Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nexus 10 - Hands-On (video) and first impressions

Today we will discuss about Nexus 10 more completely then did. But then I realize that not everyone of English is really powerful and the article from Engadget still need for a few more reviewed, I grasp it here for you together again briefly, at least in their opinion about the Nexus 10, because the technical data can be found here nexus 10 officiall. In this post we also give the nexus 10 review on video.

Impressive Technology

Engadget first had some doubts whether this tablet would suffice the needs of power users. But the dispersed fairly quickly, as they had for a while the Nexus 10 in hand.Android is good, They were impressed by just about every aspect: It is extremely fast and the graphics are pretty much the best they have ever seen. The angle is very good and the individual pixels you almost do not even realize. given the rich resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and therefore 300ppi hardly a miracle. The "Real True RGB Stripe PLS" display Engadget praises as one of the best at the time.

The Nexus 10 is thinner and lighter than the iPad, but the quality of the workmanship and the materials used should be as far as decent. It is very "soft" and stable feel in the hand, only the back will be quite a fingerprint magnet. Is Samsung's otherwise not sooo very high build quality, so makes the Nexus 10 a solid impression
nexus 10 on video


Also in this case Brad Molen of Engadget no cause for criticism - especially the multi-user support is here underlined twice. Here Google has also borne in mind that different users need different Appeinstellungen, Scores, and the like. But the menu is praised here attributable otherwise typical tablet layout of Android, and is easy to use so much more intuitive.


By Engadget it is not really find. That may or may not necessarily be positive. I miss for example, a model with UMTS module, since a tablet is too sometimes mobile use, and I personally think nothing of it to use my smartphone or even a separate device as a mobile hotspot. The more important point is, though I think the whopping price premium between the 16GB and the 32GB model. $ 100 for 16GB more memory then something is very steep.

Ok now let's see Nexus 10 Hands On Video