Friday, 22 February 2013

Why Samsung Interested Developed Tizen OS

You probably have never heard about Tizen, and also you still do not know what is Tizen. Tizen is an open source mobile operating system and it is free. Tizen is based on Linux operating system and displayed to the world public by the Tizen association. you can read complete explanation about tizen from wikipedia. Tizen is predicted to be a great mobile operating system that might be able to compete with android and ios

And now one of the biggest smartphone vendor Samsung announced that They will launch a prototype device in the first Tizen developers conference in san francisco. Maybe some of you wondered why Samsung could be interested to develop Tizen on their smartphones. And at this time I will be discussing Why samsung interested to use Tizen. look great
tizen on samsung

Tizen Specification

Tizen have some features in common with its predecessors whizh called MeeGo (MeeGo is no longer being developed) such as good networking management, but there are some important differences
Tizenoperating system is based on web standards such as HTML5 and WAC and other web technologies and it is implemented for use in tablets, netbooks, smartphones

Actaully yesterday samsung has confirmed that they have tested it on one of their flagship phone. you can read on Samsung Test tizen on galaxy s3.
One of the Samsung officials said that Samsung this year will port bada to Tizen. "We have a business that would combine Bada and Tizen," he said Forbes. He said the merger was already underway, although he did not set a date for completion.
Surely all of you thingking, Sasmung already have Android and windows on their smartphones. So why do they still need Tizen?

More control, More power

The answer is Samsung will have full control. With Samsung release the Tizen OS on their handsets without Google (and Motorola), it can make samsung device more distinctive than the another android gandsets that spread on world sale, such as Apple which use IOS as their "own" OS.

Samsung was interested to improve their software touches, such as your device knows when you are looking at it, and your device keep the screen on until your eyes not look on the screen. And the ability to make a call to someone by just raising the phone to your ear. And Samsung knows if most of Android devices are can pretty customized, so if samsung wants to keep the position as the top in the smartphone market, they needs to create a new innovate. So tizen might be the one who can make it realize.

Samsung is planning that they will at least make one or two devie powered with Tizen this year, said by Tae-Jin Kang. While he told Forbes "Tizen will not become Samsung's main operating system platforms in the near future," but the fact he mentioned to the others that it would be samsung flagship. Is Samsung can build their own OS to gradually overtake Android version in the next few years? quite possible.

And as the proof in past June 2012 Samsung had unveiled a prototype devie powered by Tizen. It has specification with a 4.3-inch screen, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, so if the prototype can be developped perfectky the tizen os can turn from power mid-to high-end handsets, just as Tae-Jin Kang said.

The protoype of Tizen OS looks kinda similar to TouchWiz. And the HTML5 apps look a little laggy when run, But don't worry this is still just a prototype. this prototype also have Support for Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

Samsung also said implemented Bada apps in future software, so you’ll still can to use your Bada favourites on samsung Tizen mobiles. So this will also be a good news for developers, if they have know how to make apps for bada the will able to make apps for tizen too without need any new skill required. So There will be many apps on Tizen device.