Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Whatsapp Now Will Charge For Android Users

WhatsApp apps for android still difficult to understand how the Messenger and the developers behind this apps actually make money. Because they are not used advertising, you can see that when you use whatsApp you don't see any advertising appear on you screen right? WhatsApp for the Android OS was free until now and also in iOS was required only once when you buy the app with price less than a euro. But now changes comes for Android users, especially the price, because now whatsapp now will charge them. Continue the download WhatsApp will remain free, with the initial registration, you get a free year of use given. For you that still not use whatsapp you can read on how to install whatsapp

After this year is over, then you will be prompted by WhatsApp for the account renewal. This apps will Charged $ 0,99 per year. Many users hthat have used this apps past, but lucky because there has WhatsApp extends free account. My account was renewed in November 2011. For example, for several years I had to get when you buy the iOS app on top of it. Many users that start use apps in this November now asked to extend their account to pay, as the colleagues of mobiFlip learned by some readers.Android is good

WhatsApp In November Will Charge The Users 

whatsapp now will charge for android

Quite clearly this is also described in WhatsApp FAQ. The requested price of less than one euro per year should probably not be too expensive. From time to time new users get more than one years free, apparently arbitrarily. In WhatsApp settings under Account Info you can check how long your account is still valid.