Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Easy Tutorial Install ClockWorkMod Recovery For Sony Xperia Sola

Sony Xperia Sola is announced at end of march 2012, and its become one of the Sony smartphone flagship model, in this post i will show you my experience on install custom recovery and this time i choose clockworkmod recovey for my Sony Xperia Sola. But Before you start install cwm recovery on your sony xperia sola first you need to unlock the bootloader first. Look great android

install cwm recovery on xperia sola

Unlock Bootloader Sony Xperia Sola

Actually Sony Officially has released the procedure to unlock the bootloader, although it is from sony but you must note that it still will void the warranty. If you want to get back the warranty you can flash the stock rom / firmware. Then you will get back the warranty. Here is the official tutorial from sony :

In practice, this procedure can be official unlock the bootloader to other smartphones such as the Xperia P, and Xperia U

Once you have unlocked the bootloader on your smartphone, you can for example change the recovery, like by install CWM Recovery on your sony xperia phone, so you can install an alternative firmware or custom rom

How To install CWM Recovery On Sony Xperia Sola

If you want to try the ClockworkMod recovery on your Sony Xperia Sola but don't know how to do, today we offer the complete guide, it is also quite simple.

In this case, in fact, after unlocking the bootloader using the Guide found at the beginning of the article, what you need to do is install a modified kernel that already includes the recovery inside.
The installation is quite simple, as long as we have already said, I have already unlocked bootloader.
  1. Download the kernel file to your device
  2. Download fastboot then install
  3. copy the file and put the file to your fastboot installation folder
  4. Rename the file with the name "kernel.elf"
  5. connect your smartphone to your Windows PC with USB charging cable
  6. Open a command prompt from where you place the kernel file, by press shift + right click open command prompt here, and type: fastboot flash boot kernel.elf
  7. At this point type, always from the command prompt on Windows, the command :
    fastboot reboot.
  8. In this way your smartphone will restart and you will be free to use the new recovery to change firmware.
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thanks to forum xda developers that give the very helpfull guide
Well, we've seen together how to unlock the bootloader and recovery change on Sony Xperia Sola
At this point I suggest you search on XDA to find some interesting firmware to install on your smartphone using the recovery you just installed.