Friday, 22 February 2013

LG Optimus Android 4.0 Update Released in Korea

For the users of the LG Optimus it might be good news. Because in Korea, LG has now been made ​​the official Android 4.0 Update for Korean LG Optimus 2X on its server. The update has a size of 500MB. However, this Android 4.0 is Intended only for the Korean model.

For German users, there is hope, as the LG Optimus and the LG Optimus 2X are almost identical hardware side, so it might soon be on Android 4.0 update. So far was total uncertainty, because a LG unit Wore denied this, but another said that it would give an LG Optimus Android 4.0 update.looking cool

This update build name is V30x name, which as our tipster suggests, means it's packing Ice Cream Sandwich (V1x - Froyo; V2x - Gingerbread).

To get the update go here for the 540MB file. Then Load it on your device. follow this tutorial to get more explanation. But All of you don't forget that it is only for the Korean version of the Optimus 2X SU660, and it is do not work for the international version of the device.
LG Optimus Android 4.0 Update

Therefore, it can now be natural that it will in the coming weeks and finally appear Android 4.0 for the LG Optimus as an update. Recently, LG has been presented with really hard to forget the mistakes of the last update policy.

If, therefore, the European employees of LG but still speak positively about the update, then we will tell you which of course as soon as possible