Your Own Risk


If you want to install cwm recovery read on how to install cwm recovery on galaxy note 2


  • Tools Required:
  • PC / laptop equipped with Samsung Kies
  • Galaxy Note 2 N7100
  • Odin 1.85 (download and unzip).
  • CF-Root-Auto-SGN2 (download and unzip the file to your acquire CF-Root-Auto-SGN2.tar).

To download the tools go here (password:

Auto use CF-Root method will increase the binary counter and resulted in the Yellow Triangle. Use Triangle Away to reset binary counter. read on how to remove yellow triangle Mark on boot up screen.

Tutorial Root Galaxy Note 2 N7100

Please Read carefully. Below is Tutorial How to Root galaxy note 2 with CF-root
  1. Start Odin on your PC / laptop.
    Click the PDA button and Auto-Select CF-Root-SGN2.tar.
  2. Turn off the Galaxy Note II and Reboot to Download mode (VOLUME DOWN + HOME + POWER).
    To proceed, select Continue by pressing the Volume Up button.
  3. Connect the Galaxy Note II to the PC / laptop using a USB cable.
    Wait until Odin recognize your smartphone. Part ID: COM displays yellow.
    Make sure Re-Partition is not the ticked.
  4. Click the Start button.
    This process takes less than a minute, and the Galaxy Note II will auto reboot into recovery modified (Red Android Logo) and then will reboot into stock recovery.
  5. Done!

NOTE: The Galaxy Note II will be equipped with SuperSU

Facing problems in the process of pursuing Way - How to Root Galaxy Note II? Any questions please submit via the comments below. I will try my best to help

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How To Unroot Galaxy Young

Well for those of you who have done rooting on Galaxy Young, would be more free to make modifications to the system, whether it be change rom, overclocking the processor, battery calibration, backup all apps + data, and others. But what if suddenly your galaxy young is damaged. In fact, the service center will refuse warranty service if your Young Galaxy have in root. So you need to unroot it first to give back the warranty. So in this tutorial i will explain how to unroot galaxt youngAndroid is good
tutorial unroot galaxy young

Relax, there is another way. By using unroot. Unroot is a way to remove the root so your galaxy young will back like it was before in the root. Now with this you can return the warranty of your galaxy young.

Read First

If you perform these steps carefully, then you can successfully unroot.
Do with your own risk

Note: Doing unroot basically like you do root. Recommended backup of all data.

Tutorial Unroot Galaxy Young

  1. Download file here
  2. Put the file on the SD Card. Do not be extracted, and do not be put in a folder
  3. Turn off the Galaxy Youngmu
  4. Go to Recovery Moder with press Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button
  5. Select Apply Update from SD Card
  6. Choose
  7. Wait, and if the process has been completed select Rebbot System Now
  8. Done! Congratulations you have been on the Galaxy Y unroot

If you are still having SuperUser application, the application can not be opened. Therefore just uninstall SuperUser application and also do not forget to uninstall other root apps.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How To Install Android 4.2 Gmail On Android ICS Device or Higher

From Androidpolice yesterday showed us an exclusive all new Gmail 4.2 feature. So today we will give you the gmail application and tutorial install android 4.2 gmail on android 4.0 or Ice cream sandwich device or with higher android version. Unfortunately, to install and replace the one already you must have root on your phone and a fairly simple procedure.Android is good

Screenshot of Android 4.2 Gmail for ICS

android 4.2 gmail for ics device

Files Needed:
mirror # 1
mirror # 2
Android 4.0 or higher

Tutorial Install android 4.2 Gmail on Android 4.0 device

  1. Download Gmail 4.2
  2. Rename it Gmail2.apk.
  3. Make a Nandroid backup for safety
  4. Delete any version of Gmail:
    - Many people have used Titanium Backup or ROM Toolbox to delete Gmail successfully. If you can you can skip directly to step 6, otherwise continue:
    - To delete Gmail there are usually 2 or 3 copies of the program. One is located in / system / app (original version pre-installed) others may be present in / data / app (and the update of the play store). They are all called "Gmail.apk," or "[number]. Apk," and can be identified by icon gmai.
  5. You may have to also delete the filter. ODEX equal to that found with apk described above, if you have. In general you should not do it but it depends on the type of rom you used, since there different types.
  6. Reboot and install Gmail 4.2
  7. If you can not install the APK normally, you can try the ADB command: adb install Gmail2.apk write.

Note: in the original article specifies that the apk is not signed with the usual key of gmail, but with a different, probably of development and production, then you do NOT update the play store if they were coming updates ... to return to the play version store must uninstall this version BEFORE you download the new

This guide on intall android 4.2 gmail on ics device is obviously suitable for advanced users who know what they do and what they delete. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Android 4.2 Prevents The Sending of SMS Without Permission And Scanned for Malwares

Google has confirmed that the new version of Android 4.2 (Jellybean) offer further improvements in security on our smartphone or tablet, and all the news about the new features already mentioned in the previous article about new features of Android 4.2 , the goal is to prevent an applications entering our phone that may contain malware and harmful to our system and then block those that may perform sending SMS without our permission. Below is new security features on android 4.2 that make your android device more save.Android is good

Android 4.2 New Security Featues
android 4.2 new security features

To prevent our system to be damaged or endangered our data, Android 4.2 will bring implemented a native antivirus with a new feature that allows an analysis of the applications that we will install, but will not perform the analysis with all applications, if not only and exclusively with not from Google Play.

When we want to install an application that is not from Google Play, the phone will verify the application, it will send the signed APK to Google's servers, and if the application is secure install on our device, the use of this function is optional, since you can disable or enable the analysis section malwares from Settings -> Security.

Prevent sending SMS without permission

Furthermore, when an application tries to send a SMS, the phone will indicate that application wants to do and that number, allowing the user to accept or reject such action, thus avoiding possible scams and scares in our bill because of SMS sent without our consent.

How about the new security enhancements in Android 4.2? Leave a comment, comments and share in your social networks facebook, twitter and Google+, if you was helpful, I will be very grateful.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

New Sony Xperia Go Review And Price

The new Sony Xperia go again presented as the best alternative to the everyday use for people, the sportsmen and also the careless, because thanks to its IP67 certification is able to withstand shock, scratches, dust and immersion in water to 1 meter unharmed. All this accompanied by a consistent hardware and a very attractive price.

Sony Xperia Go, built to withstand

Obviously, we have to start shelling the capabilities and the strength of the new Xperia go, and is being certified IP67, which, as we have seen , assures enormous resistance against shock, scratches, dust and water, making it SUV smartphone that likes to get out.Android is good
As if this were not enough, the content size gives a very good ergonomics when move with it, and its unibody construction is opting for ports to ensure airtight lids his estaqueidad. The materials are good and even has endowed the back of a non-slip coating touch.

Sony Xperia Go Review

sony xperia go review

Xperia Go Specifications

And for xperia go specifications, the device has a TFT - LCD 3.5 inch Reality Display technology and the Mobile BRAVIA Engine. The resolution stays at a modest 480 × 320 pixels, and the touch sensor will use the display even with wet fingers. The front glass is mineral, anti-reflective and scratch resistant.
The hardware platform is based on ST-Ericsson U8500 NovaThor with dual core processor at 1 GHz, accompanied 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory expandable via microSD cards.
The device also has a 5-megapixel main camera with autofocus and fast capture, but no front camera. It is capable of recording video at 720p, detects faces and smiles and has enabled the usual 3D Panorama function Xperia smartphones. Nor missed appointment LED flash.

Sony Xperia go has full connectivity go up to HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA and GPS. It also has FM radio and is compatible with all Sony Entertainment Network services.
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will bring to life in the beginning, but as the range Sony, 2012, is expected to be updated in the coming months to Jelly Bean.

Availability and prices

The new Sony Xperia go release date go in our country will be launched next December 1st hand of the operator Orange, which will go on sale from the 0 euros linked to permanent contracts.
There will be an exclusive, so we can buy it free at a price that will be between 250 and 300 euros.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Google Wallet Will Release The Physical Payment Card

Last week Google announced that it would soon present its new Google Wallet , and now thanks to a leak we have learned that Google Wallet will give the physical payment card to pay for those businesses or countries where it is not not accept payments via NFC. Android is good
google wallet with physical card

The physical Google Wallet card will work just like a regular credit card. Whatever your currently selected default card on the Wallet app is, the Wallet card will charge to. It will work anywhere major credit cards are accepted

Google Wallet Features

The Google Wallet Card is a payment card standard circuit honoring the abundance we pay with any of our credit cards and debit cards that we added in Google Wallet. From the official Android application or from your card web say that we want to pass on a copper trade Google Wallet Card. This may prevent more than one having to carry all your cards in your wallet and carry only the Google Wallet application and from which we want to select in the charge is made.

Google Wallet Card app

google wallet card physical

This card would be requested from the web or Android app and we come by post to our address, but whether this card will be available worldwide or limited to the United States. Some stores may apply discounts and special offers to pay with Google Wallet Card.
how to get google wallet

Other features are discovered that the new version of Google Wallet will send money to other users and add some public transport cards, probably only support NFC. Neither rule can also add tickets, tickets and cards.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pinterest Is Updated By Increasing The Size Of The images And Ability To Make Repin

Pinterest For Android

After the initial hype, Pinterest has dropped a little traffic but the emergence of mobile systems, including Android, has helped him to emerge again. Now, with a new update brings a few new features to keep us enjoy sharing photos and files from your mobile.Android is good

Pinterest For Android
This new update is available from today, bring a couple of important developments. For one screen images will be larger and we know who have done repin thereof. It also has improved image sharing system through other applications.

What's Cool, we must recognize that at the new interface level have achieved a very good job but with a small catch: there comes a few weeks later from his appearance in IOS, which included main attraction is the compatibility with the iPhone 5. Upgrading is free, as usual.
pinterest for android
Android version: from 2.2
Developer: Pinterest Inc.
Download it at: Google Play
Price: free
Category: Society

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

GALAXY Nexus Android 4.2 Update Release Start

Today, Google have been relesed the new version of android for Galaxy nexus. After Google Make Google Play Music available with us now. Now The last year's model GALAXY Nexus officially gets Android 4.2 update. First users report that they were offered the Android 4.2 update for Galaxy Nexus already.

By now Google Release Android 4.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus and the previous model is finally back on the current status of the First User Takju variant of the smartphone have already received the update. This is the model that was sold in the U.S. Google Play Store. In this country (germany) used yakju version of the Galaxy Nexus gets experience, the update a day later.

Although the changes from Android 4.1 to Android 4.2 is not have so much different, the highlights on this new version is the Photosphere Camera app and the Swype-like Keybord. And a new version of Android is always a nice thing. For you Who do not want wait until the update come to your country, you can install the Android 4.2 update manually on your galaxy nexus .Android is good


galaxy nexus android 4.2 update release

This will also likely make the users of the Galaxy Nexus happy. Android 4.2 on this smartphone will certainly be a new reason to buy again, just because the price of the Galaxy Nexus will fal. Will you now might set the GALAXY Nexus or maybe Nexus 4 the successor of Nexus?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

RecoverX a new project to install Recovery on many Android Device

It's called RecoverX and is a new project posted on XDA that allows you to install modified recovery on many smartphones and Android Tablet with immediacy and simplicity. Compatible with Windows platform, the program provides a graphical interface easy and intuitive recovery can load modified on dozens of Android. The current list found at the following and is long:
recoverx for many android device

It should be emphasized that the tool allows you to select different Recovery, if available of course, and in particular we have the choice between:

recoverx tools for android recovery

Finally a truly comprehensive program so that will help all users in the process of modding your device. You just have to enter the program bookmark in order to monitor its future evolution. Android is good

recoverx option menu

For More Information about recoverx tutorial and download

Monday, 3 June 2013

How To Enable MULTI-USER Support On Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Once on my previous pot i have been discussed about android multiple user account feature on Jelly Bean, so today i will discussed it more specifically. Android Jelly Bean has many features that provide a quite simple user concept with extensive possibilities. Some features are very obvious and easy to find for the end user, other functions have to be found only by experimentation. We'll show you tutorial unlock multi-user support on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Android is good
add multiple user account

Especially when several family members share a tablet, it is useful to set up multiple users account on the machine. How this works, you will learn in the following instructions:

Requirements for Multi-User Support

As a prerequisite for multi-user support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a rooted smartphone or tablet . You'll need the Android Terminal Emulator app from Google Play

Enable Multi User Account On Jelly Bean Device.

  1. Launch the Terminal Emulator app and type the following commands:
    pm create-user test
  2. So you have created a new user called "test". To switch to this user profile, you need only the power button for a few seconds while selecting the user "test". The new user account you can now configure as desired, for example, set a new home screen and app icons on this place.
  3. To the newly created user account if you wat to remove it from your jelly bean device, start the Terminal Emulator app and enter the following commands:
    pm remove-user 1
  4. Then the account will be deleted from your device
Ok thats for my simple instruction for add multple user account on jelly bean device. see you on another android application news and tutorial.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Samsung GALAXY Camera Release on 22 November

At the IFA 2012 Samsung unveiled its Samsung GALAXY Camera with prior probably one of the most interesting models in the show. The special feature of this camera is that it is a quasi Samsung GALAXY S 3 with a 16.3 MP CMOS BSI sensor and a 21-times optical zoom. From this post you can know more completely when samsung galaxy camera will release on market.

The concept of the Samsung GALAXY Camera is really interesting. In principle, it is an Android 4.1 smartphone without the phone function and spiced with a 16.3 MP sensor and a 21-times optical zoom. The price to be charged for Samsung model is currently set at EUR 599.00. But is worth EUR 600.00 for really such a "hybrid".

The fact now is Samsung GALAXY Camera sale start on 22nd November is celebrated with a media event. Should be interesting then to this camera price, so far this is indeed at EUR 599.00 and is clearly too high in my opnion. For this money you get even with really good DSLR equipment. Android is good


samsung galaxy camera release

Samsung Galaxy Camera Specs

The Samsung GALAXY Camera has a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor, a 23 mm wide-angle lens and 21-times optical zoom. The focal length of 4.1 to 86.1 mm is the light sensitivity (ISO) at 100 to 3200. Videos can be recorded not only in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps, but in 480p at 120 fps - ideal for slow motion shots. And the Samsung GALAXY Camera would be interesting for you?

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Android 4.2 New Features : Malware Scanner For Apps

In Android 4.2 , Google has integrated the feature to check applications before installing the apps. So it will prevents your android device from malicious software. So your smartphones and tablets will be better protected against malware. This Google has now announced the details.

From many new feature on android 4.2. Google has integrated with its android version, a new security feature for android 4.2. Before the installation of applications beyond the Play Store these are now checked for malicious software. This is to avoid that users undetected malware install. Directly into Google's Android App Store was malware recognizer Bouncer integrated earlier this year. The Android apps will be examined so that within the Play Store for malicious functions anytime and then banned from the shop. Android is good

android 4.2 scanner malware apps

Because it is possible on Android devices without problems, download apps from other stores or even from a web page, it has been possible, however, to capture malware beyond the Play Store. Google wants to change this with the new security feature in Android 4.2. The functioning of the innovation Google has more details announced.

Function sends data to Google

"Verified apps" feature is enabled in Android 4.2 by default and reviewed applications before installing. When the user installs the first time an application is verified that, there is a query as to whether the relevant data may be sent to Google. For app-testing some data is sent to Google. This App includes related URLs, the device ID, the version number of the Android version, the IP address and cookies.

If the app-review noted an application that may contain malicious code, the user is warned before installing the app. If it is clearly in an application is malicious software that installed the app is prevented. Only by turning off the safety function can not be started in this case the relevant app.

Generally the app-check is only available if the backing store is installed, which in most Android devices is the case anyway.

However, it will take many months before these safety improvements will be present on the instruments on the market, so to offer device manufacturers an update to Android 4.2. Up until now less than 30 percent of Android devices with Android 4.0.x or 4.1.x. Android The majority of these relate to Android 4.0.x, which was released over a year ago. The vast majority of Android devices running an older version.