Monday, 1 April 2013

Galaxy Note 2 Gets Multi Window Function Update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since its launch at the IFA 2012 has get some new features, the Samsung also in an official video has been shown for the first time you can see in galaxy note 2 feature videoAndroid is good,Who, however, belongs to the first buyers of Samsung Galaxy II, might have wondered about the lack of multi-window function.

galaxy note 2 multi window video

Who was apparently ready for production after delivery, complementing Samsung this function now via an update. The update to version NL100XXALJ1 allows the use of multiple windows, so a kind of picture-in-picture. So if you ever want to play Angry Birds and watch at the same time in another window a YouTube video / wanted to hear music, this possibility can now easily get on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I am curious if Samsung will buy this function the first or even the Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy S III. In the following video can be admired about the function at minute 2:03:

Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window Update