Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to Fix apps installation error from Playstore Market

Often it happens that the Android market make us confused and begins to give strange errors when you try to install or upgrade applications. Today I will explain how to resolve the following error: "unable to install the USB or the SD card" or alternatively in another words: "couldn't install on USB storage or SD card".this perfect and more userfriendly

installation error from playsore

After carefully analyzing the logs showed that the error is caused by the following file: smdl2tmp1. asec. This is a temporary file that is created during the installation, and which is used by the system when you try to install or update applications inside the SD card.

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To fix app installation error on this problem , simply delete the file located in the following folders (not necessarily both):
  1. /sdcard/.android_secure this is a folder whose access is denied, but you can easily access it through your computer or via file manager (Astro or Root Explorer)
  2. /mnt/secure/asec/ it is a system folder, then to unsubscribe within files you will necessarily need the root on your device.
    What is Root? The Root rights are nothing more than allowed by the superuser, in the Unix world the Root user is the one who owns all the administrator of your system, so it can launch applications (ranging to touch system files), Browse and Edit freely all files present in File System.

Delete this file is an almost safe operation, because as mentioned above it is a temporary file created and used only during the installation of apps on SD card.