Sunday, 5 May 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note launched 10.1 Android 4.1 update XXBLJ9

Finally Another Samsung device Receive Android Jelly Bean update. And at this time is the turn for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. So For You The Owner Of the one of the samsung flasgship device can update to the latest version of android operating System. Then you can feel the joy of the project butter. Android 4.1 official firmware for galaxy Note 10.1 At this moment only available for German via OTA. Or If you want you can also download the firmware from then manually flash it. The size of firmware file is 300MB. Android is good

The OTA update is about 300 MB in size, has the version number XXBLJ9, brings with it some new features and especially the accelerated system. New features include pop-play, new gestures, cutting out the function of the Galaxy Note II and new pop-up apps.

New features On Galaxy Note Android 4.1

Following is the new features on Samsung Galaxt Note 10.1 with Android Jelly Bean:

  • The S-Pen functionality is now the equivalent of the Galaxy Note II
  • Multitasking was improved, the size of the windows can be changed.
  • The app is now on board Paper Artist (Also available at the grade II)
  • New font selectable
  • New apps pop (picture with Julian c)
  • Create quick command window, new commands
  • Faster system
galaxy note 10.1 get xxblj9 update jelly bean
galaxy note official jelly bean update

Now, after the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 receive Android 4.1 Update, in the coming days is likely the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung GALAXY Note finally be honored with Android 4.1. For these two models, the update was indeed also scheduled for November. When the time comes then, here you will find out!