Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jelly Bean Wallpaper and Boot Animation Download

Of course, under Jelly Bean again some exclusive wallpapers and animation on its own boat animation. If you do not want to wait until the launch of Android 4.1, You can find and get it is all wallpaper and also the boot animation here in this article. These were originally extracted from a Galaxy Nexus, which allowed for the Google I / O make the rounds. Android is good

To Apple This Jelly Bean wallpaper on your android individually, you can simply insert the following APK install. After installing the Jelly Bean Wallpaper APK can be found in your wallpaper settings the corresponding entry to the new Jelly Bean backgrounds.

jelly Bean Wallpaper Collection

Above is only some of example wallpaper that included on the installation.
If your device is have root acces, there is also an official Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation . So everything works out, to apply this boot animation you have to place the to your SD card and then move from there via Root Explorer, then place the file in the direction of / system / media /. Course is recommended before the whole a backup !
Download The Jelly Bean boot animation here
To backup you can use this tutorial : How to perform nandroid backup

Jelly Bean Boot Animation
Below are a quick video of the new boot animation: