Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Introducing Galaxy Note II New features In Video

Samsung has launched two days ago in South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy Note II on the market and on this occasion also published a new video of the new 5.5-inch flagship:

galaxy note 2 feature in video

Samsung has released a short video for the launch of the Galaxy Note 2. In this video, some features are shown, which I knew personally and not really impress me. Firstly, of course, the function of the S, pen, showing the contents of a particular area, without having to touch the screen. Android is good . Cool idea, but we already knew.

Samsung also now shows the multi-window function. Here you can just like the big central 10.1: apps such as the browser view and south at the same grade, and size a bit by pushing the bottom down for a while and then pulls out. Moreover, it seems that Samsung has expanded the selection to clear apps that work in multi window. Now I'm looking forward even more to my tester and I will try this feature, of course, right.

The video is much more to be demonstrated. How well the impact is really, of course I'll try for yourself.

Galaxy Note 2 Feature Video

The Galaxy Note 2 comes already with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the latest Touchwiz interface. Would of course be awesome, although the Galaxy Note 10.1 this newer version of multitasking would get the Android 4.1 Update. The expansion of apps that work with it then would already be an asset to the big score. I personally can not think of any case well that Samsung makes possible.