Sunday, 12 May 2013

Android At Risk With SMiShing ( SMS Phishing )

Another New threat to Android Smartphone has been revealed. an at this time the operating system vulnerabilities that highlighted by the scientific department of' Notrh Carolina State University is called SMiShing or also known as SMS phishing , which would allow developers to simulate malicious sending fake SMS in order to induce the user to perform actions such as calls to premium numbers or dissemination of personal data. A practice very similar to that of the now well known as phishing, but in this case based on text messages instead of on email and for this reason called SMiShing. Android is good

what is smishing
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What is SMiShing

As clearly shown in the video stream at the bottom of article, demonstrative purposes only realized by the researchers, a 'Android app lacks any authorization shall be able to send an SMS to a dummy device, even without a SIM card inserted. The example shown explains very well what is the risk: the software does appear on the display notification when you receive a message with the phone number of the sender set as desired, and a text containing an invitation to call premium rate numbers or links to dangerous sites.

The team has been notified of the danger and technicians Google in Mountain View said they were already working on its resolution in future versions of Android. However, considering the fragmentation that still affects the ecosystem (the problem affects all versions from 1.x Jelly Bean ) dilated and the timing for the release of the updates is likely that many of the phones currently on the market will remain vulnerable to this issue again long. As always happens in these cases, the best advice is to be careful when downloading applications relying only on the official store Google Play , of course, to be wary of any suspicious messages received.

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