Friday, 22 February 2013

How to Customize Android Lock Screen Display

Are you bored with the look of your android lockscreen and want to customize it? Or maybe you want to be creative with makes your own lockscreen? How do I make it? let me share a common custom lockscreen on android.
Before discussing more about how to modify android lockscreen. first prepare the steps and materials that will be used in the custom lockscreen. look great


How to change android lockscreen

In this article, I divide tutorial change android lock screen into two section, basic and advanced, with basic method has no risk to you, but if you fail to edit in advance method can cause bootloop when you fail.

Custom Android Lock screen with basic method

  1. Choose one of the lock screen that you want to edit
  2. Download apk lockscreen
  3. After you get the get apk, decompile the apk using maxiedit
  4. Find the graphic files, and edit using imaging applications (common graphic files are in the folder "drawable")
  5. Re Compile the file to be apk file again. then install the apk
  6. Finish and you can enjoy your new lockscreen.

Custom Lock screen with Advance method

  1. Backup framework res.apk then move it on your PC
  2. Edit and decompile framework-res.apk by using MaxiEdit
  3. Open the folder results decompile framework-res.apk, then find the xml file keyguard_screen_tab_unlock
  4. Edit the xml file with notepad + + (already available on MaxiEdit)
  5. Find a line that is writing like below:
    <RelativeLayout android:gravity="center_horizontal" android:id="@id/root" android:background="#70000000" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"
  6. Then change to
    <RelativeLayout android:gravity="center_horizontal" android:id="@id/root" android:background="@drawable/lockscreen_default" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"
  7. Then save
  8. Then create a custom png image, adjust the resolution size of your android device (example, 240 x 300 pixel for QVGA), created according to your creations, and then rewrite to lockscreen_default.png
  9. After done, input the lockscreen_default.png image to the the res-drawable folder / (ldpi-mdpi-hdpi)
  10. Edit also another image file that you want to change
  11. Delete the resources.arsc file
  12. Go into the folder res-layout, remove the file keyguard_screen_tab_unlock.xml
  13. Then compile the framework-apk file and make sure there are no errors when compiling
  14. Perform nandroid backup before you push the framework-res.apk that you have created just in case you failed to edit because it will cause bootloop
  15. Push the framework-res.apk that you compiled earlier to the system / framework
  16. When finished push the framework-res.apk , then reboot your android device
  17. If you are succesfull, then the lockscreen you will become as your creation


- Both the basic and advance way, note DO NOT CHANGE the size of the image resolution, and image extensions (if .Png then your new file extension must be .Png, if .9.Png then your new file must be .9.Png too. To make .9.png you can read the article that I have provided above by using a 9-patch)
- Make a backup before you edit using advanced ways

Ok thats for how change and customize your android lock screen. see you in next android latest news