Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How To Update Galaxy Nexus To Android 4.0.4 Via OTA

If you are in own a Galaxy Nexus stock and you haven't received the update to Android via OTA 4.0.4, you can force the update that you can learn by read following a simple guide that, unlike the others, does not propose to download any applications or perform any special tricks, like those of the previous days concerning the enhancement of GPS and 3 g signal.Look great android
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Galaxy Nexus android 4.0.4 update Via OTA

The Guide to force ota update on galaxy nexus, in fact, is as corny as effective, and it's a good idea to keep this card stored somewhere for future use, as it could be also valid for the next updates the Terminal. In addition, since we could not try the Guide for yourself as i has already upgraded its Nexus Galaxy to Android 4.0.4, we can speculate that this procedure might be valid also on other smartphones, as most of the receives android updates via OTA.

The only requirement that we require is to have the stock recovery on your Galaxy Nexus. The simple guide to follow is this:

  1. turn off any type of Internet connection (WiFi/3 g)
  2. go to Settings -> Applications
  3. go All tab
  4. from the list, choose the application Google Service Framework
  5. Press the End button and then Delete Data
  6. Then back, re enable the connection by go to Settings -> about phone -> System Updates -> check for updates
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At this point, your Galaxy Nexus should notify you the OTA( read what is ota) update which you can then download and install with confidence. In case the first attempt failed, try several times to carry out the steps listed above.

This is a very very simple and suited even to newbie of Android. If you try, let us know how it went and if you are able to upgrade your Galaxy Nexus via OTA.