Sunday, 2 June 2013

Samsung GALAXY Camera Release on 22 November

At the IFA 2012 Samsung unveiled its Samsung GALAXY Camera with prior probably one of the most interesting models in the show. The special feature of this camera is that it is a quasi Samsung GALAXY S 3 with a 16.3 MP CMOS BSI sensor and a 21-times optical zoom. From this post you can know more completely when samsung galaxy camera will release on market.

The concept of the Samsung GALAXY Camera is really interesting. In principle, it is an Android 4.1 smartphone without the phone function and spiced with a 16.3 MP sensor and a 21-times optical zoom. The price to be charged for Samsung model is currently set at EUR 599.00. But is worth EUR 600.00 for really such a "hybrid".

The fact now is Samsung GALAXY Camera sale start on 22nd November is celebrated with a media event. Should be interesting then to this camera price, so far this is indeed at EUR 599.00 and is clearly too high in my opnion. For this money you get even with really good DSLR equipment. Android is good


samsung galaxy camera release

Samsung Galaxy Camera Specs

The Samsung GALAXY Camera has a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor, a 23 mm wide-angle lens and 21-times optical zoom. The focal length of 4.1 to 86.1 mm is the light sensitivity (ISO) at 100 to 3200. Videos can be recorded not only in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps, but in 480p at 120 fps - ideal for slow motion shots. And the Samsung GALAXY Camera would be interesting for you?