Thursday, 11 April 2013

Galaxy S3 paint probelms from various users

Lately, complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S3 accumulate at me, so I just want to pick up once the problem. Apple iPhone 5 when it was already here is, as far as processing or damage to the housing and also in terms of Samsung's flagship, the messages accumulate striking. The topic itself is already known to me for a while, but before I hastily put into the world, I once more waited quite a bit of feedback and Browsed relevant forums.

Galaxy S3 Paint Problem

The result is the same everywhere, large in various forums such as handy-faq , pocketpc , androidpit or android help the users log in with the same problem, the paint separates from the silver frame of the Galaxy S3. Now of course everyone uses their smartphone differently and while the mean one, they have treated with great care, to give another turn to etc. you Flipcase have used, which is stuck in appropriate places.Android is good

What users typically do when they find something? Sure, they contact the Samsung support, pointing at datrepair, because with this partner company, the Samsung devices typically repaired. Repairing the damage, however, rejects datrepair. Exactly that:

... The inspection of the product, we found that a remedy the defect within the warranty is unfortunately not possible.

Datrepair also offers a fee-based repair of the damage, since it replaced but apparently the display must be requested proud 223.95 EUR (estimate we have before us). Some of the users would thus not be satisfied and turned again directly to the Samsung Support. After describing the problem, Samsung makes a standard answer the claims (as expected) from. Exactly that:
[...] Thank you for your request to grace your Samsung smartphone.
Our service partner has checked your device and found a mechanical damage.
Such mechanical damage due to improper handling are not subject to warranty. Please understand that a goodwill repair is excluded in this case.

Below there is a swing photos of various people who've been taken including the above forums. This should be the real problem clearly. As with millions of units sold, the problems are not really used, can be difficult to see the ugly thing is definitely, because it is the silver frame was still a little more sustain.

It remains to hope that highlighting the weaknesses of the individual cases as part of a particular series and the Samsung examine the issue more closely. Are you personally affected or have found such problems and what you say in general about the issue?

Paint Probelm Photos
sgs3 lack rahmen

sgs3 chip paint problem

galaxy s3 paint problem report