Friday, 10 May 2013

Easy Tutorial Unlock Galaxy Nexus Bootloader

Actually to update your galaxy nexus to android 4.1 jelly bean you can do it by OTA. But sometimes appear some problem that a lot of galaxy nexus users didn't find the update notification on their system update. So it must be will make nexus users become confuse and panic because they can get the joy of jelly bean update on their device. To overcome this problem you can manually update your phone by flashing it via recovery. But before Flash new rom into your device you need to unlock the bootloader first. As the problem i've mentioned so today i will share how to Unlock Bootloader on Galaxy Nexus. Android is good


- USB Driver
To be able to flash the ROM, for Windows users, make sure the driver Samsung USB drivers installed, if not download and install the drivers. Alternative installation of the driver:
Choose one of the drivers above, if successful at the time when your phone plugged into a computer (PC / laptop) with a USB cable, the Windows device manager should appear as shown below (eg Windows 7).

install galaxy nexus driver

If the driver is not installed properly, it will appear like the picture below;
problem galaxy nexus usb driver

If there are problems such as the above, then install the drivers manually by using the android usb drivers from android sdk. do the following step:
  • Extract file usb_driver.rar
  • Right click on the item Android 1.0 (there is sign withexclamation mark you can look on picture above) and select Update Driver Software
  • Choose Browse my computer for driver software
  • Click Browse and select the folder usb drivers extracted earlier
  • Continue installation of drivers.
  • For Mac users, do not need to install the drivers because by default it is detected by the Mac OS.

- Fastboot

Once the driver is installed and running properly, the next step is to download the fastboot executable file. If previously you have downloaded the Android SDK, then fastboot is available in the folder android-sdk-windows/platform-tools/fastboot.exe for Windows and for Mac OS android-sdk-mac/platform-tools/fastboot. If there is no fastboot can be found, download and extract the tool . In the file there are fastboot executable file for windows (fastboot.exe), Mac OS (fastboot-mac) and Linux (fastboot-linux).

How To Unlock Galaxy Nexus Bootloader
Following are the steps to unlock bootloader on galaxy nexus:
  1. Go to the directory where the fastboot executable file is located, for example, in Windows using command prompot (Start-> Run-> cmd), go to the directory D:\GalNexJBRoot.
  2. Turn off the your phone.
  3. In the Off state, press the volume up and volume down simultaneously with the Power button to get into bootloader
    galaxy nexus unlock bootloader process
  4. Connect the phone use usb cable to a computer
  5. At the command prompot, type fastboot oem unlockfastboot oem unlock galaxy nexus
  6. Choose Yes on the confirmation Unlock bootloader? Press the volume up to select Yes and press the Power button to execute.
    how to unlock bootloader galaxy nexus
  7. Once unlocked, the status will be UNLOCKED LOCK STATE

The process of unlocking the galaxy nexus bootlader will reset (factory reset) so backup all of you data, see tutorial create nandroid backup