Friday, 22 February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.4 Update Release

Finally, today there is good news for the Samsung Galaxy S2 users. Today This samsung smartphone has officially release an update to android 4.0.4. This update is available by two ways via OTA(how to perform ota update) and by update samsung phone via Kies. This Samsung galaxy s2 android 4.0.4 update Size is around 67.09 MB. So just use which one way you like to update your smartphone

However, this Android 4.0.4 update is available only for "free" Samsung GALAXY S2 and NOT for the ominous G model. And as usual the changelog for the update as always it is not explained by samsung. However, users report that after installing Android 4.0 on the Galaxy S2 the wireless connection is stable again.look great

Who the users that still didn't get offer for update android 4.0.4 from samsung don't need to worry or nervous. because as usual this update for samsung smartphone is released in some waves/stages so just be patient until the update come to your country. Of course you can occasionally look at the settings of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Android 4.0 .4 initiate manual update.


galaxy s2 android 4.0.4 update

The Android 4.0.4 update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be the last Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for this smartphone. Because even for November Samsung has announced the Android 4.1 update for this Android phone.
there are some issues that appear after this update. read galaxy s2 android 4.0.4 problem