Friday, 22 February 2013

Tutorial Root Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android 4.1.2 I9100XWLSD

After Samsung galaxy s2 receive the update to android 4.1 Jelly Bean which is with I9100XWLSD firmware verison. In this guide i will give you tutorial how to root Samung Galaxy S2 with android 4.1.2 I9100XWLSD using siyah kernel. To enable the root permissions on the one of the samsung flasgship phone there is a siyah kernel that will hel you, the safest and most reliable method existed at the time.
I describe that the term of root android world refers to the ability to obtain root privileges, example linux systems administrator, to grant applications that require them. look great

Read First
  • Update Galaxy S2 To android 4.1.2 with I9100XWLSD firmware version
  • Root will void your warranty
  • First read the entire manual and follow the step exactly with i described below.
  • Make sure that your pc is installed the galaxy s2 driver (just get Kies ).
  • root the Galaxy SII will not delete your data,
  • but it's always recommended to do a backup. Read how to perform nandroid backup
  • Download odin : paste to your browser
  • download siyah kernel
  • Do with your own risk

Here is the procedure of root process
  1. If you not already have odin on your computer, download Odin and extract the executable in C:\.
  2. Now download the kernel, after download Run Odin and on thePDA field enter the .tar file siyah that you just downloaded.
  3. Odin should be configured as shown in the following figure, then you don't need to do anything else.

    tutorial root galaxy s2 jelly bean I9100XWLSD

  • Put your phone to Download Mode the and connect it to your pc with the usb cable.
    Wait until the phone is recognized by odin (see image below).
    Otherwise try closing and reopening Odin back and Download Mode your phone.
    root galaxy s2 on android 412 with siyah kernel

  • Start the root procedure by clicking the Start button. The phone will restart on its own and you can detach it from your pc.

  • Finish, now you have successfukky obtained the root access. As confirmation you will find inside the applications menu two new programs: Superuser or SuperSu

  • To delete the root you just need to flash the stock firmware, then the root access wil be removed.