Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass 2013 Also With The Official Application For Android

Microsoft seems increasingly willing to integrate the services offered by the Xbox platform, not just Windows Phone but also with other competing systems and after the announcement of Xbox Music coming soon in Play Store now Xbox SmartGlass Also Joins the list, a service that allows you to control various multimedia content directly from your Android smartphone.Android is good

smartglass 2013 for android

SmartGlass for Android will arrive in 2013 and for those which still unfamiliar with the power of this feature, it's basically allow your device becomes the interface with the Xbox360 console to control and interact with different contents such as playing movies and music, view information about the plot, actors or artists or to access the internet from the browser through the phone or playing games that will support the service using your smartphone as a controller using motion sensors.

There many other possibilities but remember to use this service you will need an Xbox Live Gold, and of course the application as soon as it is released in the Play Store.