Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Android Facebook 2.0 App Update Released

Recently has been released facebook 2.0 app update for android Today i will share about a well known applications and used by all devices of various brands and with different operating systems, we are talking about the application of Facebook that allows you to use a client to be able to stay in touch with all our friends and paranti.

With the operating system of Apple or iOS , there are no major problems as regards the fluidity and the speed of navigation, but unfortunately for Android Operatinv system the facebook app have encountered several problems, one among many is the fluidity in the "shake" the new news feed or Simply open a photo.this perfect and more userfriendly

Mark Zuckerberg had promised, in fact some time ago said that their employees were working on a new version of facebook app for Android that would bring huge benefits and also would have been solved speed problems.

Apparently today is the big day, in fact a few hours it is possible to download directly from Google Play Store the update to Facebook 2.0.

facebook 2.0 app update

What's New

We summarize briefly the new android facebook app update allowing you to understand what is really changed:

Facbook 2.0 android App Feature

  • Overall speed improvement.
  • Opening photos more faster.
  • On our home page, there will be a banner that says "new news" when there will be.
  • New graphics for notifications will now be full screen.
  • New graphics for the shared post, where we will find a new provision regarding the various tags, like, share and comment.

Download Facebook 2.0 for android
If you want download the app directly as apk read on tutorial download apk frim google play.

And there is also led innovations that in short will be new to the new Facebook app on Android, of course we were happy even if certainly you can do better, in fact, an engineer who is part of the team of Zuckerberg, or Frank Du said this is the first important step to advance the Facebook app in the Android world.

What do you think about this new update?