Sunday, 19 May 2013

Picture Password Windows 8 Lockscreen for Android

I am not a big fan of Windows 8 the OS might looks very good, but still holds countless construction sites. One thing that I like about the new system, but besides that also The Windows 8 Lockscreen In principle, you are welcomed with a simple image that you have to touch the right places in order to unlock the PC. Extremely minimalist and simple in practice. If you one of people that like this Windows 8 Lockscreen, I have good news for you: Give Thanks to this small app "Picture Password". Picture password is now the same lock screen feature for Android.

This the app is relatively new, to configure this lock screen you must draw first the lock pattern on the actual image . This lcok screen is not much to configure this unfortunately also means that, for example, their own music (still) can not be controlled by the Picture Password lockscreen. Your can unlock a total of lines, circles and / or points exist. Android is good


  • Root is required for phones with on-screen navigation bar (Galaxy Nexus, Moto Razr M/HD etc.) and for some phones to disable the status bar

Get Picture Password

You can find Picture Password for Android here in Google Play Store . The developer is also a Pro version for EUR 2.68 willing to unlock a few more functions.
Too bad that Google does not come up with this great way of Lockscreens! What do you think of Picture Password for Android?

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