Thursday, 23 May 2013

HTC One X + Gets Software Update

Today we will gives you another news from HTC android smartphone manufacturer. There is a new software update for their new flagship smartphone, this update is for the HTC One X +. For you that want to know more about this smartphone you can read on my previous post about htc one x+ promo video. Today There is a performance update for HTC One X + . this software update available for htc one x + via OTA and the size of the update is 15.07 MB. This update is designed to improve system performance and also brings stability improvements with it.Android is good

This software update has the version number and is a total 15.07 MB in size. The update is designed to improve the system performance and will also bring stability improvements. If you've still got no message, then type in "Settings => Information => Software Updates" on the "Check Now" button and see if the update for your device is already available.

HTC ONE X + gets System Update

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The HTC One X + is almost similar with the predecessor model The HTC One X. In this case, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has a a larger memory which is increase becomes 64GB, and also increases the processor speed to 1.7 GHz. the HTC One X + came with Android 4.1.1 with the same appearance on the market. Also still present with the HTC Sense custom user interface 4 +.