Friday, 2 August 2013

CoPilot Live Premium Europe GPS Navigator for Android

After the news of the last few days, where it was announced the new version of CoPilot for Android, finally the final version of the program is released on Google Play Store for smartphones and Android tablet. This new version of CoPilot for Android is called version. this perfect and more userfriendly

Whats new on CoPilot Live Premium Europe

Let's see what's new on copilot live premium for europe and where to download this application.
copilot live premium europe for android

I state that I use different browsers for Android and CoPilot is not among my favorites. CoPilot for example prefer to TomTom or Navigon, which seem to me to be more precise, up-to-date, reliable and with more features. In the coming days I will try this new version and I'll let you know what you think through a full review.

If you try it, of course, let me know what you think about this satellite navigation application for Android.

You can try another navigator for android on :

After i have tried it, The program is Full, so complete. The software is in English language.
As we mentioned earlier, it is dell's latest version of CoPilot, the most updated available on Google Play Store.

CoPilot Live Premium is the navigation system for your phone:
-Voice guidance curve after curve
-Map of a region of Europe installed (no monthly fees)
-Radar Warnings
-Live Services

Features available in this version: v
• Reviews and user reviews of Yelp for local businesses
• Detailed information about traffic accidents along the route
• Improved text recognition features for insertion of addresses
• Privacy settings Menu
• Inserting GPS coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds
• Further improvements to download in-app maps
• Improvements to the route optimizer

Installation instructions:
Recommended to uninstall any previous version before, without removing data (clear the cache and delete data)

Tutorial Install Copilot live premium

To install copilot live premium first, open the CoPilot and Navigator when prompted enter any ID, email address and username to your liking
Doing this you can download the map or any other maps you want and you'll have all the complete and fully functional program, with all the maps you want (European maps).

The version on Play Store costs 29,89$, this is free


Download copilot live from playstore