Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Easy Tutorial Root Kindle Fire HD 7

One of the first things a lot of Android Kindle Fire users try to do after running the unboxing of your android device, is to get root acces on the system file, this operation is equivalent to the procedure of Rooting jailbreak performed on ios running device and will allows users to run applications that can result in changes to access data at the system level and resources. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is one of the latest new devices based on the Android operating system, and has received positive feedback from critics and even by consumers, who praise its unbeatable price and a strong digital library of music, movies, books and TV shows. Today we will see a tutorial Root the Kindle Fire HD 7.Android is good

how to root kindle fire htc

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Root Kindle Fire HD 7

The only requirement to root kindle fire hd is to have ADB already installed and configured on your computer( read how to install adb ). Otherwise, you can download it from the official site for all'Android SDK. The NewsGeek not be liable for any damage or malfunction caused by the execution of this guide, proceed at your own risk.
  1. Activated The ADB from Settings> Security,
  2. download extract the contents of the file and run the executable file inside,
  3. Then download, then extract this zip file and you will find a system folder. Inside this folder there is a file Superuser.apk,
  4. copy and paste Superuser.apk and place it in the directory where you installed the Android SDK,
  5. Connect the Kindle Fire HD 7 to your computer,
  6. start a terminal as the Command Prompt (Windows) or terminal (Linux), past the platform-tools folder in the directory where you installed the Android SDK,
  7. enter the following commands one by one:

adb shell
rm-r / data / local / tmp
ln-s / data / / data / local / tmp

adb reboot
adb shell
echo 'ro.kernel.qemu = 1'> / data / local.prop
adb reboot
adb shell mount-o remount, rw / system
adb push to / system / xbin / su
adb shell
chown 0.0 / system / xbin / su
chmod 06755 / system / xbin / su
rm / data / local.prop
adb reboot
adb install Superuser.apk

If you have done everything correctly, your Kindle Fire HD will be rooted successfully, so now you have root privilege on kindle fire HD. try the application Superuser from those available on the device.