Saturday, 22 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S Advance Will Get Android 4.1 On January

The Samsung developers is currently work hard to make update for their smartphone models. And if their job have finished Samsung Galaxy S Advance will get the Android 4.1 update. The samsung developers always give the best that they can, So their smartphone will gets the Android 4.1 update. Android is good

We all know that This year samsung have already released android 4.1 update for theri flasgship model. The first model that gets the android 4.1 update is Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung GALAXY Note 2 and a few other devices will also receive the update soon, it should appear for the Samsung GALAXY Note and the Samsung Galaxy S2, later this year. And last night, Samsung has announced on Facebook that the will released The Jelly Bean update for another smartphone.

Actaually Samsung Galaxy S Advance wasn't expected to get the Jelly Bean update this year. This update will make the phone will improve the feature and can enjoy the goodness of many feature. for more details about the feature you can read Android Jelly Bean New feature. But we can see that samsung have said it on facebook:

"Dear fans, more and more devices will now receive the update to Android Jelly Bean. Even the Galaxy S I9070 Advance receives this and in January on gravel or over-the-air are available."

Galaxy S Advance Will Receive Android 4.1 on January

Galaxy S Advance android 4.1 update

One can assume that samsung on this update didn't mention wether it is Android 4.2 update or not. Well, i think it is rather the Android 4.1.1 than Android 4.1.2 update to the Samsung GALAXY S Advance. Nevertheless will probably all users of the smartphone now looking forward to January!